GLife: All About Mini-Apps

You may have noticed a couple of new icons in your main GCash screen lately. One of those is named “GLife”. “But what is this for?” you may ask. This is what I plan to talk about in this post.

What is GLife?

GLife is a GCash feature that integrates “mini-apps” from different merchants or brands within the app.

Here is a little walk down memory lane. Before, there was a Lazada icon on the main page. This was a Lazada “mini-app” which showed a stripped-down version of the Lazada site, where one of the differences was the only payment supported was GCash.

It seems it would be better for other merchants to utilize this model as well, and contribute to GCash becoming a “lifestyle” super-app, similar to Alipay in China. In China, both Alipay and WeChat are super-apps, as they encourage users to use the services within their respective apps.

Why would we need these mini-apps within the GCash app?

There are two main reasons why GCash seems to be pushing this:

1. Once within the GCash app, you don’t need to go to the merchant site/app anymore.

Since GCash already knows the user through the verification process, the merchant only needs to leverage this information when users access their mini-app. This simplifies the process for merchants, and for users because they don’t need to download the specific app for that merchant.

For example, if you want to buy groceries from Puregold, you don’t need to download the Puregold app anymore. You can do that from within the GCash app itself.

2. The merchant can leverage the GCash payment method.

When the user buys a service or a good from within the merchant mini-app, they only need to confirm the payment via GCash. Since they are already inside the GCash ecosystem, this makes it simple for merchants and users.

What are the list of merchants currently in GLife?

GCash is constantly getting new partners to collaborate with within GLife. Here is the current list, with descriptions for each :

  • A+ Rewards – offers rewards for Alipay partners like FoodPanda and gives away freebies as well
  • Auntie Anne’s – you can now have your favorite pretzels delivered
  • beep – pay your bus tickets within GCash
  • Bo’s Coffee – show your support for the local coffee brand
  • Boozy – provides delivery for alcoholic drinks any time of the day
  • Cashback by FindShare – is a cashback platform that is tied with a lot of brands
  • Cherry Shop – is a shop that sells all products related to the Cherry Mobile brand
  • Chingolo Deli – deli that specializes in Bolzico Beef
  • Classic Savory – for ordering their signature fried chicken
  • Cyma – for Greek food cravings
  • DataBlitz – offers original console and PC/MAC games and accessories
  • Fully Booked – offers books and other trinkets for the bibliophile
  • Lazada – provides an online shopping platform
  • Gameone – provides games and accessories
  • Gawin – is a service provider for home/office maintenance needs
  • GlobeOne – track usage of your Globe numbers and other products
  • Globe at Home – manage your Globe at Home account
  • GMovies – offers tickets and access to movies and streaming services
  • GoamaGames – provides casual games
  • Goldilocks – provides classic cakes and other Filipino food
  • Gong cha – you can now order milk tea within GCash
  • Gomo – provides SIM cards with no expiring data
  • HairMNL – provides a large range of hair products
  • Hawker Chan PH – offers the Michelin Star awarded soy chicken meal for delivery (among others)
  • KFC – provides delivery and payment via GCash
  • Kitchen City – allows you to have frozen meals delivered
  • Kraver’s Canteen – a cloud kitchen that provides a variety of cuisine
  • Mama Lou’s – for Italian food cravings
  • Moonleaf – another milk tea selection within GCash
  • McDonalds – you can now have your meals delivered without using the McDelivery app
  • Peri-peri – for cravings of this Portuguese favorite grilled chicken
  • Purego – a tie-up with 917Ventures and Puregold that offers a better experience for ordering groceries online
  • Puregold – allows you to order groceries online for pickup or delivery via a third party courier
  • Recess – you can order lifestyle and activewear mainly for women
  • Souv – for everyday Greek food (as an offshoot of Cyma)
  • Tapa King – you can order your Filipino favorites with delivery on GCash

Other Questions

Whom do we raise issues if we encounter issues when using a particular mini-app?

We need to approach the merchant itself as the issue is with their mini-app.

Is GCredit payment supported when buying in GLife?

Currently no, you can only pay with your balance.


We talked about GLife and how it caters different brands and merchant pages. The benefits are that any user do not need to register to the merchant site to be able to use their mini-app, and all transactions are GCash based so you only need to have funds in your GCash app.

If you’d like to learn more about GCash, I created a how-to on the basics of GCash.

Here is a list of links if you’re interested with the main GCash functions:

If you are also interested in knowing what resources I used in making this blog happen, please take a look at my resources page.

How do you like the tutorial? Did I miss anything? Please add your comments and suggestions below!

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