A Short but Sweet Review of Shein and Paying using GCash

You may have heard of Shein. I personally just learned about this from my wife recently. It’s becoming popular on Instagram and other social media. You would see women of all sizes endorse it and the prices often are affordable.

What is Shein?

Shein is a fashion brand from Nanjing, China, and is gaining popularity mainly with teens. Leveraging online social media channels like Instagram and gaining online influencers, they’ve steadily beat more established brands when it comes to online shopping.

What are the main differentiators of Shein from other brands?

Shein does not have physical stores. Usually, they build pop-up stores in big markets like the US, but in other countries like the Philippines, they can only stick to e-commerce. As a consequence, they can make their products cheaper, but not skimp too much on quality. Looking at the actual product, the quality is comparable to known brands like Zara or Forever 21.

Another thing that stands out is the variety of products. They are not only focused on normal-sized women but also on curvy women as well. Shein is a really good resource for those who are looking for plus-sized fashion options.

Typically, if you’re plus-sized, you can be hesitant to buy clothes online because you don’t know if the clothes would fit. Also, choices are generally limited because of sizing differences between brands.

If you’re not looking for curvy and normal-sized women’s clothes, there are also men’s wear and kids’ clothes as well. Look enough and there are also accessories, bags, pet supplies, and home trinkets.

Detailed descriptions, multiple product reviews, and accurate sizing charts are some ways which Shein distinguishes itself from other sellers. These are especially helpful in lessening returns and giving more power to the customer.

How was the product I ordered from Shein?

My wife bought a couple of clothes, but not everything fits perfectly due to us not having a tape measure when she ordered. However, it wasn’t a deal-breaker as the designs were really high quality.

One of the dresses she was able to get at 70% off due to a limited flash sale. Currently, the item is back at the normal price.

How long does Shein ship the products to the Philippines?

Shein commits to 7-14 days shipping time. In our experience, we received our package 7 days after ordering. Shipping fees are waived after a certain amount, usually for more than Php 1000 worth of orders.

Does Shein have a return policy?

Yes, essentially you need to return the product with the packaging and send it at your own cost.

How do I pay Shein online using GCash?

Firstly, you should have funds in your GCash account. There are multiple ways to cash in to be able to fund your wallet.

Similar to most online stores, at checkout you can select which payment method you want to use. Cash on delivery is also supported. If you use any payment methods like GCash, you will be able to get a discount depending on the amount. Previously, they offered a 10% discount using GCash, but perhaps it’s seasonal as now it’s not as high anymore.

As an alternative, you can transfer your cash to Grab or to Maya via Bank Transfer first and pay using those e-wallets, but keep in mind that the Instapay Bank Transfer from GCash costs Php 15 per transfer. You should factor that into your canvassing as a whole, especially if you are planning a big purchase.

In the example below, the total amount is Php 1836 but I was able to get a 10% discount via GCash, and hence the final discounted price became Php 1651.

Regarding paying using GCash itself, it follows the same method as online payments. You need to input your mobile number, then verify using OTP and your MPIN to be able to confirm the payment.

Can I use GCredit in paying Shein online?

Currently, GCredit in online payments is not supported for Alipay+GCash transactions.

How can I get vouchers and deals in Shein when paying using GCash?

Shein typically has vouchers and coupons depending on availability.

For example, you can get vouchers for using GCash — 5% off, capped at Php 80 for new users and Php 50 for existing ones. On top of this, you can use different deal coupons and vouchers (i.e., during the monthly X/X sales — 3/3, 4/4, etc). You can generally mix and match different vouchers and coupons to get a better deal.

Why is the merchant name “Roadget Business Pte. Ltd” for Shein purchases?

This is not a scam. The actual company name of Shein is Roadget Business Pte. Ltd and is based in Singapore.


We talked about Shein, a fast-growing online-only shop mainly catering to women both normal and plus-sized. We also talked about how buying using GCash can also provide discounts, depending on availability.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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  1. Is it okay to cancel my order? I am done paying through Gcash but the problem is I need to change my item. Hoping for your fast reply.

  2. Hello po! Is it safe to use GCASH as payment method po? Wala pa po bang instances where meron pong nakuhanan nang pera or na hack yung gcash account nila?

    • For SHEIN? yes safe siya. Mananakawan ka lang kung ikaw mismo nagbigay ng password mo or ikaw nag-allow ng KKB galing sa account mo.

  3. Hello po! Is it safe to use GCASH as payment method po? Wala pa po bang instances where meron pong nakuhanan nang pera or na hack yung gcash account nila?

  4. Hi ganon na ba talaga? Roadget Business PTE LTD na name nila sa gcash hindi na shein.com? I already paid for the item na kasi nadebit na rin sa gcash ko pero sa status sa shein yung order ko unpaid pa rin. May nakaexperience na po b nito?

  5. Hello, how can i request a refund po if nag place ako ng order then i pay thru gcash then nacancel ko kasi gusto ko palitan sana ung address? please help po.

  6. Hello po, pag nagbayad po ba ako sa shein using gcash. Maidedeliver po ba tlga yun sa amin?

    Nakakatakot na po kasi umorder ngayon baka pag nagbayad ka online, hindi dumating yung package na inorder mo

  7. Ganito din po status ng order ko ngaun. Ano na po balita sa order nyo? Nadeduct n sya s gcash ko pero unpaid pdin po.

  8. Nag order ako using gcash, nadeduct na yung payment sa gcash ko pero unpaid pa din mga orders so kinabahan ako tas kinancel ko bigla nung nakita ko yung pay now kase may 12 hrs remaining natakot ako baka madouble charge after 12 hrs.So ayun deducted pa din tas pinlace ko uli pero unpaid pa din. Pano kaya gagawin 🙁 pahelp naman.

  9. hello, ginamit ko pong payment method is gcash, then yung name lang na nakalagay na pagsesendan ng money is “Shein” walang .com like “SHEIN.COM” ganun na po ba talaga ngayon? huhu natatakot ako kasi first time ko magpay thru gcash. Reply po pls, thank you!

  10. hello i paid thru gcash cinancel ng shein due to payment timeout daw po. hindi naman nabalik yung binayad ko huhu. i emailed them na, pero feel ko hindi magrereply i need the money and items pa naman heeeelllpppp huhu


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