The GCR Resource Page

Updated May 7, 2020

If I fleshed out GCR to “GCashResource”, the title would read as “The GCashResource Resource Page”. It sounds so redundant but also so meta at the same time.

Anyway, the purpose of this page is to list all of the resources I used in creating this blog. If you plan to start your own, you can use the tools I described below as a starting point. Creating a blog shouldn’t be a chore and I hope in providing my recommendations I can help make creating one from scratch easier for you.

Please take note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get a commission once you go through a payment.

Let me know via email to pa*@gc***********.com if you would like some pointers to start your blogging journey. If you like reading more, you can also buy this ebook here if you want a thorough step-by-step guide using WordPress.

I also recommend the Income School Youtube channel as they have provided me lots of tips to start out this site.

Domain Name – This is for creating the domain name which is tied to the URL we all type in the address bar. In this blog’s case the domain name is I recommend Namecheap as they have been a reliable host for me for many years now.

Hosting – This is for hosting the blog itself. Since WordPress is currently the most popular blog/CMS, then it makes sense that we need to find hosting that supports WordPress. I currently use Siteground for GCashResource but I have heard Bluehost is also a good alternative.

Blog Theme – WordPress has its own free themes and you can stick with those — but to be able to utilize optimizations, you will need to buy yourself a blog theme sooner or later to be able to stand out. I use ThemeForest to look for good themes to try and buy. For GCashResource, I use GeneratePress since it is fast, lightweight, and full-featured.

Email Tools – Emailing subscribers doesn’t have to be difficult. I have been using Mailchimp for this as they have a lot of integrations with WordPress and they make sending out emails easy.

Stock Photos – Sometimes you need a photo or two to emphasize your point in a post. Personally, I use Pexels and Unsplash for most of my stock photo needs. For many of my own posts, I take screenshots using my own phone or laptop.

Plugins – These are add-ons to your blog that gives extra functionalities. Here are some plugins I especially use:

  • Code Snippets – enables you to add some code within the functions.php file without tinkering with the actual theme source code itself
  • Enable Media Replace – enables you to replace a photo in your media library without encountering the “already exists” error
  • Jetpack – a toolkit that links you to the site; I mainly use it to check the traffic details of my site using my phone
  • Shortpixel – optimizes all your images as you upload them to speed up your site
  • UpdraftPlus – backs up my WordPress site and gives me peace of mind
  • Yoast SEO – an SEO tool that helps rank the posts and pages that I write