Easily Registering Your Business Name in DTI with GCash Payment

This post describes registering your business name as a sole proprietor in DTI and then paying for it using GCash.

There are multiple benefits to setting up your own business in the Philippines. Being a legitimate business provides a bigger market as people will see that you made an effort to become duly registered.

You can also do business-related activities, like taking loans, opening corporate bank accounts, or connecting with suppliers. Being a business also protects you as the owner as business assets are separate from your own. If the company becomes bankrupt, your assets will not be taken as payment for any obligations it might have.

Creating an Online Business

There are only two main requirements — DTI, and BIR Registration. You won’t need a mayor’s permit for online businesses anymore.

For DTI, the business name registration is through their website. One good thing about this is you don’t need any documentary requirements to register your business name. Also, you can pay via GCash as part of the registration process.

For BIR, you must go to your local RDO and bring a valid ID and the DTI Certificate of Registration for the documentary requirements.

Registering with the DTI is only for sole proprietorship. If you plan to create a partnership or a corporation, you must register in the SEC instead.

Registering your Business Name in DTI

The DTI Registration is the first requirement for getting the next steps for registering a business — BIR Registration, Barangay Clearance, and Mayor’s Permit.

Considerations for DTI Business Name Registration

You won’t need documents to apply for a trade name. However, you will need to be original as your trade name should have no holders.

There are 4 territorial scopes corresponding to the area you want your trade name set — barangay, city/municipality, regional, and national. The scope determines from where you can locate your business offices but does not limit you geographically from where to transact your business.

You can locate your business in a specific barangay, but you can still transact your online business from anywhere in the Philippines.

How to Search if Your Business Name is Available

Before deciding on a name, you must check if it is available. In this case, you can search for names on their website.

For my business name, I spent quite a bit of time checking out if the name fits the brand I want to portray, and the type of business I’m engaging in.

How to Register Your Business Name

Registration is pretty straightforward, and there are five parts to the process:

  1. Inputting Owner’s Information
  2. Setting Territorial Scope
  3. Setting the Industrial Classifications
  4. Completing Business Address and Contact Information
  5. Finalizing Payment and Release

Inputting Owner’s Information

In this step, you need to input your details.

Setting Territorial Scope

There are four different scopes and these determine where your offices are located. However, these don’t limit where you can engage in business.

Setting the Industrial Classifications

Depending on the scope you’ve chosen, you’ll need to refine the classification of the industry your business is in and finalize your chosen name.

Completing Business Address and Contact Information

After finalizing the name, you’ll need to complete your business contact information.

Finalizing Payment and Release

Payment can be done through multiple channels, but I chose GCash as it is the simplest. After payment, I got the certificates within minutes in my email.

Wrapping Up

In creating an online business as a sole proprietor, you’ll need to register for a business name in DTI. The steps are straightforward, and you will be able to finish the process in around 30 minutes or so.

Having a DTI-registered name is helpful especially for applying to payment facilitators like Paymongo, as they only require DTI Registration to verify your business.

You can start small with this, then when your business picks up, you can register in BIR and have the authority to issue your receipts and pay your taxes.

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