GGives: Easily Pay with Installments (Buy Now, Pay Later)

This post explains what GGives is, how it works, and how you can avail of this pay-by-installment scheme in GCash.

I was in the drugstore looking to pay for my purchases via GCash when I saw a new QR design. And it mentioned paying via GGives or via GCredit. As GCash is notoriously secretive when it comes to releasing new features, I gathered all of the new information I could find.

What is GGives?

GGives is a loan product that allows you to pay in installments, with different interest plans depending on how many months you’re planning to pay for it.

Here are the details:

  • Availment – varies depending on GScore, the maximum currently is 3 loans but depends on the max loan amount
  • Minimum spend of Php 4000
  • Loan amount – Php 5000 – Php 125000
  • Installment duration – 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 or 24 months
  • Interest rate – 0 – 5.49% per month depending on the duration
  • Downpayment/installment fee – None
  • Penalty fee – Php 100 + 0.15% daily of the outstanding principal balance
  • Supported payment methods – Scan-to-pay, Online Payments, GLife

What’s the difference between GCredit and GGives?

We are all familiar with the GCredit method of payment, you can pay off your purchases in one go by borrowing the full amount. GGives allow you to stagger and stretch the payments in 3, 6, or 12 months. GCredit can also be used as long as you still have a credit balance, GGives can only be used one at a time.

Currently, GCredit can be used with all scan-to-pay QR payments and online payments. GGives is only for static QR scan-to-pay.

What’s the difference between GLoan and GGives?

GLoan allows you to take a cash loan which you can withdraw using your GCash Mastercard at your ATM. You can use this with any purchase you may need.

Does GGives work with other payment methods?

GGives is available with static QR scan-to-pay purchases, as well as online web pay, dynamic QR scan-to-pay, generate QR scan-to-pay, and GLife.

Does GGives work with all QR scan-to-pay merchants?

GGives is available generally as GCredit — so if you have GCredit, you most likely also have GGives.

How can I register my GGives?

You need to be eligible first, meaning you need to be fully verified and have a high enough GScore. Basically, if you are eligible in GLoan, you should also be eligible in GGives.

Registering GGives for the first time

  1. On the app main page, click on View All GCash Services.
  2. Scroll down and under Financial Services, click on GGives.
  3. Register your account by reviewing your personal information. Most of these are already filled up due to you being fully verified. You may also encounter the full verification process.
  4. Once registration is done, you will be able to see the change in the GGives screen. You will also be receiving an SMS.

How do I use my GGives?

Once activated, you can now use it as a payment method. Take note that currently this is only supported in some QR or scan-to-pay merchants, not including generate QR merchants.

Scan-to-Pay (Static QR)

You can pay using GGives in all Scan-to-Pay merchants that also support GCredit as a method of payment. The main requirement is that the total amount to be paid should be equal to or more than Php 4000 pesos.

  1. From the GCash main page, click on the QR button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You need to scan the QR from the standee as normal and select GGives under the payment method selection.
  3. Select the installment option you want, and confirm the details of the loan by ticking the checkbox and clicking on Pay. Once confirmed, the payment should succeed.

Scan-to-Pay (Generate QR)

You can also pay via GGives using the Generate QR method of payment. GGives requires that the total amount to pay should match or exceed Php 4000 pesos.

  1. From the GCash main page, click on the QR button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Under Generate QR Code, when the QR is generated, click on the “How do you want to pay?” button below the QR code. You will go to the select Preferred Payment Method screen.
  3. Once you click on the GGives selection, you need to input the whole amount to be able to see the calculation of the loan payments per available installment offer.
  4. Once you’ve selected the Payment Plan, you can now click on the Use GGives as Payment Method button.
  5. On the next page, you will see the loan details; you will need to tick the checkbox to agree to the loan. Click on the Pay button to continue.
  6. You will be returning to the QR page, with the GGives method selected. Once scanned it will be considered a GGives transaction.

Can I loan multiple times using my GGives?

Currently, once you’ve paid your first loan, you will be able to avail of up to 3 loans as long as it is under the maximum loan amount available. You can pay for your loans separately.

Are there no downpayment and processing fees for GGives?

There are no fees currently included.

How do I see my outstanding balance on my GGives?

Once you’ve applied for a GGives loan, you will be able to see the status of your loan on the GGives page. You will be able to see the Payment Schedule and the status of payment for each.

There is also an amortization schedule emailed to you after you’ve paid with GGives. You can refer to that to track your monthly dues.

How can I see my disclosure statement?

You can see the disclosure statement under the GGives Document section of the main page. Also, before you can proceed with the payment, the disclosure statement is right beside the checkbox to

Where can I use my GGives?

GGives are enabled for physical stores, here is a list of merchants enabled. They are also enabled for selected webpay/online payment merchants, as well as GLife merchants. You can also see this on the GGives main page.

GGives is typically enabled with the following categories:

  • Convenience stores
  • Food
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Supermarket
  • Transportation

How do I pay for my GGives?

You just need to click on the GGives button from inside the app and click on “Pay for GGives”. You can choose to pay the whole amount due, and half of the due. Take note though that the due date is still the same — it’s one month after you’ve done your purchase.

Are there any late fees when I fail to pay on time?

The penalty is a fixed fee of Php 100, and 0.15% of the daily outstanding principal balance (the remaining loan amount, including the interest due). That means that the more you’ve paid your loan, the lower your late fees are.

Additionally, the 0.15% charge is incurred every unpaid day after your due date.

Can I avail of another GGives while currently paying for one?

You can now loan up to 2 additional times after the first one, as long as there is still an amount remaining for the maximum you can loan.

Other Questions

Do I have a cashback if I paid my dues early?

Yes, you will be receiving the refunds from the interest that wasn’t used when you paid early. For example — if you availed of 12 monthly installments, but you fully paid during the 3rd month, then the remaining interest charges of the 6 months will be refunded to you.

How early can I get the next GGives loan after I paid off one?

It will take around 2 days before you can avail of another GGives loan, given you’ve already used up the 3 times you were provided with.

Why is GGives unavailable for me?

You need to check if you’re fully verified and if your GScore is at a high enough level. You also can only avail of GGives on your main account (in case of having multiple accounts). Generally, if you can avail of a GLoan, you can also avail of GGives.


We talked about how we can avail of installment plans for purchases using GGives. This can be availed up to 3 times per merchant. You can avail of this once you have a high enough GScore.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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  1. When using GGives, does it mean that GGives paid the full amount to Merchant and I will be paying Gcash in installments?

  2. Yes just a question, for your example for the rebates, let’s say I chose 12 months to pay, And then i fully paid my bal on the 3rd month, I will only get a rebate for 6 months interest not all 9months out of 12? is that correct?

  3. I already paid my outstanding GGIVES loan.. after I pay, I want to used it again? And when I open my gcash they says Im not qualified for using ggives,..but I already used it once?.

  4. I have an approved ggcredit worth 18k. used half of it to pay for groceries. di na ba pwedeng magamit ang remaining half? kasi when i tried paying for another purchase on another merchant naka white background lang ang ggives after scanning the qr code of the merchant. Kindly enlighten me please. Thank you.

  5. Hi. What does 2 of 3 loans availed in GGives? i was able to use 2 purchases from 2 different merchants, i was trying to use the last 1 loan but not working… But GCash app said i still have 13k plus available to spend… Can you please enlighten me on this… thanks

  6. Hi if I paid the GGives in full within 14 days or before the first due date. Do I need to pay the interest rate if I choose 9 months to pay? Thanks

  7. Hello ask ko lang nag gives Po Ako 2 loan worth 4k pero na gamit ko lng 2.065 lng
    Ung I loloan ko uli Sana ung remaining 1900 something d daw pwd dapat 2k ung nag punch n sa counter worth 2k na ayaw nia pa din so nag pay agad Ako Ng balance ko 1st payment but d pa din nag worth …. Panu gagawin ko need ko ba tapusin muna ung loan para maka purchase uli or mag wait lng Ako 24hrs para mag generated ung payment ko para bumalik sya sa 2k ?Sana masagot thnxs 😇❤️

  8. Hello , I have 3 loan availments on ggives and I already fully paid 2 of my loans in advance, I even received rebate for it. My concern now is how come I couldnt access my ggives and on the offer in my dashboard I saw a none highlighted 2,100 amount. How come i couldnt access it and the amount is too low, my previous limit was 50k and already paid more than half of my credit limit. What happened po kaya? Thanks

    • Actually I don’t really know how it works at the backend, even me after I paid my remaining GGives, I got a new amount lower than my previous one. Maybe it’s because of a lower GScore?

  9. Thank you if masagot po tong concern ko. I already availed 3 out of 3 GGives. If I were to pay off only 1 of them in advance, will I also be able to avail another GGives as the 3 have separate payoffs naman. Or do I need to pay all 3 to avail another GGives?

    • If u pay it off and the amount is equivalent or higher than the minimum amount to spend,then i think yes u can use it…

  10. Thank you if masagot po tong concern ko. I already availed 3 out of 3 GGives. If I were to pay off only 1 of them in advance, will I also be able to avail another GGives as the 3 have separate payoffs naman. Or do I need to pay all 3 to avail another GGives?

  11. May I ask po, if nag avail ako nang loan worth 22,000.00. ‘tas ang monthly nya is 2712 per month for 12 months equals 32544 po lahat. Ngayon po if gusto ko mag full payment para wala nang interest, ano po babayaran ko yung principal amount or ang 32544 po tas ibabalik nila yung interest sa 32544 na nabayad? Please enlighten me with this po.
    Thank you.

  12. Hello, I lost my phone and my simcard. Is there any other way to pay my Ggives dues aside from Gcash payment? If so, how can I do that?

    • You need to do 2 things via GCash Support:
      1. Have your original account temporarily suspended.
      2. Either retrieve a new SIM with same number or get a new SIM and then request for transfer of main account to that SIM.

  13. Magandang umaga po ask lang po. 1 loan availed lang po ako s gives and nakaka tatlong paymet npo ako ang terms ko po ay 6 months. gusto ko po sana gamitin kaso malabo ung available to spend and nkalagay unlock ggives po.

  14. Hello po. Ask ko lang if magbayad ako ng one or two months (out of 9), marereplenish po ba agad yung ggives loan ko or need ko ba bayaran na lahat? Kasi kulang na lang ako ng 2k para makagamit ako ng ggived ulit. Thank you!


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