Getting an NBI Clearance Easily using GCash

This post explains how to register to the NBI clearance site, and apply and pay for a clearance online using GCash.

The NBI Clearance is one of the oft-repeated requirements we need for many official applications in the Philippines. We use it for practically a majority of purposes — from looking for employment to starting a business to traveling abroad to others. But generally, we use it as proof of identity and as a quick way for us to do a background check on someone and to know that someone does not have any criminal cases filed against him.

The NBI Clearance supersedes the police clearance (regional) and the barangay clearance (barangay) as it is national.

Previously you needed 2 days to get one as the first day is used to file a request and to pay, and the second was to claim the clearance itself. Now, you can do all the steps of the first day online via the NBI Clearance Portal.

How do I register for my NBI Clearance?

There are three ways to go about this — first if it’s your actual first time registering on the website and getting a clearance, second if you’ve already gotten a clearance before, and third if you’re a first-time jobseeker getting a clearance.

Take note that once you register, all of the information you put in there should be verifiable as you need to submit two copies of government-issued IDs when you claim your clearance.

First Time Jobseeker

As a first-time job seeker, you are exempt from paying dues to get your NBI clearance as mandated by RA 11261. However, there is an extra requirement of getting a barangay clearance stating that you’ve been a resident for at least 6 months and are a first-time job seeker. This barangay clearance is effective for a year only. The main benefit of this is you get your clearance for free. However, the other requirements remain the same.

It would be beneficial to avail of this because the law also applies to the barangay clearance you need for this benefit, so you get two for one. Additionally, you can also avail of this benefit for your police clearance, marriage certificate, TIN application, UMID application, and others.

To register, you need to do so in the first-time job seeker portal instead. This is to skip the payment leg of the application. Input all of the needed information, and input the one-time password once prompted. Once done, you can now apply for a clearance.

First Time Registration, But No Previous Clearance

This is for the following types of users:

  • First-time applicant, but not a new jobseeker
  • New Account but with no old NBI clearance
  • New Account due to corrections in the previous clearance applied

To register, you need to go to the NBI clearance page, and under the Register section, tick No on “Having NBI Clearance from 2014 to Present”. You need to input all information and input the one-time password once done. After this, you can now apply for clearance.

First Time Registration, But with Previous Clearance

This option is for those with a previous clearance. Registration is simpler due to having an existing clearance to validate yourself. You still need to input the one-time password to validate your phone number, aside from the previous clearance number.

How do I apply for a new NBI Clearance?

After registering, you can now apply for a new NBI clearance. Depending on whether you have your old clearance, you can either choose to pick it up or have it delivered.

Online Renewal with Delivery

You can have your clearance delivered for a fee, which for some makes it less of a hassle because you don’t need to take an off day just to claim it.

A prerequisite for this is you need to have an existing clearance first, and this clearance is issued after Oct 16, 2016. This is because they can reuse the biometrics data for that particular clearance. Otherwise, you will need to claim it in person.

You need to input your old clearance as verification with other details, then afterward put in your delivery address, and lastly, pay.

Take note though that if you get a hit, you will need to return to NBI for an interview.

If you forgot your old NBI ID number, you can try the lookup option on the page where you can input your name and email/number and check if you have your old certificate in the file.

Claiming in Person

This is the normal route for most people, as they can apply, pay online and claim it on the scheduled day. Previously without scheduling, it was more tedious as you need to take 2 days off just to file your request, pay the dues and then claim it.

Doing this in the portal is easy, once logged in, you can click on “Apply for Clearance”, then select your NBI branch and the schedule you plan to get the clearance. Once done, you can pay using your payment method of choice.

Take note that if you are claiming in person, you need to bring with you two official government IDs. If you have only one government ID, you can use your birth certificate, which can also be ordered online and delivered to you.

You need to go to your scheduled appointment as this involves taking your biometrics (fingerprints, photo) and signature.

For first-time jobseekers, you need to submit the barangay clearance requirement.

How do I pay for NBI Clearance using GCash?

via Online Payment

For online payment, you just need to select the payment method you want to use to pay for the clearance. Digital wallets like GCash, Maya, and Shopee Pay are the easiest as the others are either not known, or need to be an over-the-counter payment. The total fees amount to Php 155.

If you choose to have it delivered through the online renewal route, the total fees will vary because of the delivery location.

Take note that if you registered through the first-time jobseeker route, you don’t need to pay. However, you need to submit the barangay certificate requirement.

Once paid, take note of the reference number or take a screenshot as you may need to present proof of payment when you claim your clearance.

via GCash Pay Bills

You can also opt to pay by Pay Bills in the GCash app at a later time if you can’t pay online. You can take note of the Reference Number and use that to pay using Pay Bills.

The posting may take a while, but eventually, when it does it will reflect on the website. You will need to take a screenshot or take note of the reference number as proof of payment when you claim your clearance.


Can I get a clearance without an NBI appointment application?

No, you need it to be able to claim your clearance as it takes days to finish a request from the NBI. If you go without clearance, this is the same as applying and paying in person. You will still need to come back to get your actual clearance another day.

How long is the NBI clearance valid to use?

The clearance is valid for a year and is stated in the clearance itself. Once expired, you need to apply again using the site.

Can I verify an NBI clearance using the number or QR code only?

There is an online tool to check where you can input the clearance and it returns the picture of the person with their name, and if the clearance is valid.

What if I missed my appointment?

You can go after your scheduled appointment as long as you show proof of payment as well as the reference number.

What does having a HIT mean?

A “HIT” means that you or your namesake has a criminal record. This takes a longer time than normal to verify as this needs further investigation on the NBI’s part. This also means you will need to schedule another appointment to have an interview to clarify this with them. After all, that is what this certificate is all about — making sure that you don’t have any pending cases in court.

You will need to bring two official government IDs as proof of identity as well as proof of payment and reference number. You also need to be in proper attire as government offices have a strict dress code.

If you have no pending cases, then the interview should clear you and you would be accomplishing an affidavit of denial. This affidavit would then need to be notarized by taking an oath with a resident lawyer in the same office. The release of your clearance would be done on the same day.

If you do have a pending case but this has a decision already, you will need to bring a copy of the decision and a photocopy. If the case is still pending, then your NBI clearance will reflect this case number.

Take note that a “HIT” is for criminal cases only, not civil ones.


I talked about how to get an NBI clearance online. You will need to register first on the NBI website and apply for clearance after. Payment is easy as you can pay via GCash either through online payment or via Pay Bills.

You can have your clearance delivered as long as you have a previous clearance. But the majority of the time you will need to claim it in person as this involves getting your biometrics and signature.

I also talked about what it means to have a “HIT” and what the steps to do in case you do get one.

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