Verifying your Accounts in GCash

You’ve installed GCash in your phone, and now you can do some basic functions in the app. Now, you’re thinking of Sending Money or Cashing out. Unfortunately, you will need to verify yourself so that you can use all of these features and more.

Why is there a need to verify myself?

This is so GCash can provide all users informational and transactional security as we would be able to link an account to a validated user. Also, BSP has mandated that companies dealing with financial services should always have a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process to validate the user.

If I create another account in GCash, do I also need to verify it?

It’s your prerogative. But keep in mind that you cannot use the really useful functions in the GCash app (even Send Money or Bank Transfer) without doing a full verification.

How many alternate accounts can we create in GCash?

You can create up to five accounts. But more than that and GCash will make you choose your five active accounts.

Can I also get GCredit for my other alternate accounts?

No, you can only share one GCredit with your shared accounts.

Can I create a GSave/CIMB account with each of my alternate accounts?

Yes, you can have one GSave account as this is tied with your email address. As long as your accounts have different email addresses, you can create a GSave account for each GCash account.

Can I still do semi-verification?

Currently, GCash only supports full verification.

What are the functions I can use with each level of verification?

Here is an expanded list of functions you can access with each level of verification:

BasicSemi-VerifiedFully Verified
Offline Cash-inAll Basic FeaturesAll Basic and Semi-Verified Features
Pay BillsSend MoneyTransact using GCash Mastercard
Buy LoadRequest MoneyATM Withdrawals
AMEX Virtual PayCash OutSend to Bank (Instapay)
Pay QRLink GCash MastercardOnline Bank Cash-in
Purchase GCash MastercardGSaveGCredit
Online PaymentsGInvest
Book MoviesInternational Remittance
GCash ForestPaypal Cash-in

What time can I get verified?

Due to the community quarantine, verification is only being done during business hours (9AM-5PM). However, since the process is more or less streamlined, you can get results within the day.

How do I get verified?

You will be receiving an SMS to inform you of the benefits of doing verification. It used to be tedious to have yourself verified as the process was very manual. But not anymore. Everything is automatic. You first need to click “Verify Now” from the left side menu.

Here are the steps in a nutshell:

  1. In the GCash main menu, click on Verify Now.
  2. You will be proceeding to the Get Verified page. Click on the “Get Fully Verified” button.
  3. The first verification page asks for your ID. Click on the ID you have currently.
  4. Take a picture of the ID. Make sure the picture is within the frame.
  5. The second verification page asks for your selfie. Click on Next.
  6. Make sure you have good lighting, take a selfie, and blink your eyes. It will automatically go to the next screen once done.
  7. The last verification page asks for your other details. Most of the fields are already automatically filled up from the ID you took a picture of earlier. Modify the ones with mistakes and click on Next.
  8. Review your information and confirm the verification. Once done, you will be receiving a message that your application has been submitted. It takes less than a day currently to process KYCs due to the quarantine.
  9. You will be receiving an SMS once verification is successful.

Since a recent update, you just need to take a selfie in the app itself, take a picture of a valid ID, and input some more information (the app auto-populates some of the fields from the ID you took a photo of, so it takes a lot of the hassle off). You only need 1 valid ID.

The process is automated and you will get validation within the day as this is due to the quarantine. Once verification is done you will be receiving an SMS. And the “Verify Now” button will be replaced by “View Benefits”.

What are the valid IDs accepted for verification?

The list of IDs is less extensive than before, this is to make the automated verification process faster. Here are the listed valid IDs:

  • UMID
  • Driver’s License
  • Philhealth Card
  • SSS ID
  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID

What do I do if I don’t have an accepted ID?

You’ll need to undergo manual verification via a support ticket. You can either call 2882 or file a ticket in the help support site.

What do I do if my SIM Card got lost?

You should report your account first to GCash to lock it down and secure it. Then you need to replace the SIM card with the provider. This is easier if your SIM card type is postpaid. Once you have your replacement SIM card, you can then contact support and unlock your account.

If your SIM card is prepaid and cannot be replaced, then it would be better to buy a new one instead. You would need to create a new GCash account with that number and verify yourself. You can then contact support and transfer your balance to your new account.


Full verification is easy to do in the GCash app. You only need an ID, your selfie, and some other personal information. You will need to do full verification to be able to use the useful features of the GCash app.

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