Seamlessly Buying Wild Cores in Wild Rift Using GCash

This post is about easily buying Wild Cores for League of Legends: Wild Rift in GCash.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is Riot Games’ answer to the really popular Mobile Legends game on mobile phones. The interface and mechanics are similar, and they’re leveraging on the shorter lengths and a huge number of people having mobile phones.

I was more of a Dota 2 player than League of Legends (LoL) before, but admittedly there are currently more LoL players now than Dota 2. Personally, I didn’t like League of Legends because you needed so much time to unlock all of the heroes, unlike Dota2 where all heroes were already unlocked in the first place.

Anyway, I tried it lately and I found it more appealing and polished than Mobile Legends. I also didn’t have too many issues with connectivity, unlike ML where there were spikes happening regularly during matches.

How do I fund my GCash Account?

Before being able to buy using your GCash balance, you need first to top up. There are lots of different options in cashing-in, but the easiest is by bank cash-in (via BPI or UnionBank) or by bank transfer to your account.

What’s the simplest method of buying Wild Cores using GCash?

Before you can buy, if you are a new player, you would need to go through some tutorials to familiarize yourself with the game. Once you get to Level 3, the store is unlocked and you can now buy Wild Cores (WCs).

The simplest method is within the game itself. You first need to link your GCash account to Google Play or to Apple App Store.

Buying Wild Cores in-game using GCash

  1. From the main page, click on the plus button on the topmost part of the screen, beside the Blue Mote / Wild Core icons.
  2. You will be able to see a screen with different WC quantities for sale. Pick what you like and another screen will be popping up the details.
  3. Under the payment methods, just click Buy. Your balance will be automatically deducted and you will be getting your WC.

What’s the difference between the Blue Motes and the Wild Cores?

Blue motes are achievement based, and you can collect them once you’ve finished certain tasks or have won games. Wild Cores are the actual consumable on sale from within the game.

What can you buy with Wild Cores?

As Wild Cores are the in-game currency, they help you unlock rewards, bundles, skins, and heroes (champions) from within the game.

  • Skins – these are cosmetic items that make your favorite champion look better
  • Champions – as you are only given a small pool once you start playing, you can unlock others (with 725 Wild Cores per hero)
  • Items – you can also change the form of in-game buildings like turrets or icons in the chat
  • Bundles – typically these are premium skins bundled together which makes your champion look unique and cool
  • Wild Pass – these are bundles that unlock rewards; Elite ones have more benefits like levels and bonus elite missions

Are there other channels where we can buy these in-game currencies?


We can buy from third-party sites like Codashop. Since they have a direct integration with GCash, and they don’t have extra fees on top of what you need to buy.

You simply need your Riot ID beforehand so that the digital good is directly deposited to your account after payment. You can find this under your Profile, right above your current level.

Other Questions

Are there other places where we can buy Wild Cores?

As Codashop is the official partner of Riot Games, there are no other online sites where you can buy WCs.


We talked about how to buy Wild Cores in Wild Rift. Either you can buy them in-game or on a site like Codashop, which has no transaction fees with GCash.

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