How to Buy Live Gifts in Tiktok using GCash

Tiktok has been on the rise lately, and due to its influence, other platforms like Youtube have also released similar features, like Youtube Shorts to be able to tap into this type of content.

There are mainly three ways you can get monetized in Tiktok:

  • Creator Fund – monetization based on traffic views, similar to other paying content platforms
  • Creator Marketplace – monetization based on brand collaborations, mainly sponsorship
  • Live Gifting – get gifts from viewers while streaming, similar to Kumu, Twitch, FB Live, etc.

How to I Buy Live Gifts?

Buying from Tiktok

The simplest way is via setting up GCash as your payment method in your Google Play / Apple Pay account.

  1. You need to view a Tiktok live to be able to see the gift options beside the chat.
  2. Click on the Gift/Reaction icon and select Recharge.
  3. Click on the amount you want to recharge and go through the transaction.

Buying from browser

You can also buy from a browser, but you would need a credit/debit card to pay. In this case, you can use either AMEX or GCash Mastercard to buy your coins.

  1. Go to the Tiktok Recharge site to buy your coins. Take note that the coins here are more expensive than buying in-app.
  2. You need to login to your account to be able to input your credit/debit card.
  3. Confirm payment and you will be able to get your coins.

Other Questions

Why can’t I see the gifting option for the normal videos?

This only works for live streams, similar to Kumu.

As a Tiktok content creator, how can I do a live video and accept gifts?

You need at least 1000 followers and should be 18 and above.


There are two ways to live gift using GCash in Tiktok — one is via in-app (should have a linked GCash payment method in your Google Play / Apple Pay account), and the other is via manual purchase using Tiktok recharge.

If you’d like to learn more about GCash, I created a how-to on the basics of GCash.

Here is a list of links if you’re interested in the main GCash features:

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