How to Buy Kumu Coins using GCash (to Gift Streamers)

There are a lot of people consuming content in the form of videos. Chances are, today, you either watched a video on Youtube, Facebook, or in Tiktok. And this also includes Kumu, if you are an active follower of the TV show, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), or in general like watching streams or joining in quiz shows.

What is Kumu?

Kumu is a homegrown live streaming app catered mainly to Filipinos. As Filipinos have a huge social media presence anywhere in the world, the founders of Kumu decided to tap this market by creating this app.

A big part of this platform is the handling of microtransactions in the form of gifts. Basically, you can gift streamers different types of gifts and these gifts have an actual equivalent amount in pesos which they can cash out. This incentivizes creators to create content as they can earn from their streams live.

There are a variety of different streams people can subscribe to in the “Kumunity”. There are live shows, live bands, talk shows, gaming streams, even Sunday masses, among other streaming niches.

As for Pinoy Big Brother (aka PBB), they have a tie-up with Kumu that enables viewers to watch their live stream and to vote using gifts in lieu of using the old way of voting via SMS. They can also contribute by giving advantages to some contestants during tasks as allowed by the show.

How to do Cash-in in GCash

Of course, you will need funds in GCash before you can buy Kumu Coins.

There are multiple ways to cash in (or fund) your GCash wallet. The simplest way is to link your bank account (BPI or UnionBank) or do a bank transfer straight to your GCash account.

Buying Kumu Coins Using GCash

What’s the difference between Kumu Coins and Diamonds?

Kumu Coins are virtual goods you buy using cash in turn, to be able to purchase virtual gifts. Aside from buying coins, you can also earn through some actions like referrals or by winning in some game shows.

Kumu Diamonds are virtual gifts given to live streamers as they do their stream. Once 50k diamonds are reached it will be converted to cash, and you can cash it out.

What is the simplest way to buy Kumu Coins?

The simplest way to buy Kumu Coins is via Google Play or Apple App Store, as they are built-in already in the ecosystem. You will need to link first your GCash account to your Google Play or Apple account.

From your profile page in Kumu, click on Buy Coins. Then from the top-up page, select the amount you want to top up and buy it.

What’s the most cost effective way to buy Kumu Coins?

You can maximize your Kumu Coins if you buy from some channels aside from Google Play or Apple App Store. You can also buy from the Kumu website itself, or you can buy from third-party sources like Codashop.

Buying from the Kumu Secret Shop

On the Kumu website, you can also buy Kumu Coins from the secret shop which rewards you with 20% extra coins. There are also additional payment methods like GrabPay and credit/debit cards as well in this secret shop.

If you choose GCash as a payment option, you will be redirected to PayMongo as they have payment integration with GCash.

Buying from Codashop

You can also buy Kumu Coins in Codashop, with extra 20% bonus coins, same as the secret shop. You will need your Kumu user ID so that once you’ve bought some coins, they are credited straight to your Kumu account.

Buying from GCash Shop Lifestyle

You can also buy from Shop Lifestyle from inside GCash. You can also get 20% more coins once you purchase.

Cashing out in Kumu

You can also cash out your diamond earnings in Kumu if you are an active streamer.

However, cashing out in Kumu entails a lot more verification. You need to link your number to your Kumu account wallet and link your cash-out accounts to that wallet. There is a minimum of Php 500 before you can cash out. Cash-out approvals can also take a while (up to 21 days).

Here are some supported cash out methods, with fees included:

ChannelHow to Cash OutFees
LBCYou will be receiving an SMS. To claim, you would need 2 valid IDs with the account owner’s name.Php 60
GCashOnce you’ve added your GCash number, you will get your cash directly to your account.2%
PayPalOnce you’ve added your PayPal email account, you will get your cash directly to your account.2%
Coins.phOnce you’ve added your email account, you will get your cash directly to your account.Php 5
Bank DepositOnce you’ve entered your bank details, your earnings will be deposited into that same account.None


We talked about Kumu and how you can buy Kumu Coins and cash out your Kumu Diamonds. Buying Kumu Coins is easy as you can do it within the app itself. However, to gain some extra Kumu Coins, you can also buy from the Secret Shop or through Codashop as well.

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