Using AMEX Virtual Pay in GCash for Online Purchases

As we increasingly do our transactions online, it has become obvious that a credit/debit card is becoming more of a necessity especially since there are a lot of online shops now out there. Unfortunately, not everyone has a credit card. And that is especially so for a majority of Filipinos.

We could use our own debit cards from the bank as they are linked to our deposit accounts, but sometimes we need something more flexible to use.

Some don’t really need a GCash Mastercard to cash out but need a card to use for purchases online for merchants without GCash integrations. As a result, GCash has the American Express (AMEX) Virtual Pay card inside the app to fill this need.

What is the AMEX Virtual Pay card?

This is a prepaid (debit) virtual card linked to your GCash account. It enables us to shop at any online shop, not limited to local ones. It is also virtual, so it can only be used online. Additionally, it has a US address, in the case when you need an actual address for your purchases.

What’s the difference between AMEX Virtual Pay and the GCash Mastercard?

The GCash Mastercard is an actual debit card, so you can use it in real-life shops. You can also withdraw money from any ATM. The AMEX Virtual Pay can only be used online.

You can have multiple GCash Mastercards linked to your account at any time. You can only have one AMEX Virtual Pay Card per GCash account.

Another difference is the GCash MC has a fixed card verification value (CVV) code while the AMEX virtual card can be changed anytime.

Linking and using GCash Mastercard requires the user to be fully verified. For AMEX users, you can use it even if you are a basic user.

Do I need to be Fully Verified to be able to use my AMEX card?

You can use your AMEX card even if you are not fully verified yet.

How do I set up my Virtual Pay AMEX Card?

It is pretty simple. You only need to enter your email address to be able to apply for one. Once you’ve applied, you will be receiving an SMS that your registration is successful.

How do I get a CVV code for my AMEX Card?

You just click on “Get New Code” and the new CVV code will be sent via SMS to you. Take note of this as this is used for any payments online.

How do I use the AMEX Virtual Pay card?

First, during payment, you need to make sure you have enough funds in your GCash wallet. You can then put in the AMEX details for the debit/credit card field.

Other Questions

Can I still use my GCash Mastercard for online payments?

Yes, but keep in mind, since the CVV code is fixed, you will need to take care that your card doesn’t get compromised, especially since you can link multiple cards to a single account.

What’s the difference between GCash AMEX Virtual Pay, Paymaya Online Payment Card, and Grabpay Virtual Card?

They are similar as they can be used for online payments. However, for the AMEX card, you can change the CVV anytime. For Paymaya and Grabpay cards, you cannot change them easily. You can also lock your Grabpay Virtual Card to limit unintended usage, unlike its counterparts.

What is the address in the Virtual Pay Card for?

This is an address that you can use if you are ordering from US-based merchants. Basically, you can have it shipped to this US address, however, you should also create an account with My Shopping Box as your US Forwarder as this address is registered with them.

What is My Shopping Box?

They are a US Forwarding service. When you sign up with them, you will be getting a US address. You can then link your PH-based address to them and they will be forwarding any delivered items from the US address to yours for a fee, depending either on the weight or dimensions of the item.

Some other similar companies that offer this are Johnny Air, Shipping Cart, PO Box, My US, and SkyBOX. When using your AMEX card, you are not limited to using My Shopping Box. You can use other forwarders if you want to.

Can I link my AMEX Virtual Pay card to my Paypal account?

Yes. Linking is easy, but you will need to have USD 1.00 (around PHP 52.00) in your account as a test transaction. It will be immediately refunded back to you. Your AMEX card will be linked and you will be receiving an email notification.

Note: Your address here doesn’t need to be the same as the US address set by GCash.

What do I do if I get an error linking my AMEX Card?

Sometimes issues like this happen when linking. This is typically a technical issue. We can wait and try again later, or use our GCash Mastercard to link instead.

Why is my AMEX card being declined?

Some possible reasons are:

  1. You may need to have a certain amount in your GCash wallet for the test transactions. Usually, the amount needed is around 1 USD.
  2. The AMEX feature in GCash is currently under maintenance.

If this issue still persists, then it would be best to submit a ticket to GCash support.

Why am I getting auto-debited without my permission?

Have you checked whether you’ve been subscribed to any recurring service? Maybe you’ve been scammed into buying an app with a subscription or you’ve forgotten to cancel during a trial period for a certain software.

You can submit a ticket to GCash support if you feel that you have unauthorized transactions.


We talked about the what, why, and hows of using the AMEX Virtual Pay card. Basically, this debit card is solely for online payment usage. Take note that you need to have some amount in your GCash wallet to be able to use this. Using AMEX is also more secure because you can change the CVV code at any time.

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230 thoughts on “Using AMEX Virtual Pay in GCash for Online Purchases”

      • Hello po .. Na scam po asawa ko using amex card. Hindi po kc sya aware sa amex.. Ginamit po ng scammer sa grab pH 2700 po balance ng asawa ko sa gcash nya nawala po lahat un .. Ang tanong ko po mgagamit p po b ng scammer ung amex .. Natatakot n kme mag cash in .. My gloan p nmn po asawa ko paano nmin mababayaran bka mawala LNG ulit..

        • Palitan niyo muna MPIN niyo, tapos palitan niyo rin yung security code ng AMEX, tapos ireport niyo sa support yung nangyari sa inyo. Dapat mabalik sa inyo ang control ng account niyo, dapat hindi kayo matakot na makuha kung ano yung nasa inyo.

    • Problem with this, after the card is renewed, it will stop working.

      Mine was renewed manually via Gcash support. Now i cannot use it anymore. Tried contacting support but they said there’s no problem on their end.

      But obviously there is an issue on their end, as the AMEX card with a new expiration isn’t working anymore, even if I did a CVC reset and used the latest CVC.

      I ended up signing for a new Gcash account with a new number to get a new AMEX card number.

      If only Gcash hires knowledgeable CSRs, I should have not purchased a new sim.

  1. Hi. Theres is a need to enter the Paypal address using your GCASH AMEX US billing address. However, with paypal, it seems not to be able to register your amex US address… it is fixated on Philippines format. For example, the zipcode only allows you to enter 4 digits as with PH zip codes. Gcash Amex US billing address has 5 zipcodes. How do i fix this?

    • You will need to activate your AMEX via email. If you put in the wrong email address, you won’t be able to generate your AMEX number.

  2. Hi, is there any way to see my transactions? I linked my Gcash Amex, and it needs a code for verification. How do I get my code? Or see my transactions? Thanks.

  3. Hi, ive been using AMEX to pay netflix subscription but after paying it on 2 different accounts it doesn’t let me pay it. It says, there are some problem using this payment method. I have enough funds to pay my subscription. I also tried to contact netflix customer service and they said to contact the issuer. Do you have any idea what happened? Please let me know, thanks!

    • When did you try to pay – maybe it coincided with the maintenance period? Can you try it again now? If it still doesn’t work even after trying it from time to time today, i would suggest you file a ticket with gcash help support.

    • We got the same issue. Try using your card in any online merchant, it wont work anymore and Gcash suppoet doesnt have any clue what to do.

      Just buy a new sim card and get a new Gcash AMEX card

  4. Do you know how long it takes before a refund is reflected back to your account? I recently used GCash Amex to purchase an ipad pro in B&H Photo’s website. I was immediately charged for my purchase since I received a text notification, but B&H sent me an e-mail saying that they have not charged me for it yet.

    • Did they say why they haven’t charged you yet? Payment should have been okay since you’ve received notification.

      But if they refuse, you can file a ticket for chargeback at, or initiate a live chat there.

    • You need to use US based forwarders like Johnny Air, My Shopping Box, Shipping Cart, etc. You would need to register your address with them, then they will provide you the US address. Once an item arrives to your US address, they will consolidate it and ship it to your address for a fee.

  5. Hi! Just to clarify, I can input my Philippine address in the billing address when adding AMEX in Paypal, right? Thank you!

    • Hindi po credit card si AMEX at di rin po siya konektado sa GCredit. Debit card po siya, kaya kailangang may laman ang GCash wallet mo para magamit.

      • Ang dami ko na binasang comments para mas maintindihan kung ano ba talaga itong Gcash Amex Virtual Pay pero dito lang ako mas nakaintindi lalo. Iba talaga mga pinoy haha

  6. how do i transfer funds from gcash to paypal? i just linked my amex and paypal is showing zero balance. i have funds on my gcash. thanks!

  7. Hi, I cannot input my AMEX GCASH because it said “Your card was declined by the issuing bank. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions.”

    • You can opt not to do the verification and you can still use the card. But you can also reach out to support to get the 4 digit verification code.

      • Hello! Same problem with her. Marerefund po ba yung 97php kapag naconfirm na? Plus hindi nagrereply si GCash, niraise ko na kasi ‘yung concern ko re: AMEX card activity.

  8. Hi, I registered yesterday but the virtual card issued to me is expired! Expiry date indicated in the card is 4/18. Do you know how to fix this? I also encounter an error whenever I click the request code button. Thanks!

    • You can verify your AMEX details in *143# if you’re using a Globe number. Otherwise, I can’t really recommend anything else except filing a support ticket.

  9. Hi, I got an approved refund from Google Play 2 weeks ago. However the refunded money did not show up either on Gcash or my own bank account, accidentally used the Amex Virtual Pay in Gcash but Google approved my refund request.

  10. Hi, I used gcash amex 3days ago to make a purchase to amazon. 30mins after successful order, amazon declined my card (“revise payment method”) even tho my card info is right.

    I later found out that my billing address is wrong based on my long research to google (ph address). It should be the us address that gcash and myshoppingbox provided, I already put both billing and shipping address to my order.

    I re-ordered it and amazon didn’t declined it (not yet atleast) but I made this changes and until now, there is no update that my order is being processed and my gcash wallet balance had not been deducted(the amount is acceptable to my order’s price inc tax), it will arrive in sunday meaning that amazon will most likely cancel my order due to the fact that there is no confirmation of payment from my sufficient balance of my card

    What should I do?
    I’m also a basic level user (not fully verified). Gcash mentioned that basic level user can have a gcash amex but I do not know if it only means getting it activated from the user’s email or to also getting it access

    • I don’t understand how the order went through without payment confirmation. Can you check your order history again? Also, the billing address does not affect AMEX payment. Even for credit cards, I’ve used different credit cards with differing billing address. The “revise payment method” is most likely a hiccup in testing AMEX. Sometimes that happens due to technical issues.

      Basic users can use AMEX.

      • Hi,

        I keep on receiving “revise payment method” using gcash amex whenever i try to add balance sa amazon funds ko. Nagaadd ako ng enough funds para may mayira sa gcash ko na 90 pesos. Pero ayaw padin iaccept ng amazon add funds. Help me pleaseeee

  11. I bought AC odyssey using Gcash amex and refunded it successfully but suddent i didnt receive my money back what should i do?

  12. I just got a txt confirming that i paid to SERVICES via Gcash American Express Virtual Pay. Any idea if this is a fee or what not? I have not used my Amex virtual card at all.

  13. Today, somebody was using my american express virtual card to purchase online without me knowing! I just got messages about the purchases and my balance has been reduced.

    I didn’t event get any otp or any verification code for the unknown purchases. It’s very unsafe!
    Lucky for me I only have 150 pesos on my account but usually I have thousands for paying bills online. I already submitted a ticket but still no reply.

    Anyone had experience the same thing?

    • Usually this due to a subscription we’ve done before but forgotten already. You may want to change your cvv in the meantime.

    • Hi, Mornie! I have a similar experience. Yesterday, July 26, I received a message saying “You have paid P62.30 to SERVICES via GCash American Express Virtual Pay.” I initially had 115 pesos in my account, and upon checking, only 52 pesos remained. I checked the transaction history and it was tagged as “WEB PAYMENT.” I tried calling 2882 but my calls were always terminated. May I know how much did charge you and what transaction was involved?

  14. Hi.
    1. Does GCash AmEx Card have a subscription/membership fee? I received a message saying “You have paid P62.30 to SERVICES via GCash A,erican Express Virtual Pay.” And true enough, my GCash balanced was deducted with 62.30 pesos. I checked my transaction history in the GCash app and it said “Web Payment.” I did not link my AmEx card to any website or online shops. So I’m thinking maybe there’s a subscription fee?
    2. Do you know how to deactivate GCash AmEx Card?

    • 1. As I told you in a previous comment, you should change your CVV immediately and file a ticket with
      2. We cannot deactivate AMEX in the meantime. You might if you contact support.

    • Currently you can’t unlink AMEX. You can change your CVV in the meantime. Or you can also submit a ticket to

  15. I have the same problem. They keep on deducting money from my account. First gcash sent me a message and said that i paid 200 pesos in stripe, four time already. So they deducted a total of 800 pesos on me. I dont know what stripe is. Can somebody please help me what to do. Thank you.

    • I think you should file it asap in so that you can get your money back.

      Stripe is an international payment processor connected with AMEX.

  16. Hello po sana matulungan niyo ako sinusubukan kopo kasi ilink ung AMEX virtual card kay paypal kaso eto po ang nalabas ‘Your card was declined by the issuing bank. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions.’ Nadouble check kona po ang credentials at may P57 ako na balance sa Gcash ko at naka-set sa home address ko ung billing address.. Ano po kaya solusyon dito? Ang hinala kopo dito ay kelangan verified Gcash user muna ko at updated profile info ko pero student palang ako kaya wala po akong mga necessary IDs para makapagverify..

      • Dapat poba kung alin ang address ang nakalagay sa profile ko (GCash) un din po ang ilagay ko sa paypal? O try kopo gamitin ung address na nakalagay sa AMEX?

        • Kahit hindi parehas ang address mo ok lang, mas importante, parehas ang pangalan ng nasa GCash mo at yung nandun sa Paypal.

      • Kinontact kopo ung Gcash regarding dito sa issue pero eto po ang sinabi nila.

        I understand that this matter is important to you and In line with your PayPal linking concern, please be informed that you can easily transfer money from your PayPal account to your GCash wallet within 24 hours (real-time for most transactions). To do this, you will need to link your PayPal account to your GCash account.


        Your first and last name on PayPal must be identical with your first and last name on your GCash account (e.g. Juan Dela Cruz and Juan De La Cruz will not match). Both accounts must be owned by the same person.
        The PayPal account must be set up in the Philippines.
        The Paypal account must be a personal-type account (non-business account).
        Your GCash account must be fully verified (KYC-ed)

        Thank you for your kind understanding.

        Please do let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

        Tinutukoy po ata nila ung linking ng Paypal-Gcash hindi AMEX-Paypal o kelangan KYCed ung account ko?

        • Parang di alam nung CSR anong isasagot sa yo. Anyway, try mo nalang ulit maglink. Ang paggamit ng AMEX di kailangang naka fully verified.

  17. Hanggang ngayon po ayaw parin mukhang walang choice napo kundi magpafully-verified para sigurado. Tinignan kopo ung charge rate pag magcconfirm ng credit card sa paypal at parang tumaas na ung sa peso.(from P52-P100) Eto nalang po ata ung problema kaya hindi parin matanggap ung AMEX. Baka kulang po ako sa funds dahil P57 lang balance ko?

    Based on Paypal Help Center:
    We take an extra step to confirm your card so that we can verify that the card is valid and that you are the card owner.

    Below is a list of how much we charge to cards in different countries. If we can’t determine the currency of the card, or if we don’t support that currency, we will charge 1.95 USD to the card.

    Once the card is confirmed, we will immediately refund the charge. Depending on your card issuer, it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement.

  18. hi! my netflix account had declined my amex virtual pay but it’s not expired yet and my gcash wallet still had a money…what do you think is the problem?

  19. Sir bakit ganun pag sinusubukan ko i-connect yung AMEX ko a Google Play, nag-eerror siya. Ni remove ko kasi from Playstore kasi gusto ko i reset, evrytime kami na mag US transanc ako payment unsuccessful lumalabas.

    Ano kaya problem ? Sa AMEX/Gcash ba ?

  20. Is there a maintenance today? I’ve been trying to pay online (Patreon) but the card is getting declined. The website says that I should contact my bank since there is a possibility that it’s blocking the charge. What should I do? This already happened on multiple occasions.

  21. Bakit po ganun, ginamit ko yung AMEX Card ko (Basic User)
    sa NETFLIX

    tinanggap naman yung AMEX Card ko, tapos pag dating sa OTP after ko mainput yung correct otp ito yung lumabas na error kay NETFLIX.

    there appears to be problem with the card you are trying to use please use a diferent card or check with ur bank to make sure your card is unable for international transaction.

    Ang tanong ko din po, Papaano ma-enable ang international transaction ni amex card?
    meron nman akong 370php balance at sakto nman balance ko para makapag subscribe kay netflix. sana po may sumagot. salamat

    • Nakadisable po ang AMEX ngayon, may advisory galing GCash. Wala pang balita kung kelan babalik. Kung meron kayong gcash mastercard puwedeng iyon po munang gamitin.

      • ay ganun po ba, pero bakit po kagabi yung fully verified na gcash account ng friend ko, yung amex card nya gumana naman po? simula kailan po po ba naka disable? kasi bagong GCash account tong akin eh (basic user) bale bagong Amex card po,

        bale kapag luma pong Amex card gumana? pero kapag bago po, nakadisabled po ? tama po ba?

      • Simula kailan pa po nakadisabled ang amex? kasi kagabi yung friend ko na Fully Verified GCash, nagamit nya Amex Card nya sa NETFLIX, tapos kaninang umaga gumawa ako ng GCash Account (Basic User) at nag try mag subscribe sa netflix, ayaw , yan po ang error na lumalabas.

        • Ahh kasi yung sa friend ko nagamit nya kagabi sa netflix.
          fully verified din po ba gcash account mo?

          bale po mapa basic user man o fully verified users, parehas nakadisabled yung Amex?

        • Nung sinabi mo na gumagana na, sumubok ako sa paypal, nakalink ako. So gumagana na pala. Kung ayaw maglink sayo, baka walang laman balance mo.

        • hindi ako mag lilink sa paypal eh,
          gagamitin ko po sa NETFLIX subscription.

          may balance naman po yung Gcash ko (basic user)
          tapos kapag nireregister ko sa NETFLIX as a payment method.

          ito yung lumalabas na error:

          There appears to be a problem with the card you are trying to use. Please use a different card or check with your bank to make sure your card is enabled for international transactions

          ang tanong ko po sana, papaano ma enable yung gcash amex card for international transactions.

        • Hmm, honestly I have no idea. Di kaya dahil basic user? Anyway to make sure, yung naiisip ko magfile nalang ng ticket sa

        • nakapag file na kasi ako ng ticket medyo natatagalan lang ako sa reply nila, iniisip ko kasi baka maactivate ang amex international transaction kapag nag cash-in ako ng higher amount (for example: 1000 or 5000 to 10,000)
          possible kaya?

          o kailangan po talaga na fully verified 🙁 wala kasing akong VALID ID sa mga choices na nandun kaya hindi ako makakapag verify

        • You can try with a higher balance on your account. But if it fails, then you can go the fully verification route manually by submitting a ticket or emailing gcash support. Kaya ka pa rin maverify kahit walang valid IDs actually.

  22. Hello, i just confirmed my gcash AMEX card in paypal. Will i receive the verification code thru text or do i need to contact someone to get the code? If so, who do i need to contact?

    • You don’t need to contact anyone. I got that wrong the first time. I confirmed that your AMEX card will be linked directly without any code needed.

  23. Hi! Connected my GCash AMEX Virtual Pay on Paypal. Pero it requires me to enter the 4 digit verification code. Do you have an idea how to get this? Nung nagconnect ako ng GCash mastercard ko, it sent me a text. However, for this one, wala akong nareceive. It even deducted 40+ PHP twice kasi i requested another code :< Nagsearch ako and it requires to send an email to GCash daw or may iba naman na nagsasabi na GCash will automatically send an email. For some reasons, hindi ko kasi magamit yung GCash mastercard na nakaconnect sa Paypal ko for online purchases through foreign sites. Nageerror siya. Please enlighten me about it. Thank you so much for your help. ^^

    • Hmm, for me di ako tinanong ng verification code. Maybe you should ask gcash support about it.

      But if you’re paying with amex, why not directly link it to the merchant itself?

  24. Your payment didn’t go through. Please check the card info and billing address or select a different payment option.

    help! i keep getting this error on ebay & amazon using gcash amex… why?

  25. Hi! I just linked my amex with paypal with which I received a message saying I paid 50 to PAYPAL and also almost simultaneously received another one saying “We have credited back P50.51 as a reversal for GCash AMEX transaction that failed with PAYPAL”. Does that mean I failed to link my amex in paypal?

  26. Hello is it normal to not get an email confirmation upon registering for amex? Though they sent me an sms naman to confirm that i succesfully registered and i have a card number na rin.

    Di ko tuloy sure if i entered an incorrect email add since wala akong narereceive na email from them

  27. Hello, naglink po ako ng gcash amex sa paypal ko at nabawasan ng Php97.94..and wala pong refund na nangyari..

    tapos di ko rin po magamit ung paypal ko to buy games on steam..

  28. Hi..
    I want to link my amex to paypal. I am just waiting for the code. How long does it take for the code na isend sayo ng paypal?
    Nakita ko kasi sa mga luma na tutorial, i should request for gcash for the expuse code.. need ko pa ba marequest sa gcash or paypal na lang ang hinhintayin ko na mgsend ng code para malink ang amex ko?

      • Yes, my amazon account is on hold and the order didn’t go through.

        I got an email saying: Account on hold temporarily
        We noticed unusual payment activity on your account and need to verify ownership of the payment method used on your most recent order.

        And they are asking a proof of billing:
        The following information must be clearly displayed on the statement:
        Your name and billing address
        Phone number (if included in your billing statement)
        Last 4 digits of the card or account number

        I already sent a ticket to Gcash support but still waiting for their reply

  29. hi. I want to use my amex virtual pay in purchasing sa apple store us. Then have it shipped via shipping cart. I have been reading payment issues regarding IP address since we are basically here in the ph. You think my payment will proceed? I dont want to seek refund kasi especially if the payment has been credited na sa gcash tapos hindi naman pala nag proceed ang transaction.

    • Dati nakatie up talaga ang AMEX Virtual Pay with MyShoppingBox within GCash. This particular case you are describing is why GCash has AMEX in the first place. So dapat walang issue.

  30. I recently made a purchase online using paypal that was connected to my GCash Amex. it’s been a week since the vendor has issued my refund but it isn’t reflecting on my paypal or Gcash account. How long should I wait before the money reflects to my account?

    • Personally, wala pa akong nararanasan na hingan ng code. Fully verified ka ba? Anyway kung ganyan, yeah mas magandang magreach out nalang sa support.

  31. Hi, I tried using my AMEX card to pay for an item in Carousell SG and it keeps on declining. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Is it maybe because of the difference in IP? Need help asap here :<

  32. I cant connect my AMEX to paypal. It show “Your card has been declined. Please try a different payment method.

    I have 100php balance on my gacsh. Enough to pay 1$

  33. Hi, I would like to know if saan makikita ang card statement ng GCash Amex account? I connected my Amex account to PayPal manually tapos nagchage sila ng $1.95 (P97.98) sa akin. Ang sabi ni PayPal I need to input the 4-digit code that was sent to my card statement. I tried requesting my transaction history pero wala doon ang 4-digit code.

  34. Hi! Iyong Amex card name ko ay magkaiba sa name ko sa gcash account ko. Pwede po ba iyon? Kasi noong nag subscribe ako sa Patreon hindi ako makapasaok. Paano po ba mapalitan ang card name ko sa Amex?

  35. Help! My Gcash was deducted 97.42 pesos after getting a code and Icant still see the code which ddoes not make me refund it. so I though of clicking the get code again and deduct my gcash 97.42 again please help.

  36. Hi, i dont understand my cvv. When i ask for a cvv it gives me 4 numbers but when im trying to pay it only asks for 3 so i dont know how to pay using this

    • CVV length should be tied to the type of card (in this case is AMEX) which is 4 digits. Maybe there’s an issue with your payment gateway?

  37. Hi,

    I was trying to pay something online but it won’t accept the Amex Virtual Card. It shows only 3 digits CVV on the site while Gcash is sending 4 digits. I have enough funds in my account. How to resolve this? Thank you very much!

  38. Hi, thanks for the response. But I have a question again ..I linked Gcash Amex to PayPal to pay online ..tapos the transaction is successful naman , nag send na ng summary transaction ang paypal. money sent already.
    But the seller said they didn’t receive the payment..pwede pa kaya ma refund na sabi ng Gcash Amex di na daw pwede gamitin ang Gcash Amex old account ko..I have to link new account daw..?

      • Kakahiya talaga sa seller ! Why do they have to post it’s realible tapos hindi nman. Tapos nag send nman ng transaction summary ang Paypal na successfully done. Tapos kay seller di umabot sa bank account niya, kailangan daw ng statement from Gcash Amex na nag pay talaga ako. Pinapafill up ngayon ang dispute form para maka kuha ako ng refund, bat di nlng nila process?

  39. Hi.

    So ayun hindi na process ung automatic reversal ni gcash amex. Nag cancel ako ng transaction sa paypal kagabi, since ung status is authorization. Nagawa ko na to last week pero daytime, after 20 minutes pumasok agad.

    Question is, may effect ba pag gabi ka nag cancel?

  40. Hi po, im planning to buy sa Apple Store US, pero ishiship rin po sa cousin ko sa US, can i use my gcash amex virtual card for that po?

  41. Have you tried using GCash AMEX card in PlayStation Store (US)? Yung card ko hindi gumagana and when I searched the web yung US address na nakadisplay sakin doesn’t have a suite number unlike yung sample sa (I think yung part ng US address after the suite number is the same para sa lahat ng AMEX cards).

  42. Hello po! Nilalagay ko yung Gcash Amex sa Microsoft Account pero lumalabas “Check the info you entered. It doesn’t match the info for this card.” Pano po ba gagawin?

  43. HI! Can my item be shipped to an address (that I input on my chosen shopping site) different from the MSB US address when using the AmEx virtual pay? I’m from the PH but I’m planning to buy and to have the item shipped within the US also.

      • Hi! I was able to do the transaction already, thank you for your response. I did it last 12/26 and I thought everything went smoooothly until I woke up last January 3 with a text message from GCash saying that I made another transaction on the same online store, with the exact same amount (while I was asleep!!!). Nakaltas na siya sa GCash account ko but I never really did the transaction. Seems like they charged me twice for that one transaction I did last 12/26 🙁 Will I be able to get a refund for it kaya? Idk who to contact anymore cos it’s taking forever for them to respond to my email & I can;t contact them thru their hotline.

        • You can now file tickets from within the GCash app and see the status of the ticket immediately, just go to Help from within the app after you login.

          Actually I’ve no other advice but to either approach the vendor or GCash to be able to cancel the transaction. Kaya yan, basta pursige lang.

        • Oh thank you I didn’t know I can see its status thru the app. Actually, nabawas na ulit yung money sa account ko pero I can confirm that the second transaction didn’t really happen because I did not receive any confirmation e-mail from the store unlike during my first and authorized transaction. Crazy! Can I personally report in GCash service centers kaya?

  44. Pa help po me transaction kase ako sa amazon, nag order ako ng short, gnamet ko pang payment is amex, pero pag tingin ko sa cart ko 2 pla ung andun so ni cancel ko, nag ok nmannung sa amazon, ang kaso nakaltasan na ako ng amex so ung refund daw aabot ng 2 to 4 days, nag email na ako sa suport ng gcash nung una nag rreply pa sila hinhi details ko like gasch act number, at las 4 digit card number aun wala na reply hnggang ngaun, araw2 ako nag uupdate, tas gumawa ako ulit ng ticket para dun , tas pag check ko ni closed nila ung ticket ng f man lang na rresolve ung issue, nasa 3,877 pa namn un

  45. Used this feature to buy an item in the Apple Store PH. The amount was debited from my account on the day of purchase but now Apple Store is saying that authorization failed. Reached out to Globe but it is taking a while to get answers from them.

  46. Hi ! I bought on an online shop in UK and used AMEX for payment. Would it be okay that the billing address I placed was my delivery address and not the address placed here in the AMEX? I forgot to change it and realized after and there is no way I can change the billing address after the order was placed. Hope you can help. Thanks!

    • Actually you should always your delivery address. The address in AMEX is only used for US forwarding services (tie up with MyShoppingBox a few years ago).

      • ah okay. so that was okay. another question, I noticed that when I converted the amount I was going to pay, the actual amount I paid when I use AMEX was a bit higher. Is it because they have fees or what? Was planning to use it again but I am not sure how much would the difference be next time.

  47. I tried to link my gcash American express virtual card to my paypal and I was charged 49.73php twice. I already contacted paypal and they informed me to contact my issuing bank. I’m just puzzled that I was charged twice, my card wasn’t even linked. I am demanding refund from paypal, now I will be demanding a refund from gcash American express etc etc. Globe is so sneaky with hidden charges. Is Globe not rich enough for them to have hidden charges???

  48. Kanina nina lang nag subscibe ako sa netflix ayaw ng AMEX pero nakain yung GCASH ko na 370 Paano marefund yun? kinontact ko si netflix nadecline daw ni AMEX

  49. Panoh ko makuha ung refund ko using amex na yan. May cinanceL akong item sa aLiexpress at nag success na ung refund. Pero ung gcash nag send ng message na i renew ko ung amex. So nirenew ko kaso nag iba naman ung 4 na Last nukbers sa card?????? Paanoh un ??????

  50. paano gamitin ang amex sa facebook ads? kapag ba nilagay mo ang amex card sa payment method mababawasan kagad ang balance mo?

  51. Hello po, Why does my gcash american express virtual card does not worl in paypal? Because I try to verify my paypal using gcash card but it always says that” your card being decline. Please contact your card issuer”. Hope you can answer. Thank you.

  52. Hi Thanks for your resource here. It’s very helpful however, I think may issue ata AMEX and Gcash MC now? I am planning to buy a game sa EA Origins using the AMEX Virtual Pay. Fully verified both gcash and amex virtual card pero ang message lagi “Your card was declined by your credit card issuer or bank.” Same when trying to link AMEX Virtual Pay with Paypal, declined din. Nakakabaliw na..

    • Agreed, I’m also experiencing this with some of my other purchases. I just file a ticket or use a different card in the meantime.

  53. Hi, I subscribed from Amazon prime video using AMEX virtual pay but I have been billed/ deducted twice on my gcash account. How I am able to fix this? Thanks

  54. Hi regarding using AMEX payment magkano exchange rates ng peso to usd need kasi ng confirmation ng charge using USD pero peso kasi yung nagaappear na charge sakin. Thanks

  55. I tried using gcash amex and used my shopping box to pay for an item from US. Thing is, I’m being asked for a confirmation of my address(which is the address I got my my shopping box forwarder) any help po?

  56. Hello. Does getting a new code from AMEX Express virtual card by Gcash prevent all associated subscriptions of that card from auto-renewing? Thank you.

  57. Hi yung Gcash accout ko and paypal is same ang name pero patuloy dinideclined ni Paypal not the same credentials daw same din ang address . chineck ko same naman ano kaya problema

    • Dapat saktong sakto ang name ng nasa GCash mo at doon sa Paypal (kasama middle name). Kung ayaw pa rin, puwede mong iraise sa GCash support.

  58. I used my Gcash AmEx card and linked it to a some Facebook accounts for advertising. Now I get transaction notifications but I cannot identify from which Facebook account this is from. Is there a way that I can remove my Gcash AmEx card from all of the accounts that it was used for before?

    Or will getting a new code fix all that?

    • suggest you open a US address care of a US based forwarder, like shipping cart or pobox or johnny air so that you can have your zip code

  59. Hi! just wanna ask i used my amex card together with my paypal balance to pay international but i opted for refund, and was successful, yet i still didn’t know where to check if the refund from AMEX will be directed to my gcash? Because the refund from my paypal balance is already received, but not with my AMEX . Please help , thanks!


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