A Guide to Buying Load in GCash (Updated Guide)

Buy Load is one of the first features of GCash along with Send Money. It was only natural since most of GCash users use prepaid load. Additionally, It was also a natural advantage because GCash as a product is under a telecom company.

Currently, Buy Load has expanded to more products and not just phone load. As GCash captures a big part of people catering to cashless transactions, I would think that Buy Load would also be one of its biggest drivers of revenue.

How do I use Buy Load?

First, you need to select the Buy Load button in the GCash app, once inside you will be able to see three types of load — Telco, Broadband, or Lifestyle.

There is a new redesign due to the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability Law. This means that you can use the same mobile number even if you switch networks. Basically, you now need to know first which network the mobile number you are buying load into.

This mainly affects Telco and Broadband as they have SIM cards involved with portability. This is also why you can now select which network you are buying load from. For Lifestyle, you can buy different prepaid loads that are not related to data.

Once you’ve selected the type of load you are buying, you can input your number then click Next. You can then select the load you want to buy. Once selected, you can purchase the load and you will be receiving an SMS once successful.

What types of prepaid load are available?

In the redesign, there are three types:

  • Telco – caters to the prepaid phone load and data promos
  • Broadband – caters to wireless broadband load and data promos
  • Shop Lifestyle – caters to non data promos

The availability of promos per mobile prefix is not being followed anymore. In place is a selection box where you select the actual network you are buying the load or promo from.

As for Shop Lifestyle, we can see the different types of load being offered, not limited to these (as promos are being added/removed every time):

  • Daily Deals – typically shows limited run promos (HBO Go, Vivamax, iQiyi, etc)
  • Game Credits – shows game related promos (Garena, Mobile Legends, Razer Gold, etc)
  • Kumu – related to Kumu coin purchases
  • Free Bee – buying international minutes using Free Bee
  • Marino Load – caters to seamen, buying load and data for long term consumption
  • PayTV – related to set top boxes like Cignal and other streaming services like NBA League Pass
  • Prepaid Kit – set up box kits for Cignal and SatLite
  • Tinder – buying subscriptions for extra features in Tinder
  • Prepaid Insurance – one-time medical insurance

Can I use GCredit to buy load?

Currently no.

How do I add a load type to favorites so that it would be easier to buy in the future?

In the new redesign, you cannot add a Telco or a Broadband load type to your favorites anymore. You can only favorite with Shop Lifestyle loads.

How do I get rebates?

Currently, you cannot get rebates anymore. However, if you apply for GCash PO perhaps in the near future you can get a percentage cut of the purchase.

Can I use a voucher with a particular load?

Yes. Sometimes we can get vouchers from promos. We just need to input the voucher into the payment confirmation page (under discount) to use it.

Why doesn’t my Buy Load look like what you posted?

The rollout of the new Buy Load has not been released to all users. So sometimes you will be seeing the new one, sometimes, the old version.


I talked about how to buy load, and differentiated the many types of prepaid load we can buy in the GCash app. Due to the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability Act, there was a need to redesign the Buy Load feature of GCash.

If you’d like to learn more about GCash, I created a how-to on the basics of GCash.

Here is a list of links if you’re interested in the main GCash features:

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    • Nagamit mo na siya. Kasi pagkabili mo, kinakaltas na agad doon yung rebate. For example, 100 peso load binili mo, 95 lang ang iccharge sayo. Yung 5 pesos rebate naapply agad at bumalik sa wallet mo.

  1. suggest lang, marami na rin naman siguro nagkamali ng number ng pag sesend o amount pag bumili ng load lalo na pag hindi naman gcash app ang gamit, hindi ba pwede magkaroon ng confirmation message muna na “you are about to load 1234567 with P123, do you wish to continue?”

  2. Ang gusto ko pong malaman ay papaano ako maka add ng number sa favorites. So that every time I send load to them I don’t have to type search their numbers and type in. Thank you and God bless.

  3. Maibabalik kopa ba yung buy load ko into telco load?.nging lifestyle napo kc cya simula nung ngload ako ng cgnal po..

    • 3 klase na po load ngayon — telco, broadband at lifestyle. pero dati ganun rin naman yung mga load, mas hiniwalay lang ngayon.


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