Easily Expanding GCash Limits without Linking a Bank Account

For a lot of users, especially sellers using their own generated GCash QR, the default transaction limits (Php 100k in and out) may prove to be problematic as buyers increase. Or you may find that your transactions lately have been hitting Php 100k yourself.

As a recap, normally to be able to avail of the Php 500k transaction limits, you would need to:

  1. Link either BPI, UnionBank, or Payoneer account to your GCash
  2. Deposit or Invest at least Php 100 in a GSave or GInvest account

However, there are also cases when it’s problematic to do some or more of these conditions. You may have no time to create savings accounts just to avail yourself of the account extension, or you may be blacklisted by CIMB from accessing your GSave account.

GCash has acknowledged this and released GCash Pro 99 as an alternative.

What is GCash Pro 99?

This is a subscription for GCash users to avail of to get the account extension just by paying Php 99 a month.

The benefits of this subscription are:

  • Upgraded wallet limit to P500k per month
  • Five discounted Instapay bank transfers (fees covered are Php 15, maximum of 5 times so the total amount credited once used is Php 75 per month)
  • Insureme39 insurance coverage
  • 10% GLoan rebate (credited as cashback after full repayment)

Rebates are credited 5 business days after the subscription period. The GLoan rebates are credited 5 days after full repayment of the loan, within the subscription period.

What are the requirements for the GCash Pro 99 subscription?

You just need to have:

  • A fully verified GCash account
  • Php 99 in your balance

How long is the subscription and when does it start?

The subscription starts when you receive the notification SMS and runs for 30 days. The subscription is recurring and you will need Php 99 in your balance to continue the subscription.

What benefits are included in Insureme39 insurance?

The coverage of the insurance includes:

  • term life insurance of the GCash user for one month, which covers:
    • life coverage (up to Php 25000)
    • personal accident coverage (up to Php 25000)
    • hospital cash coverage (Php 750 or Php 250 per day for 3 days)

How do I avail of GCash Pro 99?

You will need to fill out this form, and after a while, Php 99 will be debited automatically from your wallet. You will then be receiving the benefits within 3 business days.

Other Questions

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Once subscribed, you cannot cancel that particular subscription, nor can you get a refund. However, you can opt not to renew as the opt-out forms are sent to you 3 days before renewal.

If GCash cannot debit your subscription fee, it will retry 2 more times. But if they still cannot debit, then you will be opted out of the renewal automatically.


I’ve discussed a way to expand your transaction limits to Php 500k without linking your online bank account to your GCash. You just need to subscribe to Php 99 every month and you can get your extension and also some other benefits.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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