Buying Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Consumables (Zeny, Big Cat Coins, and Limited Special Gifts) Using GCash

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a game that is close to my heart as I was part of the first wave of Ragnarok Online players more than a decade ago. I still have the original CD given by Level-Up! and also some sealed top-up cards as well.

When they announced Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, I tried to catch up to my nostalgia and played for a bit. Thankfully, the game is not as a grind as I remember. I’m glad that this game is still one of the top games in the Google Play Store.

How do I fund my GCash Account?

Before being able to buy using your GCash, you need first to top-up. There are lots of options in cashing-in, but the easiest is by bank cash-in (via BPI or UnionBank) or by bank transfer.

What’s the simplest method of buying these consumables (Zeny, Big Cat Coins (BCC), or Limited Special Gifts) Using GCash?

The simplest method is within the game itself. You first need to link your GCash account to Google Play or to Apple App Store.

You need to go to the Kafra that sells these as they are not readily available from the main menu. The most popular spot for this Kafra is at the center of Prontera, near the slot machines, but there are also Kafras in all major cities.

What’s the difference between Zeny, Big Cat Coins and Limited Special Gifts?

Zeny is the official currency of the game, while Big Cat Coins allow you to buy special items and gamble in gacha slot machines. As for the Limited Special Gift, these are time-bound bundles that give you seasonal items and sometimes monster encounter modifiers.

Are there other channels where we can buy these?


You can buy Razer Gold PINs from the Game Credits section inside the GCash app. You can then redeem using the link provided in the SMS once you’ve bought one.

You can also buy direct from Razer Gold, but I don’t recommend it as their GCash option passes through Dragonpay, which has a transaction fee of Php 10.


We can also buy from third-party sites like Codashop. They generally have a more varied selection (18 for Codashop), compared with what we have in-game (only 4). Since they have a direct integration with GCash, they don’t have extra fees on top of what you need to buy.

You just need your Player ID and Server name beforehand so that the digital good is directly deposited to your account after payment. This is also an advantage as you don’t need to go to a Kafra to buy your consumables.


Unipin is also a similar site to Codashop, and also has a GCash payment option. Prices are similar as with Codashop.

There are also other sites that sell these online, however, for safety and security purposes, I recommend just the ones above.

Other Questions

Is there a way to transfer zeny between characters?

No, unfortunately. We can only transfer items using the storage. What I do is for my character with the most zeny, I buy blueprints or equipment and make it an heirloom for my alternate characters.


We talked about how to buy Zeny, Big Cat Coins and Limited Items in Ragnarok M. Either you can buy them in-game or in a site like Codashop, which has no transaction fees with GCash.

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