How to Fully Use GCash in 7-11 / 7-Eleven

As 7-11 (or 7-Eleven) is one of the most mainstream convenience stores in the Philippines, you can not only buy food and alcohol but also pay for bills and load using the Cliqq machine. But if you ask me, I think Japan still holds the gold standard for convenience stores with its ATMs, photocopiers, magazines, comfort rooms, and ticket selling on top of what I mentioned, but I digress.

However, there is one thing we have that beats Japanese 7-11 stores — we have digital wallet integration. We can do cash-in using the three main digital wallets (GCash, Paymaya, and here in the Philippines from 7-11.

In this guide, I will be talking about how to use GCash in 7-11.

What things can I do with GCash in 7-11?

You can do cash-ins, you can purchase items using QR payments, and you can buy GCash Mastercard in 7-11. And as of a recent update, you can order from Food Panda and pay using GCash as well.

Cashing in 7-11

How can I do cash-in?

We can only do cash-ins either through the Cliqq kiosk, or the Cliqq app. There was a time when you can use bar codes to cash in 7-11 (similar to Paymaya) but for some reason, it was discontinued.

Using the Cliqq kiosk for GCash cash-in:

  1. From the main page, you need to select the E-Money button, then select the GCash option.
  2. Input your mobile number, and the amount, and confirm.
  3. The machine will print a bar code to be paid to the cashier.
  4. Once payment is successful you will be receiving the amount in your GCash wallet and an SMS notification as well.

Using the Cliqq app

This option enables you to jump the Cliqq machine line because you can generate your own code using the app. This is also useful when the Cliqq kiosk machine is down, or when there is no internet connection in the machine. The code can be pre-generated 30 minutes before going to 7-11, which is helpful if you don’t have data.

Using Cliqq app for GCash cash in:

  1. From the Cliqq app, select “Add e-Money”.
  2. Select GCash from the next screen, then GCash Cash In.
  3. Enter the mobile number you plan to cash into, and the amount.
  4. You will be generating a barcode. Have it scanned at the cashier and pay your cash-in.

What do I do if I encountered an error with cash-in?

You need to keep the receipt as the ECPay support number is listed on it. It is better to call ECPay for support as they are the main support hotline for Cliqq-related inquiries.

Does 7-11 have a fee for cash-in?

For 7-11 cash-ins, there is a 1% fee of the total cash-in amount. For example, if you cash in Php 1000, the fee will be Php 10, and the total amount of Php 990 will be credited or added to your balance. This fee always comes first as it is a 7-11 collected fee.

GCash cash-in for partner outlets is free for the first Php 8000 per month. When the amount goes over the Php 8000 limit, it will incur a 2% fee. This limit refreshes every first day of the month.

For example:
Today, you cashed in Php 7000. There is no fee since it is still below the Php 8000 limit.

The next day, you cashed in Php 2500. Since you went over the limit, there is a fee included with the cash-in but only for the amount over the limit.

The cash-in that has the fee applied is the amount over 8000 this month:
Php 8000 - Php 7000 = Php 1000

Then we subtract from the amount you are cashing in:
Php 2500 - Php 1000 = Php 1500

The fee is 2% of the amount. 
Php 1500 * 0.02 = Php 30

So the total cash-in with the fee would be:
Php 2500 - Php 30 = Php 2470

Any later cash-ins for this month will have a 2% fee after this.

If you are cashing in 7-11, and you’ve exceeded the Php 8000 limit, the 1% fee goes first (7-11 fee), then the 2% goes after (GCash fee).

For example, if you are cashing in Php 1000 in 7-11 after exceeding the Php 8000 limit, the cash-in fee for 7-11 applies first:
Php 1000 - Php 10 (1% of Php 1000) = Php 990

Afterwards, the 2% fee from GCash applies:
Php 990 - Php 19.80 (2% of Php 990) = Php 970.20

The net cash-in amount is Php 970.20.

Once you are near the limit, you will receive a notification in your Inbox informing you of the charges once you go past the limit.

Please take note that this is only for manual cash-ins — remittances and bank cash-ins are not included.

If you want to know how to circumvent this fee, you can refer to my fees page to see alternative solutions.

Can I do cash outs in 7-11?

Currently, we cannot cash out for 7-11s. However, we can buy GCash Mastercards, the main downside they are not always available. I wasn’t able to find any from all of my 7-11 visits.

However recently, due to many branches now having “cash-recycling ATMs,” you can use your GCash Mastercard to withdraw money from the ATM. Take note though that ATM withdrawals would incur a fee of around Php 10-20 pesos.

Payments in 7-11

How do I pay in 7-11 using GCash?

7-11 has integrated with GCash to provide QR payments. They are using the Generate Code method as payment (similar to Bonchon, Starbucks, and Puregold). More information about QR Payments can be seen in this post.

Basically, you need to show the QR or barcode during payment and have it scanned. There will be notifications in the app as well as from SMS once payment is successful.

Paying in 7-Eleven using GCash

  1. In the GCash app, click on Pay QR. Make sure you have enough balance to pay for your purchase.
  2. Once on the Pay QR/Barcode page, click on Generate Code.
  3. Have the QR Code/Barcode scanned by the cashier. Once payment has been processed, the success page will show in the app.
  4. You will also be receiving a notification via SMS.

Can I use GCredit to pay for my purchases?

No. Currently, there is no agreement to use GCredit as a mode of payment.

What if my payment didn’t proceed?

Ask for the error message from the cashier. The usual issue for QR barcode payments is the user having not enough balance to pay for the order.

Other Things You Can Do in 7-11 Using GCash

Can I order 7-11 items in the Food Panda app?

Yes, and you can also pay using GCash in Food Panda via AMEX or GCash Mastercard. You can now also pay using GCash directly via auto-debit in the app.

Can I pay my GCredit bill in 7-11?

Yes. You can look for the Fuse Lending biller in the Cliqq kiosk machine. The account number you need to put in is your GCash mobile number. You can refer to your latest statement to know how much you would need to pay.


Generally, you can use GCash in 7-11 (or 7-Eleven) in two ways — cashing in and paying for what you bought.

For cashing in, you need to use the Cliqq machine. For payments, you need to use Generate Code in your GCash app and GCash direct auto-debit or AMEX/GCash Mastercard in the Food Panda app. You can also buy GCash Mastercards from 7-11.

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