The GCR Resource Page

Updated Aug 27, 2023

The purpose of this page is to list all of the resources I used in creating this blog. If you plan to start your own, you can use the tools I described below as a starting point. Creating a blog shouldn’t be a chore and I hope that by providing my recommendations I can help make creating one from scratch easier for you.

Let me know via email at pa*@gc***********.com if you would like some pointers to start your blogging journey. I am using WordPress to run this blog.

I also recommend the Income School YouTube channel as they have provided me lots of tips to start out this site.

Domain Name – This is for creating the domain name which is tied to the URL we all type in the address bar. In this blog’s case, the domain name is I recommend Namecheap as they have been a reliable host for me for many years now.

Hosting – This is for hosting the blog itself. My hosting is currently at Hostinger. Some other alternatives are Siteground and Bluehost.

Blog Theme – WordPress has its own free themes and you can stick with those — but to be able to utilize optimizations, you will need to buy yourself a blog theme sooner or later to be able to stand out. I use ThemeForest to look for good themes to try and buy. For GCashResource, I use GeneratePress since it is fast, lightweight, and full-featured.

Email Tools – I have been using Mailerlite for this as they have a lot of integrations with WordPress and they make sending out emails easy.

Stock Photos – Sometimes you need a photo or two to emphasize your point in a post. Personally, I use Pexels and Unsplash for most of my stock photo needs. For many of my own posts, I take screenshots using my own phone or laptop.