Enjoy Color Game Live Perya in GCash

Aside from baccarat, another popular game from e-gaming partner Casino Plus is the Color Game which is similar to the one being played at fairs.

Disclaimer: This post aims to educate and not to lure people into online gambling. Gambling has inherent high risks and it is up to you to manage your appetite with regard to games of chance. Please gamble with funds you are comfortable enough to lose.

Hotel Stotsenberg, otherwise known as Casino Plus has expanded its gaming portfolio by now offering one of the perya favorites, the Color Game. The other games they offer are baccarat, roulette, slots, and sports.

How do I play the Color Game?

The Color Game uses 3 dice, each die having 6 colors per side — white, blue, pink, yellow, red, and green. The objective of the game is to bet on which colors the dice will show. If one of the dice shows the color you bet on you win what you bet.

If you bet on a color that shows up more than once, you gain double winnings for that color. But to up the ante, once a single color shows up on all dice, the winnings multiplier becomes x60.

In each game, there is a betting round of 30 seconds before they roll the big dice. You are also able to see the results of the previous rounds as well as the percentages of colors that showed up since the game started.

The game rules are really simple and the accessibility is similar to Bingo as it can be played by anyone.

What happens if any of the dice gets stuck?

The official game handler will reset the dice and a new round will be started.

What are the odds that I win a round with at least a single color?

The probability that a specific color shows up is 1/6. The chances that at least this color shows up with any of the three rolled dice are (1/6+1/6+1/6) = 0.5 or 50%.

This is also the best odds you can get with this game. If you consistently bet on two or more colors, you may have more winnings depending on your luck, but in the long run, you will lose more money.

Additionally, the odds of getting 1 color with all 3 dice at once are (1/6)*(1/6)*(1/6) = 0.0046 or 0.46%. So you definitely need to be lucky to get the x60 multiplier.

What is Casino Plus?

Casino Plus is an e-gaming merchant in GLife. It’s based on Hotel Stotsenberg, a casino/hotel in Clark, Pampanga. They’ve opened a casino online and they have integrated with GCash in GLife, as well as with GCash online direct payment and withdrawals on their website. They are PAGCOR-certified just like other e-gaming partners in GLife namely BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, OKBet, Sportsplus, and InPlay.

What games can I play in Casino Plus?

You will be able to see some casino games like slot machines, but their main games are casino tables with live dealers like Baccarat and Roulette. Lately, they’ve also been delving into simpler, more accessible games like Color Game and Tong-its.

Sports betting games are also available. I suggest though that if you like to do sports betting, you better go for ArenaPlus or OKBet instead as they both generally have a better look and feel due to their specializations in sports betting.

How do I register for Color Game?

You can either register in GLife or on their website. I recommend you go through GLife as going through this route you won’t need to do any registration process. You would only need to opt-in to share your details as Color Game. Once you’ve opted in, the app gets the information you’ve submitted when doing verification in GCash.

You need to be Fully Verified in GCash and strictly need to be at least 21 years old to play. Please note that any accounts created in GLife are limited to access from within GCash only. You won’t be able to register from the website and then use that account to log into GLife.

Creating a Color Game Live Perya account in GLife

  1. From the GCash main page, click on the GLife button.
  2. From the GLife page, you can either search for Color Game Live Perya directly or click on the Play Games button and then click on Color Game Live Perya.
  3. Accept the opt-in page and you will be able to see the Color Game main screen.

How do I deposit funds into Color Game?

You first need to have funds in your GCash wallet. There are multiple ways to do cash-in if you need to do so. Please take note that your deposit limits are governed by your outgoing wallet limits.

Depositing Funds in Color Game Live Perya

  1. On the Color Game main page, click on Deposit.
  2. From the deposit pop-up, enter the amount or tap any preset amount and click Confirm.
  3. The GCash payment page will show up. Confirm the deposit amount.
  4. Once the Payment Successful page is shown, click on Done to go back to the main page, with the deposit reflected in the Current Balance.

How do I withdraw my funds from Color Game?

You can also withdraw your funds anytime, however, the minimum amount to withdraw is Php 50. The withdrawal limits are also governed by your incoming wallet limits.

Withdrawing funds from Casino Plus

  1. On the Casino Plus main page, click on Withdraw.
  2. From the withdraw pop-up, enter the amount or tap any preset amount and click Confirm.
  3. The Withdrawal Success pop-up will show. You will need to wait for your funds to arrive.

How do I play in Color Game?

You need to click on Play Game to open a browser to the Color Game Live Perya page. Once inside, you can select between different rooms. Each room has different minimum bet limits.

From there, you can also click on the Baccarat button to go to the baccarat and roulette rooms.


We talked about Color Game Live Perya, which is another popular game from Casino Plus in GLife, and how easy it is to create an account and play within a couple of minutes. I also talked about how to deposit and withdraw funds to and from Color Game Live Perya, as well as what types of games you can encounter. I also explained how to play Color Game to beginners.

Casino Plus is known for live Baccarat and Roulette games, similar to Bingo Plus which specializes in Bingo games.

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