Easy Linking and Cashing-in from Paypal to GCash

Paypal is a boon, especially for online sellers. You can receive any amount in any currency without opening a bank account for that currency in that country.

Another advantage of Paypal is that you can link your bank account directly from Paypal. There are no account numbers or anything to remember, you can just send the email address of your account.

As for disadvantages, when your account gets suspended, your funds get frozen. This can be triggered by a sudden influx of money (for example, your e-commerce site can get viral and you get lots of orders) so you need to be careful as well.

In the Philippines, currently, there are no other digital wallet apps that integrate with Paypal, except GCash.

How do I create a PayPal account?

In my case, I opted to create a business account. This requires an ID, business contact details as well as an email address. You can do this via the Paypal app, or via the Paypal site itself.

What requirements do I need to be able to sync to Paypal?

  • Your first and last name under Business contact in Paypal should match your GCash account first and last name exactly
  • Your Paypal account should be set up in the Philippines
  • Your GCash account should be Fully Verified

Where can I see my first and last name in Paypal?

In Paypal, you can check this Under Settings > Your Profile > Personal Information. The name mentioned there should match your GCash account first and last names.

Can I change my name in Paypal?

Yes, but it requires proof that your name change is legally acceptable, meaning you will need IDs that show your real name as well as other official documents.

You can also create a new account, but it would also require you to provide a different email address.

How do I link my GCash account to Paypal?

Linking into your GCash account is easy in the app.

  • In GCash, you need to go to My Linked Accounts under the side menu.
  • Click on Paypal and enter your email address.
  • Afterward, you will need your Paypal password to be able to link your account. You will also be seeing an email that the linking was successful.

Can I link another Paypal account in GCash?

Yes, but you can only link one at a time per account given that the first and last names are the same as your GCash account.

However, you can link another Paypal account into another GCash account you own.

How do I know if your GCash account is linked to your Paypal account?

You can log into your Paypal account, and look for your “Account Settings”. Under “Account & Security” > “Account Access”, you will be able to see “Service Providers. If you see G-XChange, Inc. under it, then it is linked.

How do I transfer money from Paypal to GCash?

Once linked, you can now access Paypal via the Cash-in > Remittance section in the GCash app.

You will need to first convert your money to PHP so that you will be able to see it under Cash-in. The minimum amount for cash-in is Php 500.

Also, another thing to note is you should have verified your bank account or credit card in Paypal to be able to cash in.


Linking Paypal to GCash is easy. You just need to make sure that the first and last names of the Paypal account are the same as your GCash account first and last names. Once linked, you can now cash in via remittance.

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