GCash Fees Table

Updated Oct 13, 2020

This page describes the various fees GCash charges on its users and free alternatives (just scroll to the right to see the alternatives column). I will be updating this as we get new information.

All other services that are not mentioned here are free.

ProductFee DescriptionFee AmountFree Alternatives
Cash-inOver-the-counter Cash-Ins
(Partner Outlets, Cash-in Machines, 7-11)
Free for the first Php 8,000 then 2% after per month1. BPI and UnionBank Cash-In in the app
2. Instapay Send (Bank to Bank Transfer) from Banks where there is no fee
3. Use multiple GCash accounts (limit of 5 per person) to cash-in and prevent going over the first Php 8000 limit per account
4. Cash-in to CIMB, and withdraw in GCash via GSave
Cash-inCash-in via Debit Card2.58% fee per cash-in
Currently suspended
Not Applicable
Cash outCash out via over-the-counter outlets (7-11, Puregold, Robinson’s, Cebuana, etc)Php 20 per Php 1000 withdrawnTransfer to GSave, then withdraw using CIMB ATM
Cash outCash out via GCash Mastercard in ATMsPhp 20 per withdrawal1. Transfer to GSave, then withdraw using CIMB ATM
2. Bank Transfer to your bank account and withdraw using your ATM
Bank TransferMoney Transfer to Other Banks using InstapayPhp 15 per transfer (starting Nov 1, 2020)1. Transfer to GSave and then from the CIMB app, do a DragonPay transfer to a supported bank
2. Transfer to GSave then from the CIMB app, do a PesoNet transfer to a supported bank
3. Do a ShopeePay transfer and from there transfer to a supported bank.
GCash MastercardCard PurchasePhp 150 per cardNone
GCreditInterest Within the Billing Period5% compounded per day (cheaper when paid earlier)None
GCreditPenalty FeesPhp 200 (1-30 days)
Php 500 (31-60 days)
Php 900 (61-90 days)
Php 1500 (>90 days)
Pay BillsBiller FeesPhp 7 – Php 60 or 2% depending on billerNone
Balance InquiryATM ChargePhp 31. Check your wallet balance in the app
2. Use USSD (*143#) to check your balance (if you are a Globe user)
DormancyNon-usage of GCash for 6 monthsPhp 50 every 10th day of the month1. Withdraw balance and close your GCash account
2. Transfer remaining balance to your other active accounts, if applicable