GLife: All About Mini-Apps Making GCash a Super App

GLife is an e-commerce platform built into GCash. It allows you to go to merchant stores and utilize GCash payment in buying products and services.

You may have noticed a couple of new icons in your main GCash screen lately. One of those is named “GLife”. “But what is this for?” you may ask. This is what I plan to talk about in this post.

What is GLife?

GLife is a GCash feature that integrates “mini-apps” from different merchants or brands within the app. These mini-apps are full-fledged e-commerce stores and some even allow you to go to e-gaming sites.

Here is a little walk down memory lane — before, there was a Lazada icon on the main page. This was a Lazada “mini-app” that showed a stripped-down version of the Lazada site, where one of the differences was the only payment supported was GCash.

It would be better for other merchants to utilize this model as well, and contribute to GCash becoming a “lifestyle” super-app, similar to Alipay in China. In China, both Alipay and WeChat are super-apps, as they encourage users to use the services within their respective apps.

Why would we need these mini-apps within the GCash app?

Here are the main reasons why GCash seems to be pushing GLife:

1. You don’t need to go to the actual merchant site/app anymore.

Since GCash becomes the single point of visiting all the different GLife stores, This simplifies the process for users because they don’t need to download the specific app or go to the specific website for that merchant.

For example, if you want to buy groceries from Puregold, you don’t need to download the Puregold app anymore. You can do that from within the GCash app itself.

2. GLife mini-apps have single sign-on implemented.

You only need to click on the mini-app to log in, as you are already within the GCash app. You are already protected by your MPIN and your fingerprint. There is no need to remember passwords for each GLife app unlike for separate apps downloaded from the app store.

3. You don’t need to go through registration processes in the mini-app.

As the GLife mini-app is already inside the GCash ecosystem, registration for each merchant becomes easier as they can use your GCash KYC information to pre-fill some personal data. In some cases, you don’t even need to see a registration or a login page. Your information is already within GCash, you only need to consent to share your needed information (examples are your name and email address).

4. You can pay with GCash as you are in the app.

When the user buys a service or a good from within the merchant mini-app, they only need to confirm the payment via GCash. Since they are already inside the GCash app, this makes it simple for merchants and users.

For some merchants, GCredit and GGives are also enabled. This gives flexibility, especially for those who are planning to buy higher-priced items.

5. Some merchants allow you to get your earnings or winnings from within GLife.

This applies to Earn Money mini-apps like GJobs or to e-gaming apps as well. It lessens the friction as you can get your money straight within GCash itself.

What different types of categories can we see in GLife?

These started with food and retail, but now the categories have greatly expanded. Here is a list of categories currently in GLife:

  • Shop
  • Food
  • Play – mainly e-gaming apps like BingoPlus, CasinoPlus, OKBet
  • Watch & Experience – has vouchers for streaming sites
  • Wellness – contains spas and salons for appointment
  • Manage Finances – offers insurance products and also GCash Pera Outlet
  • Real Estate – connects you with real-estate developers
  • Learn – offers tutoring and training services
  • Travel
  • Earn Money – has job-seeking and gig industry-related services
  • Pinoy Channel – everything Filipino related

Actually, GSave is also GLife related, as the new banks (BPI, Maybank, UNO) also have similar user interfaces.

Other Questions

What is the list of merchants currently in GLife?

GCash is constantly getting new partners to collaborate with within GLife. Here is the current list, with descriptions for each. Take note that this list may be outdated as there are merchants being onboarded regularly:

11:11Food&Drinkoffers milk teas, whipped, cheese drinks
0917 LifestyleRetailaccessories and gear related to 0917 brand
A+ RewardsLifestyleoffers rewards for Alipay partners like FoodPanda and gives away freebies as well
Activ Gears PHRetailactive lifestyle related watches, cycling gear and other accessories
Affinity GamesRetailoffers collectible card games and accessories
AIDEHealth and Wellnessoffers healthcare services to GCash
All Day Convenience StoreRetailoffers convenience store items for sale
AllHomeRetailhome depot type of store
Alyanna's NookRetailsells original craft toys and action figures
Apple and EveRetailfeminine corporate wear and accessories
Apple Services OffersDeals and Rewardsallows you to pay for Apple Music using Gcash
Apple Services OffersDeals and Rewardsoffers GCash related deals for Apple Services such as Apple Music, iCloud, etc.
Aroma Truffle PhilippinesFood&Drinktruffle food products
Aug3 ClothingRetailclimate and socially aware clothing
Auntie Anne'sFood&Drinkyou can now have your favorite pretzels delivered
Baby Cuddle PHRetailnursing, baby gear and essentials
badomodaRetailFilipina centered apparel
Bahay PahulayRetailoffers home sprays, candles and gift boxes
Bailiwick AcademyLifestyleships different baking and cooking ingredients nationwide
Banana LeafFood&DrinkSingaporean food
Banh Mi KitchenFood&Drinkhas your favorite banh mis and coffee
BarcinoFood&DrinkSpanish paella and wine
Basically.PHRetailoffers home related products
Beautederm San JuanRetailsells skincare products for men and women
Beauty SecretRetaileyeliners and lashes
beepTransportallows you to pay for your bus tickets within GCash
Belo EssentialsRetailBelo products for sale
BenchRetailoffers the official Bench catalogue
Bfeeding MumRetailfashionable breastfeeding clothes
Bibs ManilaRetailpersonalized baby bibs
Bistro DeliversFood&Drinkyou can order from any Bistro Group restaurant (ex. Italianni's, Fridays, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc)
BloomingailsServicesdeliveries for flowers and baked goods
Blue Platter KitchenetteFood&Drinkthis is limited to Ilocos Sur patrons, offers comfort food
Bo's CoffeeFood&Drinkshow your support for the local coffee brand
BoozyFood&Drinkprovides delivery for alcoholic drinks any time of the day
BorzoTransportoffers express delivery service
Bote CentralRetaillocally sourced coffee beans
BotejyuFood&DrinkJapanese ramen, sushi
Brick Lane DoughnutsFood&Drinkreally good doughnuts, but limited to Cebu City currently
Bright Skin PhilippinesRetailimported skincare products
Cafe CalypsoRetailcoffee related gear, products and beans
Cafe MezzoFood&Drinkhas a varied selection of cuisines, however is limited to Cebu City
Carry Me PHRetailnice dresses, suits, tops, jumpsuits and jewelry
Casa Empanada HarmonyFood&Drinkas the name says, empanadas
Case StudioRetailiPhone and SG cases
Cashback by FindShareDeals and Rewardsa cashback platform that is tied with a lot of brands
Cebuana Lhuillier InsuranceFinancial Servicesget really affordable insurance
CelebrityGreetings.PHLifestylepurchase shout-outs from your favorite celebrities -- more selections than Fanlove
ChatimeFood&Drinkoffers brewed teas, brown sugar, fruit teas and others
ChatimeFood&Drinkmainstream milk tea shop
Cha Tuk ChakFood&DrinkThai milk teas
Chef Tony's PopcornFood&Drinkcaramel popcorn and now with other flavors
Cherry ShopRetaila shop that sells all products related to the Cherry Mobile brand
Chingolo DeliFood&Drinkdeli that specializes in Bolzico Beef
ChinkShopRetailsells ebooks and books that cater to entrepreneurship online
ChinkTVRetailsells online courses centered on personal finance
CiderBearsHealth and Wellnessoffers apple cider vinegar gummy bears
Classic SavoryFood&Drinkfor ordering their signature fried chicken
CNX Home StoreRetailhas smart home appliances and products
CoCo Ichibanya PHFood&DrinkJapanese curry house
Coffee ProjectFood&Drinkfood and coffees
ComBTAS C-ExpenseFinancial Servicesused for reimbursements and liquidations, needs a ComBTAS account to use
Communimart PhilippinesRetailoffers fresh palengke items at low prices
ConcepstoreRetailoffers mid to high-end appliances
CymaFood&Drinkfor Greek food cravings
DataBlitzRetailoffers original console and PC/MAC games and accessories
Daytoday AthleisureRetailapparel for athletes
DeligoodRetailDeli products from greens to fresh meats, to fish, to cured meats
DomesticityRetailhas premium home furnishings and accessories
Dunkin'Food&Drinkthe famous donuts
EcontainerRetailsustainable disposable tableware
Ecoshoppe PHRetailpro-environment and sustainable skincare and foodstuffs
eGovernmentNonea central eGov platform for paying all government and LGU related expenses
Espa-Fil MarketRetailSpanish imported food brands
EveGrocerRetailsubscription based fresh food bundles for 2-3 persons
Ever BilenaRetailofficial store of the makeup brand
EyeProRetailnonprescription, antibluelight glasses
FanloveLifestyleoffers a platform that provides personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities
Farron Cafe SanjosFood&Drinkfrappes, smoothies, milk tea, yogurt, espressos
Farron Café SanjosFood&Drinkhas iced coffees and fruit blends
FitBingeHealth and Wellnessprotein bars, supplements for weight loss and wellness
Flowers by SylviaServicesflower bouquet deliveries
Frankie and FriendsRetaillocal, ethical, sustainable products
Frankie General StoreRetailpremium products from local small businesses
Freshmart.phRetaillocal grocery items
Fully BookedRetailoffers books and other trinkets for the bibliophile
Funk TrunkRetailwooden home related products
GameExtremeRetailvideo game console and accessory brands
GamelineRetailvideo games and accessories
Game One PHRetailprovides games and accessories
Gaming LibraryGaminghas board/party games and board game accessories
GawinServicesis a service provider for home/office maintenance needs
GCash for GoodLifestylepurchase donations with NGOs
GCash Pera OutletFinancial Servicesoffer GCash services as a tindahan
Geekbox PHRetailboard games and accessories
Globe at HomeLifestylemanage your Globe at Home account with GCash
GlobeOneNonetrack usage of your Globe numbers and other products
Globe Online ShopLifestyleprovides Globe / 0917 centric products
GMoviesNoneoffers tickets and access to movies and streaming services
Go! SaladsRetailfresh, locally sourced salads
Goama GamesGamingprovides casual games
GoldilocksFood&Drinkprovides classic cakes and other Filipino food
GomoLifestyleprovides SIM cards with no expiring data
Gong chaFood&Drinkyou can now order their signature milk tea within GCash
Good Cup CoffeeRetailcoffee beans from around the world
Go SaladsFood&Drinkfor salad cravings
Gracefield FarmacyHealth and Wellnessessential oils, dietary supplements
Great Brands ShopRetaildistributor for consumer electronics
GringoFood&Drinkchar grilled chicken and ribs
Guitar PusherRetailoffers acoustic and electric guitars and also guitar accessories
Guitar PusherRetaildifferent guitars, supplies, accessories
HairMNLRetailprovides a large range of hair products
Hamlet Kids RoomRetailkid centric premium cabinets and furnishings
Hatid PinoyFood&Drinkprovides affordable Filipino food, similar to Jade Express
Hawker Chan PHFood&Drinkoffers the Michelin Star awarded soy chicken meal for delivery (among others)
HealthGrocerHealth and Wellnessprovides superfoods and wellness related food products
HealthMartHealth and Wellnesssupplements and medicine
Healthy HarvestFood&Drinkfrozen produce
Hobby CornerRetailoffers one-stop shop for card, tabletop games
HomePHLRetailhome appliances
iMilkyFood&Drinkanother nice milk tea place
Imprint BabyRetailbaby gear and apparel
InLifeFinancial Servicesaffordable term insurance
Inlife Health CareHealth and Wellnesshealth insurance e-vouchers
InPlayGamingPagcor sanctioned casino video games
Island GirlRetaillocally sourced products for home and accessories
Island GirlRetailresort accessories brand that highlights local materials
ItamaeRetailchef knives and accessories
Jade ExpressFood&Drinkprovides affordable Chinese fare, similar to Hatid Pinoy
JBL StoreRetailstore where you can buy branded speakers and headsets
Joy In A BottleHealth and Wellnessessential oils in rollers
Junrex CellphonesRetailhas smartphones, accessories and gadgets
Kape JuanaFood&Drinklocally farmed coffee beans
Karaf CoffeeFood&Drinkcoffee on tap
KFCFood&Drinkprovides your KFC favorites
Kichitora RamenFood&DrinkPaitan ramen
King ChefFood&DrinkChinese food
Kitchen CityFood&Drinkhave frozen meals delivered
KonsultaMDHealth and Wellnessoffers telemedicine consults in Gcash
Kool PHRetailinsulated tumblers and yoga mats
Kraver's CanteenFood&Drinka cloud kitchen that provides a variety of cuisines (from Japanese, Korean, American, Mexican to Indian)
KumoriFood&DrinkJapanese style baked goods
LazadaNoneprovides an online shopping platform
Lil HavenRetailDIY miniatures and dollhouses
Lily JewelryRetailjewelry line by a mother-daughter duo
Lily of the ValleyRetailfeminine underwear, loungewear, and period products
Linya-LinyaRetailhas your favorite witty Filipino products
LiquorPHFood&Drinkliquors for delivery
Liquor WarehouseFood&Drinkliquors for delivery
LivCleanServicescleaning Supplies and Bundles for sale
Lumina HomesServicese-vouchers for house purchases
Luxx LashRetaillashes and nail wraps
Macao Imperial TeaFood&Drinkoffers the famous cheesecake/cream cheese milk tea
Made by KCARetailoffers hand created jewelry, accessories and you can also customize
Magnificent HardwareRetailhardware shop focusing on parts
Mamafood Cloud KitchenFood&Drinkcloud kitchen with Mama Lou's and other selections
Mama Foods Cloud KitchenFood&Drinkoffers a variety of foods, similar to Kraver's Canteen
Mama Lou'sFood&Drinkfor Italian food cravings
ManilachonFood&Drinkyou can have lechon porchetta delivered from within GCash
Marikina BakeryFood&Drinkpanaderya staples
MarinaFood&Drinkfor Ilonggo seafood delicacies
Mayani IncRetailcheap, locally sourced fruits and vegetables
MAZEE jewelryRetailnon tarnish and hypoallergenic jewelry
McDonald'sFood&Drinkyou can now have your meals delivered without using the McDelivery app
MediclickHealth and Wellnessmedicines and healthcare
Merry MooFood&Drinktasty ice cream
MetrodealDeals and Rewardsoffers promos via vouchers
mgamesGamingCompete with other players and win actual cash depending on your place in the leaderboard
milkwearRetailcolorful streetwear
Minii Mart PhRetailgeneral merchandise that focuses on beauty, home and vehicle improvement products
Miniland Dolls PhilippinesRetaildolls and home products that are focused on kids
MistineRetailskin care products from the Thai brand
Mitsuyado Sei-men PHFood&Drinkthe famous tsukemen
MomzillaRetailparenting related products
Monita & EndearringRetailfashion accessories
MoonleafFood&Drinkanother milk tea selection within GCash
Moshi Koshi Noodle BossFood&Drinkoffers ramen, soba, udon from scratch
Muyoo PhilippinesFood&DrinkSingaporean breads and fruit teas
Nacho KingFood&Drinkhas chips, dips and promos
Nacho KingFood&Drinknachos and tortillas
Nala WomanRetailbiodegradable feminine pads and other period-related products
NanyangFood&Drinkhas Southeast Asian (mainly Singaporean) flavors
Narra Wooden WatchesRetailstylish wooden watches
Natu Handcraft StudioRetailscented candles, essential oils, shampoo bars
Neo MangosteenHealth and WellnessNeo mangosteen liquid supplements
Nuclei ApparelRetailapparel and cosmetics
Object DepotRetailhas high-end home furnishings and coffee brewing essentials
One World DeliFood&Drinksteak, wine, cheese
Organono ShopServicesoffers modular screwless cabinets
Outliers StudiosRetaileveryday and outdoor wear
Oven DepotRetailovens, high quality cooking accessories
Pacific BayRetailprovides fresh seafood and meat products
Panda Ice CreamFood&Drinkspecialties include fried ice cream and other related products
Paper MoonFood&Drinkmille crepes
Paradise DynastyFood&Drinkoffers 8 flavored xiao long baos
Pasta DepotFood&Drinkall your pasta faves
Penny PairsRetailhas gold earrings and necklaces
Pepi CubanoFood&Drinkcubanos for delivery
Peri-peri Charcoal ChickenFood&Drinkfor satisfying cravings of this Portuguese favorite grilled chicken
PetmartRetailhas pet accessories and foodstuffs
Philippe Gadgets and AccessoriesRetaildistributor for consumer electronics, same as Great Brands Shop
Pisikal FitnessRetailfitness gear
PitmastersLiveGamingprovides games of chance with e-sabong
PixiRetailFacial skincare, glow serums
Private StoreyRetailSleepwear and Loungewear for women
PromateRetailtravel adapters and car accessories
PuregoRetaila tie-up with 917Ventures and Puregold that presents a better experience for ordering groceries
PuregoldRetailallows you to order groceries online for pickup or delivery via a third party courier
RacksFood&Drinkoffers house favorites like baby back ribs and steaks
RackshackFood&Drinkoffers baby back ribs as in the name
Raising LittleRetailhas kids wear from different brands
Rare Food ShopRetailhas meat products, plant based substitutes and ready-to-eat meals
Raw BitesRetailgourmet adult and baby food
Real ScentsRetaillinen sprays, room sprays, essential oils
RecessRetailyou can order lifestyle and activewear mainly for women
RelxRetailoffers vape products, pods and subscriptions
Ren MarbleRetailmarble kitchen gear and decorations
RunIt DecksGamingoffers different Bicycle playing cards and card related puzzles
Sargo! ExpressFood&DrinkFilipino comfort food bilaos and party trays
Scentful LivingRetailscents - room sprays, diffusers, candles
Season PassRetailapparel and season pass clothes
Shopleaf Plant StudioRetailplants for plantitos and plantitas
Shop LifestyleNoneoffers lots of different vouchers for purchase, powered by Globe
Shotify Online Liquor DeliveryRetailif you need high class liquor delivered
Sijang MartRetailKorean products and groceries
Simply ModularRetailmodular cabinets
SkinB5Retailskincare kits
SouvFood&Drinkfor everyday Greek food (as an offshoot of Cyma)
StyleshopsRetailshop from local brands Bayo, Unica and Viseversa
Sunday Moderne BeautyRetailbeauty and makeup
SunmartFood&Drinkcooking and pastry products
Taichung PearlFood&Drinkoffers milk, cream cheese, fruit teas and snacks
TankobonbonRetailyour favorite tankobons, light novels, manga
Tapa KingFood&Drinkyou can order your Filipino breakfast favorites
Taste and SeeFood&DrinkFilipino sweets
Tendon KohakuFood&Drinktendon, sashimi shop
Tenya PhilippinesFood&Drinkspecializes in Tempura Tendon
The Black BeanFood&Drinkspecialty coffee shop
The Coding SchoolLifestylepurchase coding, robotics, and engineering courses
The Eco ShiftRetailplastic packaging free skincare products
The Empress Dining PalaceFood&Drinkfor Chinese lauriat cuisine items
The Good StoreRetailcommunity-based and cause-driven products
The Laptop LifestyleRetailfor work-at-home related products
The Laundrafe GroupFood&Drinkfood, laundry, parcel services
The Lounge EditRetailoffers curated homewares and casual wear
Theo and PhiloRetailFilipino chocolates, bars, drinks, bakery goods
The Superfood GrocerRetailhealthy superfood and vegan grocery
Tiny Buds Baby NaturalsRetailoffers baby and toddler products
Tokyo Bubble TeaFood&Drinkhas milk tea with a Japanese twist, also offers cheesecake, and savory items
Tous Les JoursFood&DrinkKorean french pastries
Triber PhilippinesDeals and Rewardsallows to group buy deals at discounted rates
TrinketsRetailaffordable shop jewelry
TrizieRetaila wellness brand focused on food supplements
Truewin PHFood&Drinkfruit teas and souffles
Urban ArtisanFood&Drinkwell curated party trays
Urban Gardening ShopRetailfor plantitos and plantitas
Ur so PreteaFood&Drinkaffordable milk teas and nutella and hazelnut teas
Ur so PreteaFood&Drinkbubble tea and snack bar
vivoRetailvivo cellphones and accessories
VornadoRetailofficial distributor of Vornado fans and other accessories
VPharmaHealth and Wellnesshealth and dietary supplements
Warehouse Club PHRetailall types of warehouse product
Wear VamosRetailsport performance apparel
WGE AsiaRetailmishmash of different feminine products - shirts, beauty, watches
WhartonRetailaffordable office wear for men
What's Up Brew?Food&Drinkgood coffee for coffee lovers
Wholemart PHRetailgroceries for delivery
WildflourFood&Drinkoffers products from different Wildflour cafes
WildleafRetailbranded facial skincare
Wing ZoneFood&Drinkchicken wings
XTREME AppliancesRetailoffers home appliances
Xtremely Xpresso CafeFood&Drinkbistro style restaurant
Yellow CabFood&Drinkpizza, pasta, chicken
YogorinoFood&Drinkfrozen yogurt
Yum Cha CuisineFood&Drinkoffers breakfast-lunch-dinner type set meals and other specific diets
Zark's BurgersFood&Drinkburgers and fast food
ZiyaRetailcolorful, bohemian style clothes
`'s KitchenFood&Drinkshop for frozen chinese dimsum items

Whom do we raise issues if we encounter issues in using a particular mini-app?

We need to approach the merchant itself as the issue is with their mini-app. This also applies to refunds, as merchants can also process reversals on their end.

Are GCredit or GGives supported when buying in GLife?

For most GLife merchants both of these are available as payment methods.

How do I become a GLife merchant?

You can fill up this form, likewise, you can also approach some of these vendors as they help merchants onboard in GLife:


We talked about GCash’s e-commerce feature, GLife, and how it caters to different brands and merchant pages from within the app. GLife allows users to enjoy different experiences from within the app as there are a variety of categories and industries supported.

While using GLife, users also have the benefit of not needing to input registration forms as much and they can also leverage GCash as a payment method (with GCredit and GGives available as well).

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  1. Paano po bayaran ung inorder ko sa globe online mini shop program na for delivery yung status and then yung payment is still pending even if i have funded my gcash already?

  2. Hi, can a merchant become a GLife merchant directly with GCash/GLife? Or, do merchants need to go through third-party vendors only (like the vendors you listed above)?

    If a merchant can apply directly with GCash/GLife, is there an advantage of using a third-party vendor rather than directly with GCash/Glife (or vice versa)?

    Thank you.

    This was a follow-up question to “How do I become a GLife merchant?”

    You can fill up this form, or you can approach third-party vendors like the following. Take note that vendor has their own sales channel, so it would be better to research on the strengths of each.

    • Normally to become a GLife merchant, there should be development needed to integrate with GLife APIs. Going with a third-party vendor makes it easier since they’re already implemented templates for their own submerchants.


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