Paying All Your Bills in GCash

Pay Bills is one of the main features of GCash and is the reason why many download the app. This feature enables them to pay bills without going anywhere. GCash has one of the most extensive in-app billers as it is integrated with third-party bill payment partners.

Bank apps may have more billers, but you are limited to having a savings account with them. With digital wallets like GCash, you just need to cash-in and pay.

How do I pay a biller?

You need to click on Pay Bills, then select your category from the list. Once inside, you can search for your specific biller.

After you click your biller, you can input your information and the amount to pay. I recommend you also put in your email so that you will have a copy emailed to you after you’ve paid.

How do I pay my biller using the scanner?

Some billers have built-in scanners to help input the number. For example, the Meralco biller has this because of the really long reference number they have. You just need to scan the barcode in the lower right of the bill. Update: for Meralco, there has been an update – you can now use just the account number and not scan the MRN anymore to pay the bill. One requirement is you need to remove your existing saved biller and save a new one.

Can I pay overdue Meralco bills?

Yes, as long as you pay the full amount as stated in the MRN.

Can I pay in Meralco bills in installments?

Yes, but you need to use the installments as described in the billing. You cannot use just any amount for installment.

For PLDT Fibr, what biller should I use?

You should use the PLDT Landline biller.

For Globe-at-Home, what biller should I use?

You should use the Innove Communications biller.

Is GCash posting the bills in real time?

GCash does its best effort posting, but some biller partners process the bill the next day. Some post it even longer, but this should cap out at a maximum of 3 days.

Can you pay for overdue bills?

Generally, you can still pay for overdue bills using the same bill. However, in the case of Meralco, once you’ve received a notice of disconnection, you cannot use GCash to pay for the bill anymore.

How do I save a biller?

On the Pay Bills page, click on Add a biller. This pulls up the All Billers page. You can then add your biller and input your needed information. You can also add your Preferred Biller Name and the Reminder Option (every nth day of the month).

Once you’ve saved it, it gets added on top. This speeds up paying bills as you only need to add the amount when it’s time to pay.

What bills payment companies are integrated with Pay Bills?

Pay Bills are connected with Bayad Center, ECPay, Pag-IBIG, Globe, RFID, and others. GCash calls the web services of these third-party companies to forward the payment.

Why is my biller missing in the list? It was there last time I paid.

Most likely the biller service is down for maintenance. GCash removes it from the list temporarily until the maintenance is done to prevent users from encountering fund loss.

Are there any transaction fees on top of the bill?

Yes, some billers include a transaction fee — around 7-10 pesos. You will be able to see it on the confirmation page.

Can I use GCredit to pay my bills?

Yes. You can see the “Also accepts GCredit” line under the billers that support it. If the line is missing, then GCredit is either down, or doesn’t support the biller.

Government billers and billers from loan companies are not GCredit supported.

Here are the biller categories that support GCredit:

  • Electric Utilities
  • Water Utilities
  • Cable/Internet
  • Telecoms
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Transportation

Can I avail of GInsure Bill Protect for my billers?

Yes, but it only works with normal billers, not saved ones, and not all billers are covered by GInsure Bill Protect currently.

Does Pay Bills contribute to GScore and GCash Forest?

Yes, Pay Bills contribute to both.

Can I also make donations using Pay Bills?

Yes, many charitable institutions like Bantay Bata, Caritas, Red Cross, Smile Train, and others have billers under the “Others” category.

Can I pay government bills using GCash?

Yes, here are some of the billers supported:

This is a big help especially since it saves us a trip to the local branch office.


We talked about Pay Bills in GCash and how it works. You can pay different billers which also include government and charitable institutions aside from the usual utilities. You can also use GCredit to pay for some of them.

If you’d like to learn more about GCash, I created a how-to on the basics of GCash.

Here is a list of links if you’re interested in the main GCash features:

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  1. Hi, i pay our meralco bill thru gcash, it said that the payment will be posted in the next 24hrs. Then as i checked this morning our bill is still unpaid. Should i worry about this? Thanks

    • You can try submitting a ticket today because processing tickets take time due to the quarantine. If it processes later today, then at least you were able to cover all bases.

    • I just paid Adobe Substriptions tru GCash last night and Adobe Site does not receive any Transactions from Gcash but I already received a confirmation text from gcash that I already bought the subscription, now I am waiting for the said 3 days process and I regret using gcash account for payments. NEVER TRUST ANY 3RD PARTY SHT

      • Once you’ve received the SMS from GCash that means all of the payment processes on their end pushed through. Perhaps you should check with Adobe on how they received the payment. It takes two to tango.

    • Yan yung nickname niya doon sa saved billers mo. Baka kasi marami kang saved biller na same ang pangalan, para masala mo siya.

  2. If my credit card due date is tomorrow and I pay tonight will it be considered paying on time or still late payment because posting date is after 3 days?


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