Puregold and GCash

Puregold, the go-to supermarket of every Filipino, always provides the lowest priced items commonly used in households. They are the best place to buy retail goods for a sari-sari store business, for any kind of small business, or for the daily needs of a family. What we don’t know about Puregold is its commitment to … Read more

Mastering GCash Mastercard

The GCash Mastercard (MC) is pretty versatile. It’s probably the only analog part of GCash, the app since we can use it to make all of our digital money into something tangible, like real cash. How does GCash Mastercard work? GCash MC is a debit card. Debit cards are different from credit cards that when … Read more

An In-depth Explainer for Cash-in and Cash out

Cashing in and out is definitely an important feature of any digital wallet – no matter what, you would need to convert to and from physical money. A lot of the things mentioned here can be seen from the GCash Support site, but I’ve summarized and added some more things in this post to be … Read more