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I’ve seen how Palawan Express is popular for remittances. Whenever I pass by one branch, there is always a line. Perhaps this is because it has the lowest rates for any remittance center in the Philippines.

But sometimes I wonder, why don’t people turn to other services that have no fee? Just looking at the rate matrix, Palawan Express charges 3% of the money to be remitted. For every 100, you pay 3 pesos. That’s really high.

Maybe this is because not all people have bank accounts. According to BSP, as of 2017 only 77% of all Filipinos remain unbanked. That’s a pretty high number. This is why so many fintech apps try to populate this space — there is so much growth potential.

Why GCash in Palawan Express?

As of March 21, 2019, GCash cash-in and cash outs are allowed in any Palawan Express branches nationwide. This would hopefully help more Filipinos in adopting GCash, no matter where they are.

Cash-ins are easy since you only need the receiver to download the GCash app into his phone. Even dumb phones can cash-in via *143#. Also, when it comes to mobile phone penetration, the Philippines beats a lot of other countries by far.

What are the requirements in Cashing-in or out?

You just need a valid ID, and you also need to accomplish a form.

Basically you just need to input your complete name, the GCash registered number you are sending to, and the amount you are remitting.

Is there a minimum amount to cash-in?

Yes, the minimum is Php 100.

Can I cash in while not being Fully Verified?

Yes, however there are lower wallet limits if you are Basic Verified only.

Can I send money from my GCash account to Palawan Express?

If sending money, you mean remittance, then no. Palawan only processes GCash cash-in and cash outs. The cash-in receiver should have a GCash account.

What are the fees to cash-in and to cash-out?

As of May 2020, GCash cash-in for partner outlets is free for the first Php 8000 per month. When the amount goes over the limit, it will incur a 2% fee. This limit refreshes every first day of the month.

For example, this month:
Today, you cashed in Php 7000. There is no fee since it is still below the Php 8000 limit.

The next day, you cashed in Php 2500. Since you went over the limit, there is a fee included with the cash-in but only for the amount over the limit.

The cash-in that is covered by the fee is:
Php 2500 - Php 1000 = Php 1500

The fee is 2% of the amount. 
Php 1500 * 0.02 = Php 30

So the total cash-in with the fee will be:
Php 2500 - Php 30 = Php 2470

Any other cash-ins for this month will have a 2% fee after this.

Once you are near the limit, you will be receiving an SMS and a notification in the app informing you of the charge once you go past the limit.

Please take note that this is for only manual cash-ins — remittances, online cash-in and bank cash-ins are not included.

For cashouts, there is a Php 20 service fee for every Php 1000. For example, Php 3500 has a Php 60 service fee in total.

Generally, there is always a service fee if you want to cash-out your money. If you have a bank account though, you can always transfer it there for free and then withdraw it using your ATM card.

What branches supports cash-in and cash out?

All Palawan Express branches nationwide supports cash-in and cash out.

Does Palawan Pawnshop offer GCash Mastercard?

No, but you can buy it from the app (details here), Globe Stores, or convenience stores.

Is Palawan Pawnshop a GCash Remit partner?

No, the list of remittance partners for GCash Remit are here.

Does the receiver need to be Fully Verified to receive cash-ins?

Yes, as a result, a Fully Verified receiver can also receive a limit of Php 100,000 total per month.

What IDs can I use to cash-in or cash out?

Here is a list of accepted IDs, according to GCash:

The cash out receiver should also have the same name as in the ID to be able to claim the money.


Palawan Express now supports GCash cash-ins and cash outs nationwide. Cash-ins are free before the Php 8000 limit, cash-out has a fee of Php 20 per Php 1000 to be sent.

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How do you like the tutorial? Did I miss anything? Please add your comments and suggestions below!

63 thoughts on “Cashing in Palawan Express”

  1. Hello Gcash,

    I just want to ask a question since it doesn’t mention it in the article.


    I already had Php 7,000 in my Gcash account balance for the month of April.
    This month of May, I want to cash in my Gcash account with a total amount of Php 3,000, so my account balance will be having a total amount of Php 10,000.

    If I will cash in this Php 3,000 for this month, is Gcash will deduct a 2% fee on my account since I have available balance of over Php 8,000 over the limit.

    Thank you for your response.

    • GCash does not look at your GCash balance. It only checks for the cash-in amount using over-the-counter channels. Your balance during April does not affect any cash-ins during the month after. So in your example, for May, if you cash-in your 3000, it will not have any fee.

      But for example, if you cashed in 3000, then you cashed in 10000 today, then you would have gone over the 8000 limit for the month. In this case, the amount over 8000, which is 5000 would be subject to the 2% fee (i.e., 100 pesos).

  2. If I’m not mistaken, not only in palawan express, even In 7/11 they charge 2% for the first 8k cash-in of the month, here’s my question what if I cashed in 7k in palawan express then my next cash in for the same month will be on 7/11 amounting 5k does 7/11 charge me 2% of 5k

    • GCash will charge you when you go over 8k total for the month. So when you cash in 7-11, your remaining free cash-in is only 1k. That means the amount that will be charged 2% is the remaining 4k of the original 5k. That means an 80 peso charge (4k x 0.02 = 80). Hope it’s clear.

      • hello po, what do i need to do/prepare to cash in money to another person’s account via palawan po? do i need to show my id din ba po? and yung apat na nakacheck sa picture lang po ba ang kailangan i-fill out? thank you po!

        • Yes, last time I went there they asked for my ID, aside from accomplishing the form. Better bring one just to be sure. Regarding the form, yeah, you just need to fill out the checked items.

  3. Hi! I tried semi-verifying my account and was with a CS rep from gcash for the whole day trying to atleast semi-verify my account. I used gcash for transactions because I thought it would be easy to semi-verify/verify my account but my money has been stuck there for days now and not verifications whatsoever. What can I do? Is there any way to get my money? Can I cash out the money with just being a basic user? Thank you very much!

  4. Paano po kung nawala yung sim card ko which is yun yung gamit ko sa gcash ko. How can i cash out po? Please do reply. Thanks.

    • Kung kaya mong ipareplace yung sim card, puwede pong gawin yun, daan lang sa smart/globe store with affidavit of loss.

      Pero kung wala na talaga, puwede rin naman magrequest ng change of number sa gcash support (

  5. Hi, can my mom cash out in Palawan express even tho the gcash account is named after me? She’s the one using it, I think as long as she got the pin? Or it’s not possible?

    • When you cash out in Palawan or in any over-the-counter partners, you need to show a valid ID. So I don’t think your mom will be able to do it.

  6. How much will be the charge fee or percentage if the cash out amount is less than 1000 pesos?

    Knowing that there will be 2% fee for every 1k cash out amount.

  7. Hello gcash

    What if may mag complain ng refund, after ma cash in sa gcash through Palawan Express. Pwede parin ba ito ma refund kung d nya naman binigay ang control no#.?

    • Pag sa gcash cash in, pasok agad yun sa account ng tatanggap. Hindi siya kagaya ng pera padala na kailangan pa ng control icclaim pa sa ibang branch ng Palawan Express.

      Basta pag nasend na sa gcash, mahirap nang ibalik kasi parang nagbigay ka rin ng salapi.

  8. Pwd ko Po bang malaman if maka saving Po ako ng worth of 100k Sa gcash savings ko tapus mag cacash out Po ako pwd ko Po ba e cash out anng worth of 50k? Pleay di reply di Po Kasi ako marunong magtipid ng pera kaya na pag isip ko po. Baka makaka ipon ako dito gamit Ang gcash account ko po pwd Po ba yun? Please do reply Po 😘🙍

    • Ako sa iyo sir i lagay mo yan sa ATRAM investments na nasa gcash kahit maliit lang yung interest returns. Kung mag iipon ka at wala ka namang banko pwede po sa gcash ka mag invest.. at saka hindi po sya mahirap gawin kaso lang maliit lang talaga yung increase..i.e(100 investment in 2 months 100.05)

  9. Pwede pa rin po bang mag cash-in through Palawan Pawnshop even though hindi pa po fully verified ang isang G-Cash account? Salamat po.

  10. Lagi po bang required i-fill-out ang step2 ng new GCash Service form tuwing magka-cash in sa Palawan Express? I thought once lang dapat i-fill-out ‘yon and succeeding cash ins can just be step1 and step3

    • Well, yung step 2 kasi pipiliin mo kung magccash-in ka ba o cash-out at kung anong ID ang gagamitin mo. Kaya kailangan rin yun sa palagay ko, konting dagdag lang naman sa effort, sulitin na.

  11. hindi po ba pede ang tin id para gamitin sa verification process? wala na po kasing ibang id na meron. thank u po.

  12. Hi Good day,

    Magkano po ang mababawas pag nag cash-out ka sa palawan, cebuana or villarica?
    Ex: 5000 ang pera mo sa gcash.


  13. My 1st time. Nakasend ako ng cash to a friend na walang gcash account. Paano nya maclaim? Pwede ba iclaim ko nalang ulit p? Or is there a way na pwede ibalik ng gcash sa account ko yung amount?

    • Puwede yung friend mo gumawa ng account with that number para maclaim niya. Otherwise you can file a ticket to have it reversed.

  14. Hi po…ask Lang PO..Yung friend ko abroad nag send Ng money sa gcash ko 4days na pero hnd pa pumasok sa gcash ko Wala pa akong na recurve na txt pwede ko PO Kaya puntahan sa gcash outlet Yun para ma check Kung nakapasok na?..sorry di po KC ako familiar masyado sa gcash bago Lang PO Yung gcash ko.thanks

    • Tama ba number na sinendan ng friend mo? Makikita mo ba yung kopya ng text o kaya screenshot ng transaction? Ang naiisip ko kasi ay:
      1. Di ka pinadalhan.
      2. Mali ang pinadalhan.

      Kaya need mo hingin ang proof ng transaction sa kanya. Doon rin makikita kung mali ang pindalhan niyang number, kung meron man. Puwede rin makita yun sa GCash app mismo kasi may transaction history doon.

      Kahit na pumunta ka sa GCash outlet, yun rin ang hihingin niya sayo. Proof of transaction.

  15. ask lang sa 2nd wave po kasi ng sap nagpalit po kasi ako ng cp number at ibinigay ko po sa brgy namin.. ang sabi po sa akin wait lang daw po ako ng txt e hanggang ngayon po wala padin, pwede po ba akong mag fill up ng form sa inyo sa gcash at antay nalang ako ng confirmation sa txt?

  16. Good day!
    I have cash-in to Gcash thru Palawan Express Pera Padala but the amount was not received by the receiver because he have reached the allowable GCash wallet transfer limit at this time. Where can we follow up po for the amount be returned? Thanks

  17. I am just 18 yrs. old po and walang ibang valid id’s kundi student id lang po meron po ako, paano po yun after ko po ba magfill up ng gcash form through palawan branch po pwede po kaya tanggapin po yung student id ko po pagmagpacash-in po ako ng gcash sa palawan express po kase fully verified po me sa gcash account ko po kaya iniisip ko po baka di po sya tanggapin if student i.d lang poa ko meron po?

    • Pagkaalam ko kasing pinipiling mga ID ay yung plastic na IDs na may picture at address mong nakasulat doon. Pero kung yan lang talaga ang ID mo, puwede mo rin sigurong subukan.

  18. Is it possible to cash out in bayad center even if I am a Basic User? My verification requests is still pending, added to that GCash could not even verify my account faster which is disappointing.

    • You need to be Fully Verified to be able to cash out. You can follow up your request via ticket or email. You can also call, if you have the patience.

  19. i dont have a gcash account but the person whom i am going to send money has a gcash account, can i send money thru palawan express and fill up a gcash service form?

    • Pag nagcash-in ka gamit ng mga over-the-counter partners (kagaya ng Palawan o 7-11), may charge siya basta nakalagpas ka na ng 8k ngayong buwan. Hanggang di pa umaabot ng 8k, walang extra charge. Pag lumampas ka na ng 8k, may 2% charge siya. Nagrereset siya nung 8k limit kada buwan.


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