About the Blog

What is GCashResource’s mission?

The mission of GCashResource is to educate everyone on how to use GCash and to help push GCash as the financial app of choice for those who especially need it.

About Me

Hello! My name is Patrick and I’m a GCash enthusiast and also a GCash employee. I created this site because it seems that there is a lack of information about how GCash works. Hopefully, in reading some of the posts, you will become more informed and as a result, use GCash more often and maximize the use of the app.

More details about me can be seen on my personal blog or my LinkedIn page.


This is a personal blog. As such, everything that I post here is solely my opinion and does not represent the official stand of Mynt or any of its subsidiaries or employees.

I also do not provide any technical support for any GCash issue you may encounter. If you have any issues, I would suggest filing a ticket in help.gcash.com as they are the main support channel for GCash.

Feedback is welcome

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my site, about GCash, or about anything in general, then please, I would love to hear from you!