Mastering GCash Mastercard

The GCash Mastercard (MC) is pretty versatile. It’s probably the only analog part of GCash, the app since we can use it to make all of our digital money into something tangible, like real cash.

How does GCash Mastercard work?

GCash MC is a debit card. Debit cards are different from credit cards in that when you use them you do not borrow money to pay. You draw the cash from the account the debit card is tied to — in this case, GCash.

The Mastercard scheme comes with a lot of rules (around 400 pages) but also offers a lot of advantages — interoperability with international ATMs and in online shops as well.

Here is some trivia about the 16 digit numbers in credit/debit cards — the last digit is always meant to make the sum of the digits that, when divided by 10, gives no remainder. It makes the card number harder to fake since there is an algorithm built into it. Pretty cool.

How do I avail of a GCash Mastercard?

You need to buy it, but there are two official ways to get it — via Delivery or Pickup.

  1. From the main page of the app, click on Profile, then click on My Linked Accounts. From the accounts page, click on GCash Mastercard.
  2. Click on the link to “this page” to go to the order page.

Buying in-Store

You can buy the cards from partner stores. Some convenience stores like 7-11, Ministop, All-Day, Lawson also sell them.

Buying via Delivery

This method is simpler since you only need to pay via Pay Bills, then process delivery without going out of the GCash app.

Here are the steps:

  1. You need to first pay for the card. Go to Pay Bills, search for “GCash Mastercard”.
  2. Pay for the card, plus the delivery fee, totaling Php 215 (Php 150 for the card, Php 65 for the delivery fee).
  3. Take note of the reference number in the receipt.
  4. Go to the main screen, and select Show More, then look for Cash Out.
  5. On the Cash Out page, click the delivery option.
  6. Accomplish the form on the page and click Submit. You will be receiving an SMS.

The biller needed is under the Payment Solution category.

Please take note that you need to do this step. If you did not do this, there will be no delivery since you’ve failed to let them know your address. Delivery is expected to arrive within 10 business days.

Buying via Online Sellers

I personally do not recommend buying from online sellers, for example on Facebook or in Lazada. They most likely have hoarded a lot of cards and hiked the price. Normally, a card costs Php 150. They may sell it higher to recoup their costs.

Also, some sellers may have tampered with the card or have taken note of the CVV as well. It is best to go with official sources.

Does GCash Mastercard still have a tie-up with BEEP?

No, the BEEP/Mastercard NFC cards are limited edition only and are not being sold anymore.

Why does my Mastercard have no name?

Before when ordering a card, it used to be personalized, but now as it stands, there is no way to order a personalized Mastercard.

In online payments, what name should I put in since my Mastercard has no name?

You can use your GCash account name instead as once your card is linked, your account name is tied to the card.

How do I set my Mastercard PIN?

As of a recent GCash update, you can now set a different 6 digit PIN from the actual GCash MPIN. This PIN will be used for ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions. Because it’s now a different PIN from your GCash one, it becomes more secure.

Here are the steps:

  1. From the GCash Mastercard page, click on your card which PIN needs updating.
  2. From the specific card page, click on the “Set Card PIN” button.
  3. You will need to input the 6 digit PIN, then confirm via OTP.
  4. You will be receiving an SMS once setting is done.

How do I link my Mastercard to the GCash app?

Linking via GCash app

You need to link it within “My Linked Accounts” by clicking on “Add Card”. Next, input the last 4 digits of the card and the Virtual Account Number from the back of the card. Click Next and confirm.

Linking via *143# (using Globe/TM SIM only)

You can only do this if you have a Globe/TM SIM card. You need dial *143# > Select GCash > GCash Card > Activate Card. Then you need to enter your MPIN and the 16 digit card number to activate.

What do I do if I encounter “Authentication Failed” while linking my GCash Mastercard?

If the GCash account is using a non-Globe mobile number, then there is no other way but to report it to customer support.

Otherwise, you can use *143# to link it.

How many cards can I link to my account?

If you use your GCash account, you can only link 3 cards. However, if you go through the USSD route, you can link as many cards as you want to your account.

However, I would not suggest linking more than one because you potentially put your account at much more risk of exposure to, the more cards you link. Any of the linked cards can be taken advantage of.

Can I link my already linked card into another account?

No. Once you’ve linked it, you cannot link it to another account.

How do I lock my GCash Mastercard?

Another new feature is to lock/suspend your card, to prevent unauthorized usage. To do so, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Mastercard Account page, go to your specific card and click on the “Lock Card” button.
  2. You will need to confirm by entering the OTP. Once locked, you will be receiving an SMS and the card will be locked in the app.

To unlock, just do the same procedure, but for “Unlock Card” instead. This is the same as “reactivating” it.

Locking/Suspending via USSD

If the GCash account is using a non-Globe mobile number, then there is no other way but to suspending it through customer support.

However, if the GCash account is using a Globe mobile number, you can suspend it via the USSD route. Dial *143# from your Globe/TM SIM. Do take note that you need your card with you to be able to input the 16 digit card number.

To reactivate it, you can go back to the same menu above, but select reactivate card instead.

How do I deactivate my GCash Mastercard?

The difference between unlinking/suspending and deactivating a card is you cannot use your GCash MC anymore as it’s not linked to your account. You can now do this from within the app.

From the GCash Mastercard page, click on the “Deactivate” link on top of the specific card. Confirm and enter OTP to finalize.

I received this message in the app that my card will be deactivated. What do I need to do?

This just means your current card may be compromised. Don’t worry, you will get your Php 150 back and you can reorder another card for linking.

How do I use the GCash Mastercard?

ATM Withdrawal

The main use of the GCash MC is for cashing out in any ATM locally, usually with a Php 18 fee, depending on the bank. There is also a Php 20,000 ATM withdrawal limit for fully verified users.

As of a recent update, you will need to use your nominated 6 digit PIN to withdraw, if you haven’t nominated a PIN yet, please do so to prevent issues.

Since it is also under Mastercard, you can also use the card in any international ATM with a Php 150 fee. You will also get your cash automatically converted to the local currency, usually with better forex rates than your typical money changer. This is especially useful for travelers abroad.

Over-the-Counter Payments

You can also use the GCash MC as a debit card, which means you can have it swiped when you pay at the cashier. You would also need to use your nominated 6 digit PIN to pay.

You do not need to open the GCash app for this, as long as you know that there is enough balance in your GCash wallet to pay.

Online Payments

The GCash MC can also be used in paying for anything online that supports debit/credit card payment. I’ve personally used it to pay for my Netflix subscription. To be able to pay, you will need to fund your GCash wallet before using it. As of a recent update, you can now use your Virtual Account Number to pay for online purchases.

This is also a good alternative for the GCash AMEX Virtual Pay Card when merchants decline it.

For some merchants that support 3D Secure, there will be a corresponding OTP to be sent to you to confirm the payment. For others that don’t support it, take note that this may be a way for fraudsters to get your money, so it is best to know your merchant before transacting.

There are also some merchants that support direct online payments to GCash (ex. Lazada, HOOQ, Shakeys, Google, etc. — here is a list of supported merchants). Those do not need your card to pay.

Also, it is a good practice to cover or to obscure the CVV with tape when you use your card outside to prevent skimmers from getting a copy of your card.

Other Questions

How do I put money into my GCash Mastercard?

Your GCash Mastercard works like a debit card, so its balance is also your GCash balance. To put money into your card, you would need to cash-in to GCash.

What will happen if the ATM denied my card due to wrong PIN?

You will still be able to get your ATM card, however, you can now reset your PIN easily from within the GCash app.

  1. Go to your GCash Mastercard page and you would notice that your card is blocked. Click on the Reset Card PIN Now button.
  2. You would need to input your OTP.
  3. After going to the Set Card PIN page, input your new 6 digit PIN.
  4. After clicking Next, your new PIN would be successfully set-up.

What do I do if I did not receive the cash from the ATM?

Unfortunately, that happens from time to time. Sometimes the ATM runs out of cash, or there is a system error that occurred either on the GCash or the third-party site. In these cases, you don’t need to call customer support as the funds will be automatically be credited back to your account as soon as possible.

However, if you’ve not received back your funds after a day, it would be better to follow it up not via phone, but via chat on the GCash Support Page as they’re now available 24/7.

What’s the use of the Virtual Account Number?

You can use this number as an alias instead of providing your actual card number. This is useful for online transactions.

My card has no Virtual Account Number. How can I link it?

You would need to get the Virtual Account Number from GCash Support before you can link it to your account. Either that or you can always buy a new card.

Can I transfer my GCash Mastercard to another account?

Yes, you would first need to deactivate it from your account, before reactivating it from the other account.

Can I still use my expired GCash Mastercard?

No, you would need to replace it with a new one.

Can I cash out without using my GCash Mastercard?

Yes, there are many cash-out channels you can utilize to cash out.

How do I link my GCash Mastercard to Paypal?

You can link your GCash MC to Paypal as a debit card. You need to have at least Php 55 pesos in your GCash account because Paypal will be doing a test transaction. Don’t worry though, it will credit it back immediately after linking.

Note: To prevent linking errors, your saved address should be complete — meaning you should set the region as well. Most of the time the region in the address isn’t specified and this causes linking errors.

You will need to login into your account, go to Balance > Add a card, then input your card details.

How do I link my GCash Mastercard in Netflix?

You just need to go to your account and add a card under “Update payment info”. Please remember that you need to have funds in your GCash account to proceed.

You just need to put in the complete details that are in your GCash account, for example, first names and last names should be the same.

Can I also link my GCash Mastercard to other streaming sites like IFlix, HBO Go and others?

Absolutely. Here is a more in-depth guide.

I noticed some unrecognized transactions in my transaction history. What do I do?

Your card may have been compromised. You need to change your PIN immediately and contact GCash Support to unlink your card. You may also need to file Customer Protect because of fraud.

As a precaution, do not share your PIN and OTP with anyone. Scams are aplenty nowadays.

Why am I getting auto-debited without my permission?

Have you checked whether you’ve been subscribed to any recurring service? Maybe you’ve been scammed into buying an app with a subscription or you’ve forgotten to cancel during a trial period for a certain software.


The GCash MC is a debit card mainly used for ATM withdrawal but can also be used for online e-commerce. GCash MCs can be bought online or over the counter. We also talked about how to buy, link/unlink, lock/unlock, and use cards.

If you would like to read up on similar features, I would recommend the Cash in or Cash out primer.

If you’d like to learn more about GCash, I created a how-to on the basics of GCash.

Here is a list of links if you’re interested in the main GCash functions:

If you are also interested in knowing what resources I used to make this blog happen, please look at my resources page.

How do you like the tutorial? Did I miss anything? Please add your comments and suggestions below!

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  1. Hi! Question, what if i cannot recognize my previous sim that link to my gcash card? I have my new personal gcash account and trying to link my gcash card but saying it was alreasy link to other number. What will i do?

    Thanks in advance

    • You should let GCash support know so that they can change the number linked to your account. You can file a ticket in

  2. Hindi po ako marunong mg English gusto kulang po malaman kung kylan darating ung Gcash card ko bayad napo ako 3weeks na po hndi pa dumarating sna masagot nyupo tanong ko salamat

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    • Wait niyo lang po sir. Ako po April pa umorder and ngayon ko lang siya actually nareceive. Delayed po kasi delivery dahil sa quarantine

  3. Hi. I used the *143# in activating ng gcash card. Tapos may txt message naman na nagsabing activated na. Pero pag check ko sa gcash app, hindi pa linked yung mastercard. What to do?

    • Sinubukan mo rin ba sa app na i-activate? Baka nagkaaberya. Kung ayaw pa rin, file nalang tayo ng ticket sa

  4. Hi, nagcrecreate ako ng account sa netflix/spotify kaso eto yung lumilitaw kung bakit ayaw magproceed, (The payment failed. Please try again, or use a different payment method. ) nakalink na po gcash master card ko and meron na din po akong express pay, natry ko na sila parehas pero ganyan pa din po. thanks!

    • May laman ba ang wallet mo? Dapat may laman bago mo ilink kasi magttest transaction siya. Ibabalik naman niya yung pera pagkatapos.

  5. Already link my gcash MasterCard through *143# and also received message stating that I already linked my card but when I checked my account through gcash app its still not link
    ..what to do ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Di na po ginagawa yun ngayon. Kaya isa ring problema yan pag kinain ng ATM, di na mababalik sayo ng bangko ang MC mo kasi walang pangalan mo.

  6. Pls answer me.. I already have Gcash account w/ Globe Sim and Linked Mastercard which my company provided for payroll. Now, i have requested another Gcash registered again to my Name and they sent me together with another Mastercard, is it legal if i link this new Mastercard to my New Gcash Sim/Account?
    By then, i will have 2 Gcash Account with 2 Mastercard under my name. One different Mastercard in every different Gcash Account/Sim under my name

  7. Hello Tnt/smart sim via app lang po ako pwede mag linked ng mastercard? Nag order po kasi ako.. sana dumating siya on time 😊

  8. Hi po goodnoon
    Natanggap ko na po ang gcash mastercard ko pero ng worried po ako kasi wala po yung name ko. Hindi po ba to scam if i knew all cards has a name.pls asap

  9. Based on our records, we did not receive your card application. For us to proceed with your request, please make sure to fill up our online form here: No need to pay another P150.
    “Bakit ganito ang sent sa akin akala ko ok na hintay ako sa pag deliver sa akin,sino naka ranas nito?

    • Yan din po maranassan ko. Wala po kasi sinabi na kailangan pa po pala mag fill-up. haha. hintay pala ako sa wala. Anyways, follow nyo nalang po yan like what I did, and I already received my mastercard 🙂 after nyo po magfill up, mapprocess na po yun. Dumating po yung sakin after 7 days.

  10. May master card na po ako dati I think 2018 pa sya then dko na nagamit, need pa ba sya iactivate ulit ? Nittry ko kase mag link sa account ko sa gcash ayaw namn . .
    Is it okay na other network na number Ang ginamit ko sa app? Thanks much po.

    • Pag nakalink na ang card mo kahit kailan nakalink na yan. Pag gumamit ka ng ibang network, ibang account na rin yun. Kailangan mong gumawa.

  11. Hindi po ma i-link yung gcash master card ng bf ko don sa gcash niya.ano pong dapat na gawin? Maraming salamat po sa sagot..

    • Subukan mo po gawin yung USSD na procedure na naexplain ko sa blog. Pero kung di pa rin, mas maganda sigurong ifile nalang ng ticket sa support.

  12. Hello po. Balak ko sana mag-order ng Gcash MC. Account ko yung Gcash pero pwede bang iba ang gagamit? Ibigay ko kasi sana sa mother ko yung Gcash MC para magamit kapag namimili sa Puregold.

    May mga need ba sya dalhin or ipakita para i-accept yung card as payment? Thanks po. 🙂

    • Puwede naman, basta pagkatanggap ilink lang dun sa gagamit na account. Di naman ibig sabihin pag binili mo nakalink agad sa account mo.

      Pag ginamit siya, wala namang hinihinging proof of identity kasi sa card walang nakalagay na name.

  13. Hi, meron po kasi akong GCash Mastercard, then gagamitin ko po sana para sa online course na gusto kong itake, ang kaso, dahil wala pong name sa GCash Mastercard ko, di ko po alam kung anong name ang gagamitin ko. so narereject siya sa end ko. Ano po kayang magandang gawin?

  14. Ask ko lang po. If lalagyan ko ng php100 ang gcash wallet ko, magkakaroon dn ba ng same amount ang mastercard ko? Thankyou

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    • Pag nililink mo ba may laman GCash mo? Minsan kasi pagkalink nagttest transaction, pero binabalik naman agad. Kung ayaw pa rin kahit ganun, ifile mo nalang ng ticket sa

    • Hi, do you have idea pano malalaman yung billing address for the GCash Mastercard? Is it the same with Delivery address? I was trying to purchase online and need ng billing address.

  16. Hello
    My husband cannot linked his gcash MasterCard on his gcash app or in his gcash wallet, is always prompted its been linked already but how come its impossible because i was the the one purchase it on his gcash wallet app fill up the application submit it payment done received reference number then a day before we received the mail then about to link to the wallet it says its been linked already. What to do about this matter? I already submit ticket also to gcash help. But takes awhile though. Help

    • Kung nakalink na ang card, kaya ba niya magwithdraw sa ATM bilang patunay? Para matest rin kung sa account talaga ng asawa mo nakalink ang card na yun.

        • I think di talaga siya na-uunlink pag ginawa sa USSD (“suspend” ang nakalagay na option). Mas magandang magfile ng ticket sa support.

  17. Hi, whenever I tried to link my newly delivered card to my gcash account it always says “cant process linking at the moment” been trying for days but still. I’m non globe user, tried calling gcash but nah. What should I do? Thank youu.

    • If you don’t like calling, why not try live chat (via during business hours) or submitting a ticket (via the same site)? It would free up your time on the phone which I agree is quite boring.

  18. Once na linked na po ba yung GCash Acct sa Gcash MC understood po ba na kung ano ang laman ng GCash Acct yun na din po laman ng MC mo?

  19. hi, ask ko lang po, pwede ko ba gamitin tong gcash mc ko sa new account ko, yung previous po kase na ccount ay nawala na, nawala po kase sim card, so pwede po yon? or need na bumili ng bagong mc?

  20. Hi, pwede po ba maglink ng 2 gcash mastercard sa isang gcash account ? Balak po sana namin ng partner ko na tig isa kami ng card pero isang account lang gamit namin.

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  22. Nareceive ko po yung gcash mastercard ko last year. Dahil sa sobrang busy ko, this month ko lang sya nai-link sa mobile number ko. Kaya lang nag-e-error sya kahit tinry ko din thru *143#. Nag-expired po bq ito. Salamat po.

  23. Just an update, this has not been stated anywhere but you CANNOT use GCASH MasterCard for online transactions. They should call it GCash ATM, not MasterCard.

    • Some of my online purchases have been through GCash Mastercard. I don’t know why it doesn’t work with yours. Maybe file a ticket?

  24. Hi, pwede po ba magkaroon ng dalawang gcash mastercard gamit iisang gcash number/wallet? If yes, paano po mag lalagyan yung dalawang cards? Pano mag split yung money doon? Gagamitin ko po kasi yung isa for money collections sa work tapos yung isa for personal use. Thanks.

  25. Hello paano po mag unlinked ng gcash mastercard sa old number ko po which is Smart po ang gamit ko sa old Gcash ko, then i have new Number Globe then i create Gcash account and want ko na dun na i link ang gcash mastercard ko .

  26. kapag po ba nalink na yung card sa isang account, hindi na siya pwedi i link sa ibang account kahit same name , different number? Thanks po .

  27. When I link my gcash mastercard to my gcash app? Does it mean that my existing balance in the app is already in my gcash mastercard? Is that how it works?

  28. Hello, when activated and linked to the gcash acct, are the funds automatically reflected to the gcash mastercard ? Or do you need to transfer funds from gcash acct to the linked gcashed mastercard? thank you.

  29. Hi! I had an international transaction for a subscription in an online course. However the card (GCash Mastercard) is declining, and they say the card may not be enabled yet for international transaction.
    Can it really happen?
    Because I am paying 0$ there (free trial), so my balance should not be an issue.

    • Nagffail rin sa akin ang subscription/autodebit sa GCash MC. Pero dapat gagana siya for one-time international transactions. Not sure, but I think it would be better to go through Paypal (with GCash linked) for subscriptions instead.

      • Oh Okay. Thank you po.
        The truth is that I accidentally declined the link authorization of Microsoft after I purchase a PC game item. I have tried yesterday submitting a ticket though.
        Kung tama po yung hinala ko (hopefully), parang need ko po mag-request to re-authorize the vendor side ano po?

  30. Hello po. Dumating po yung gcash card ko kahapon (May 11, 2021) pero hindi ko po nareceive kasi tulog ako galing akong panggabi sa trabaho. Nung tinext ko po yung nagdeliver wala na po syang response. Paano po? Ilang araw po hihintayin ko para malaman na darating ang gcash ko o hindi na po ba?

  31. Hello po! I’m trying to have a spotify premium using my gcash mastercard, however, hindi po siya gumagana try other card daw po. Bakit po ganoon lumalabas? Salamat po!

    • Minsan ganyan talaga, file a ticket nalang siguro. O subukan mo munang ilink sa Paypal yung GCash MC mo tapos yun ang gamitin mo.

  32. wala po bang problema kung i-unlinked ang gcash mastercard sa old number tapos i-linked sa new number?

    may tanong po kasi sa taas na “Can I link my already linked card into another account?” ang sagot po kasi ay “No. Once you’ve linked it, you cannot transfer it to another account.”


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