How to Contact GCash Support Without Waiting in Line

Sometimes it is really a big hassle trying to get in touch with an agent via phone. As GCash gets more mainstream, voice support becomes more and more difficult to get. Thankfully, not everything needs to go via this channel.

How to Reach out to GCash Support via the Website or Help Center

What are the ways we can contact GCash Support?

There are currently four ways to contact GCash support:

Of these, if you need someone to communicate with, the best course of action is to call the hotline early in the morning. The second best option is to submit a ticket via Gigi or go with email, they usually answer within days.

However, please keep in mind that if you choose to initiate a live call, you will still need to wait for your turn as the number of agents is limited.

How do I access the Help Center in the GCash app?

There are mainly two ways — one is from the login page, and the other is from inside the app. The main difference is you can only access FAQs on the login page, while you will be able to file tickets from inside the app.

Take note: Before submitting a ticket, does the advisory on the top of the Help Center Page help you in any way?

Accessing the Help Center On the Login Page

You need to click on the “Help Center” in the lower-left part of the screen.

Accessing Help while inside the GCash app

  1. Open the Profile Page and scroll down.
  2. Click on Help to go to the Help Center.

How can I ask support questions without filing a ticket?

In the current version, the GCash Help Center is heavily using the Gigi chatbot. It enables the user to ask questions and get the relevant answers straight away. It also helps users file tickets when their questions need operational processing.

To access the chatbot, you need to go to the Help Support page and find the FAQ parts of that page. Clicking the “Chat with Gigi” button will show the Gigi dialog. Gigi will be able to auto-answer and will be providing a list of FAQs users ask. You can select from the list, or you can ask your question from there.

How do I submit a ticket to the Help Center?

You can click “Ask for Help” when you scroll down the Help Center while inside the GCash app.

Another improvement brought up by a recent update is the linking of the ticket to your account. Once you’ve filed a ticket, you can see the status of the ticket on the Help Center page as well.

I created multiple tickets for my issue. Why are they being automatically resolved?

GCash support recommends having only one ticket issue and you can follow up on that ticket only.

The automatically “resolved” status is likely a measure to remove duplicates of the same ticket. Adding more identical tickets makes it harder for support people as each ticket is handled by a different person.

Does GCash still have Facebook Messenger support?

GCash has already disabled FB Messenger support, in favor of a dedicated help portal ( This means that anyone who contacts you via FB Messenger is not an authorized GCash representative. They may very well be scammers.

The main difference between a legit support representative and not is a representative would most likely not initiate a chat with you. Also, official representatives do not ask for your personal information, especially your MPIN and OTP.

Is Globe Support the same as GCash Support?

No, Globe Support will only redirect you to the GCash Support channels.

Why is Globe Telecom not supporting GCash?

Globe Telecom is only part owner of Mynt, which operates GCash. Mynt is independent of Globe as it has multiple shareholders.

Is Fuse Lending Support different from GCash Support?

Mynt also operates Fuse Lending (whose main product is GCredit). As such, GCash support also covers GCredit and other Fuse products.

Some Common Issues Raised in GCash Support

I want to reset my forgotten MPIN. How can I do so?

You can try resetting it in the app itself.

Why is my account verification taking so long?

It typically takes 7 days for verification to finish. However, if it goes beyond, you can file a ticket in Help Support.

Someone hacked my account. How can I apply to the Customer Protect program?

Once there are unauthorized transactions, you can report these to GCash support. If the claim is valid, you will be receiving compensation based on the amount stolen. Here is an example of a scam circulating that preys on innocent users.

Here are the conditions of the program:

  • You should report the transaction within 15 days of the incident.
  • You should also include proof of the transaction/s as well as proof of your identity.
  • The incident involved the use of the GCash app, GCash Card or GCash via FB Messenger.

Someone scammed me. Is this covered by the program?

Unfortunately, no. Since you gave your money willingly, the transaction is considered authorized. However, you can request that GCash disable the scammer’s GCash account instead, until you can file the proper complaints with the police.

What is the scope of the program?

The compensations depend on the level of verification. Typically, the compensation is the amount of the unauthorized transaction, however, the limits can vary based on the level.

  • Fully Verified users can reach a limit of Php 100,000.
  • Basic users can reach a limit of Php 2,000.

The ATM Machine did not dispense my cash using my GCash Card. What should I do?

Typically, the amount gets returned within 24 hours. There is no need to contact GCash Support. However if the amount still isn’t credited the next day, then you should contact support.

My Cash-in in 7-11 failed. What should I do?

You can call up the ECPay hotline printed on the receipt as they can help you faster with your issue.

I sent money to the wrong number. What should I do?

If the money is sent to a GCash user, then there is nothing to be done, except to contact the receiver to send the money back. There is no way to get it back as a GCash Send Money transaction is also considered a cash transaction.

However, if the recipient is not a GCash user or if the number is wrong by 1 digit, you can still get it back but you will need to file a ticket to Gigi or to Help Support.

One way to make sure you are sending to the right recipient is by checking the receiver information on the confirm page before sending the money. Also a recent update needs you to really confirm the details before you can send.

My Bank Transfer via Instapay failed. What should I do?

The amount should be automatically credited within 24 hours. If not, then you should file a ticket on or in Help Center.

I lost my SIM Card or phone / I want to change my GCash number. What should I do?

First of all, if you lost your SIM or phone, have your SIM replaced by your service provider. Once you’ve done so, because you are using the same number, you can use it to log into your account again.

But if you choose to change your SIM card or you cannot have it replaced, then you need to register with your new number and get verified. Once you’ve done so, file a ticket to transfer your money to your new account, and close the old one.

You can use multiple GCash accounts using different accounts, up to 5 in total.

My Scan to Pay transaction succeeded, but the merchant didn’t acknowledge it because he didn’t receive an SMS. What should I do?

There is a way to check the transaction via SMS. You need the merchant to send an SMS with this format to 2261 using the phone from GCash:


You can find the full details of this in my merchant guidepost.

However, if you’ve already paid by cash, you need to initiate a refund via chat support. You will need these details to file your ticket:

Complete Name:
GCash Number:
Merchant Name:
Store Branch:
GCash Balance or GCredit:
Transaction reference to be reversed:
Nature/ Reason for reversal:
If item was released or not (yes or no):
Picture of receipt if paid by cash:

Once you’ve filled this up, they will be giving you a ticket number. Take note that it may take a while for your refund to push through.

I’ve been getting debits in my GCash account via Google Play. How can I check and stop subscriptions?

Sometimes, we unknowingly allow it when an app adds a subscription, then we forget about it until we get debited the following month. We need to regularly manage the subscriptions in the Google Play Store.

Here are the steps to check subscriptions:

  1. Open your Google Play Store and open the side menu.
  2. Select the Subscriptions option.
  3. Once inside the subscriptions page, you can select a particular one to see the details.
  4. Click on “Cancel subscription”. A questionnaire will pop up to ask why you are canceling. Select your choice and click on Continue.


There are multiple ways to reach GCash Support. You can contact GCash Support without waiting a long time via the Gigi chatbot in the GCash Support page. You can also file a ticket in the help portal. Calls to 2882 will take a long time due to fewer personnel handling calls.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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  1. Thank you for going through the KYC process Ref No. 10065655289111590886276913. Please ensure that your registration details are true and complete to avoid deactivation of your account.
    Yes its truly complete and correct

    • I suggest you keep on following up via email, I’m sorry I cannot be of any help because I’m not connected with GCash.

  2. Sir/Ma’am, Goodday may we know what happen why i haven’t received my P10,000.00. i already send it to Seven Eleven South of Market. Since yesterday my Gcash still at P150.00 it’s been 1day PLEASE i needed it now. What seems to be the problem

    • Nag-cash in po kayo? Puwede niyo pong tawagan yung ECPay hotline na nakalagay resibo kesa sa GCash. Mas konti kasi tumatawag sa support hotline ni ECPay kesa sa GCash.

      • Bakit po hindi lumabas sa transaction history yong send money ko last July 9, 2020 pero nag message nman po sakin ang gcash na nadebit daw yong na send ko na 3180. Nagsend ako ng 3180 ginamit ko bank BDO payment for Caritas Health Sheild, Inc. anu po dapat gawin kasi ask ng caritas yong transaction history

  3. is there in a way to talk the customer service of G CASH? the 2882 didn’t work!!!

    They deduct me 400 pesos but the receiver didn’t receive the money!

  4. Hi po…tanong ko lang po kung paano ko po makontak ang gcash kc 12 days napo dipa dinilever ung inorder ko na gcash mastercard bayad napo un..thank u

  5. bakit po ba ang tagal mag pafully verified ngayon sa gcash…1week na nagsubmit ilang beses na din nag email wala padin po…

  6. Hello po. gusto ko po sanang marecover ang account ko ndi ko po kasi matandaan ang MPIN ko e. lahat na po ng paraan ginawa ko pero ndi ko po talaga marecover ano po ang dapat ko gawin. salamat po

  7. Bakit Po kumain Yung 100 pesos sa account ko kanina pag check ko kulang Ng 100 tinignan ko sa transaction ko Wala naman ako pinag gamitan Ng 100 salamat

  8. Nahulog sa krek yung cellphone ko andun yung simcard ko na nakaregister sa gcash, pano ko po ito marerecover? Sana po matulungan nyo po ako salamat po.

    • Kung postpaid SIM card, puwede pong magpagawa ng panibagong SIM card dahil parehas lang yung number. Pero kung prepaid SIM card, ang payo ko po ay gumawa kayo ng panibagong account, magverify kayo at magsubmit ng ticket na ipapalipat niyo yung laman ng lumang number niyo sa panibagong number.

  9. Need assistance pls ASAP san ko pwd reklamo nabudol budol tita ko na senior worth 20k nagpadala sya tru G cash kgbi lang tunatawag ako ngyn d ako maka conect pls pwd ba diretso kmi sa pulis

    • Puwede po, since puwedeng makasuhan rin yun. Pero hihingan ka po ng mga patunay at pruweba kaya dapat maging handa po doon. Kung gusto niyo po, mag-iwan rin kayo ng ticket sa GCash support para malock rin ang account na nangscam sa inyo.

      • My husband can’t send money sa kanyang gcash account… Pero maka buy load sya using his gcash pero pag send money na hindi na syaaka send? May kulang ba sa pag register kaya nya?
        “Oops! Sorry your current transaction cannot push through”

        • Is he fully verified? If he is, then you should file a ticket at Otherwise he should go through the KYC (verification) process.

  10. What will I do if I sent money to a certain gcash account to buy a product through FB, unfortunately after payment using my gcash to another gcash account, I was blocked in messeger and Facebook ,how can I get back my money since the scammer uses gcash account?

    • You can submit a ticket, and gcash will most likely block the scammer.

      However since you’ve given your money, it’s a bit difficult to get it back. It’s the same thing with a bank deposit account. Once you’ve deposited the money to a scammer’s account, you can only file a case against the scammer to have a chance to be able to get your money back.

  11. Hindi ko ma open gcash ko kahit reset ko MPIN wala syang yung laman ng gcash ang laki pa naman kahit twagan ko yung gcash hotline di nag wowork yung number nila😔

  12. One of the company with the worst customer service… lahat ng sinabi mong paraan para ma-contact sila ay napakatatagal din… LIVE CHAT!!!! Chat sa BOT… wla talagang taong nasagot sayo… at malamang sa malamang wla sa mga isasagot nya ang itatanong mo… 2882? pag hindi ka Globe o TNT hindi ka makakatawag. Pag nakatawag ka naman… hihingin lang ang number mo… tapos ni hindi manlang sasabihin kung correct on invalid ang naenter mong number.. basta magpapaalam na lang at ibababa na tawag mo… EMAIL SUPPORT!!! TICKET!!! Maghintay ka kung magrereply sila… may auto reply sila at yun lang!!

  13. Hi tanong lang po. Nagakamali kasi ako ng send ng money sa non gcash user. Nagawan ko nadin namanbna ng ticket number. Matagal ba bago maprocess yun? Salamat

    • Asked q lang po , kung pano ko po makuha sa gcash ung pera ko ,
      Nag widraw po ako nung june 8 sa metro bank via gcash master card at walang lumabas na money na debit po ung atm ko then file file po ako ng complaint tru metro bank and sabi nila mag wait ako ng 1 week para ibalik money ko sa account ko ,nag follow up ulit ako sa metro bank at na send na daw pera ko tru gcash pero ,di padin po nag credit s account q ung pera ko worth of 10k ,

  14. ask ko lng po kz ndi ko ma open yung ccash ko kz mali dw mpin ko eh ndi nmn ako nagbago ng mpin ko eh katulad ngaun may nagsend ng money sa gcash ko ndi ko macash out kz need mabuksan yung gcash ko pano po yung gagawin na report ko na sa help center nagreply nmn sila nagbigay ng ticket# sakin ano po yung next na gagawin need ko na po kz macash out yung pera thank you

      • I will just give feedback to my experience in following up a ticket #. inireport ko yung concern ko Aug. 11 and na solve ang problem Aug. 14. To fellow Gcash user keep on following up lets say every other day he3x..Okay naman ang kanilang help center in general..

  15. hii. if requesting for a student id option para sa pag-verify po ba, do i send another email po ba na yung ticket no. yung subject or???

    thank you po.

  16. Hellopo. Ask Lang po ako, nagwithdraw ako khapon ng 5,000 Sabi insufficient balance lumabas ang card then nag try another ulit nakakuha nako ng 5,000 pagtingin ko sa balance no dalawamg 5,000 and nabawas pero isang 5,000 Lang and nakuha ko kasi di nga daw PO sufficient balance ng unang try. Paano kaya PO eh bale 10,000 binawas kahit 5,000 Lang nakuha ko na Pera . Thank you po

    • Tingnan mo po transaction history mo para macheck. Kung may bawas talaga, mababalik rin dapat sayo yan kung di talaga nagdispense ng cash. Kung may katanungan ka, mas ok na magtanong sa GCash support mismo.

  17. Hi. Ask ko lang kung yung nakalist na sap for gcash incorrect yung surname (zyla bernaldo bareina pero ang dapat zyla bernaldo baterina) tapos yung gcash registration ko sa sim zyla bernaldo baterina okay lang po ba yun? Or kung ireregister ko zyla bernaldo bareina sa same number? Thank you.

    • Sa palagay ko po na sa GCash number na nakarehistro po ipapadala ang ayuda, ngunit hindi po ako sigurado. Mas mainam na itanong ito sa GCash support.

      • nag cash in po sila ng pera sa maling number maam and im trying to refund pero walang reply meron po ba kayong ibang number ng gcash bukod sa 2882 kasi iniignore yung concer ko pag nag press 1kelangan ng 11 digits which is diko alam kung saan makukuha yung number ng costumer service ako po ang may ari ng pera sinusubukan ko rin pong i follow up yung ticket

    • Chineck mo ba muna kung tama ang sinendan mo ng cash-in? Minsan kasi nagkakamali sa pag-input. Kung tama, mas mainam ireport sa GCash support.

  18. I have send money to bdo acct yesterday but up to now ,it was not reflected to bdo acct. But the amoubt was deducted to my gcash.what will i do

  19. Good Afternoon po. tama naman po ang pinasa naming # sa gcash. pero hindi pa kme tinetext regarding sa aming SAP sabi na sa gcash nadaw po kme.

  20. Hi po I forgot my mpin and na exceed ko na po yung limit ng pagrry ng mpin ko di rin po nagreresponse si 2882 pati po help center Hindi rin po panu po ako makakuha ng temporary pin ko.

  21. I cant fully verified because my ID is not included on the list. I submited a ticket ang GCASH SUPPORT emailed me the ticket number, what will I do next?

  22. sir/maam pano po kaya gagawin kapag hindi dumating yung perang sinend sakin..pero dun sa nagsend nabawasan na yung pera nya at my confirmation narin na dumating..pero sakin po wala.

  23. pano po gagawin pag nakapg send ng money sa gcash eh disable number npla? need help . nkgwa narn po ako ng ticket sa gcash support .wla prn pong response den nakapg live chat nrn po sa agent ,until now wala prng balita , successful transfered nmn ung pera sa disable na number 🙁

  24. Nag-withdraw po ako sa DBP ATM MACHINE nila,pero walang lumabas na pera,nagbalance ako ulit kinaltas na ung iwinidraw ko pero walang lumabas na pera..


    • wala pong magagawa, nagkaECQ, walang sasagot sa report kasi kulang ang tao. kaya kailangang maghintay bago masasagot ang ticket

  26. Pls help pwede pa ba mabalik yung nawalang pera sa gcash dahil sa games na nabili ng diamond? Or sa subscription?

  27. hello good day! I tried to call 2882 for help then i press 1 and after typing my number it keeping said’s to learn more about gcash services and gcash register please go to the…..please help me, I need a quick response please..

  28. Nagtransfer ng pera yung friend from Unionbank online banking to my Gcash account, unfortunately hindi pumasok sa gcash ko yung pera,
    pero nadebit na sa account ng friend ko . Meron akong mga screenshot na nag successful yung transfer from unionbank to gcash
    Nagfile na ako ng ticket sa help center ng gcash until now wala din response

  29. Hindi ko naman ako makapag send ng pera. Na verified ko na ang aking account kahapon pa. may magsesend sa kin ng pera. di ko naman magamit gcash ko. Paki assist naman po ako. Paki ayos nyo naman ang aking gcash Pausap na po sa inyo.

    • 10 different tickets? dapat follow up lang po ng ticket, di gagawa ng bago. minsan nasa email mo po yung reply, pacheck na rin pls

  30. May gcash atm po ako. Nag withdraw po ako sa landbank atm machine. Nabawasan po account ko sa gcash kahit wala naman lumabas na cash. Nag report naman na ako sa gcash kaso wala pa po reply. 1week na po kse mula nung nangyari yun. Nag report na den po ako sa landbank saan po ba talaga ako lalapit sa gcash o sa landbank?

  31. hindi ko pa nakukuha ang 2nd tranche sap2 ayuda ko maawa na po kayo saaken my karamdaman ako na tubercolosis at mag isa ko binubuhay ang mga anak ko sana pakinggan po sana ninyo ang hinihiling ko mahal na pangulo sana makarating ito sa local goverment bigay nyo na po ayuda 2nd tranche ko

  32. Bakit po hindi pumasok yung ni transfer fund ko sa GCash? Landbank to GCas Instapay po at first time ito nangyari lagi ginagawa tpos ngayon lang nangari sa akin.

  33. Ask ko lang po may transaction history na po ako pero wala pa pong pumasok sa balance empty padin. Paano po ba yun. Msabi sa transaction history 24 hrs. Bago pa mapost

    • Baka hindi siya nasend sa yo o wala kang ginawang transaction gamit account mo kaya wala sa transaction history mo. Pacheck nalang ulit po.

  34. Your escalation team sucks! Ticket raised last January 29, 2022 but up to now, March 21, 2022, still under investigation. This ticket 34670048 has been in progress for almost two months up to now with no resolution.

  35. ask ko lang po kung paano mag recover ng acc sa Gcash. 2days ago gumawa po ako ng bagong acc dun ko nag cash in ako agad and vinerify ko. Ngayon hindi ko na po mabuksan at walang nagtetext sakin if verified na ba or what. Ano po dapat gawin?

  36. it has exactly been 7 days since the last update on my ticket paano po pa fofollow up yung gcash kasi sabi po sa email within 7 days bibigyan daw ako nang update eh hanggang ngayon wala parin what to do po?


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