Cashing-in Using TouchPay and Pay & Go Machines

I’ve always found that cashing-in using machines has been something of an odd thing for many GCash users. I find it unusual that no one seems to use it as it is very simple to use.

I recommend using it often as it makes transactions easy. You can pay bills and do transactions using the machine without letting you queue for a long time.

Lately, I’ve tried to track down the machines described under the Cash-in page, and do an actual cash-in using the machine:

I’ve since located TouchPay and Pay&Go machines, but I’ve not found any Shell Select exclusive machines — usually, they’re also either TouchPay or Pay&Go.

TouchPay machines have the most number, according to research. I’ve also only found TouchPay machines in the Shell Select stores I visited. For Pay&Go machines, some Mini-stop stores and Robinson’s malls have those.

Using TouchPay to Cash-in

I found this in the lobby of a condominium. It seems really convenient to have this where you live:

I tried to initiate a cash-in and the main menu seemed simple enough. I clicked on the “e-Money” button:

Next, I clicked on “GCash” and then “Cash-In”:

After selecting, we will see a disclaimer that there is no change for cashing in. Go all the way, or not at all.

Next, we enter the GCash number and also the amount to be cashed in.

The processing page would display as well as the final confirmation page:

Of course we shouldn’t forget the success page. I also added a picture of the receipt as well as the SMS:

Using TouchPay, it was fairly intuitive and the explanations and the step by step transitions were easy to understand.

Using Pay & Go to Cash-in

I found this machine in a Mini Stop near San Miguel Avenue.

Okay, so I started with “Click Here”, and the next screen made me choose the cash-in option. This seems like a cash-in only type of machine, unlike TouchPay which also caters to different services.

I selected GCash of course, and in the next screen the machine asked for the number and the amount to cash-in. Then, I was asked where the SMS notification should go to.

Afterwards, I go to the confirmation screen to check the details.

Lastly comes payment – I need to confirm how much I’m cashing in by pressing “Done” (on the second screen).

The confirmation page shows the transaction details. I wasn’t able to get a receipt, but I received an SMS regarding the cash-in.

Using the Pay & Go machine was also fairly intuitive but it was simple enough to operate as well.

Do cash-ins have a fee?

For 7-11 cash-ins, there is a 1% fee of the total cash-in amount. For example, if you cash in Php 1000, the fee will be Php 10, and the total amount of Php 990 would be credited or added to your balance. This fee always comes first as it is a 7-11 collected fee.

GCash cash-in for partner outlets is free for the first Php 8000 per month. When the amount goes over the Php 8000 limit, it will incur a 2% fee. This limit refreshes every first day of the month.

For example:
Today, you cashed in Php 7000. There is no fee since it is still below the Php 8000 limit.

The next day, you cashed in Php 2500. Since you went over the limit, there is a fee included with the cash-in but only for the amount over the limit.

The cash-in that has the fee applied is the amount over 8000 this month:
Php 8000 - Php 7000 = Php 1000

Then we subtract from the amount you are cashing in:
Php 2500 - Php 1000 = Php 1500

The fee is 2% of the amount. 
Php 1500 * 0.02 = Php 30

So the total cash-in with the fee would be:
Php 2500 - Php 30 = Php 2470

Any later cash-ins for this month will have a 2% fee after this.

If you are cashing in 7-11, and you’ve exceeded the Php 8000 limit, the 1% fee goes first (7-11 fee), then the 2% goes after (GCash fee).

For example, if you are cashing in Php 1000 in 7-11 after exceeding the Php 8000 limit, the cash-in fee for 7-11 applies first:
Php 1000 - Php 10 (1% of Php 1000) = Php 990

Afterwards, the 2% fee from GCash applies:
Php 990 - Php 19.80 (2% of Php 990) = Php 970.20

The net cash-in amount is Php 970.20.

Once you are near the limit, you will be receiving an SMS and a notification in the app informing you of the charge once you go past the limit.

Please take note that this is only for manual cash-ins — remittances, online cash-in, and bank cash-ins are not included.

If you want to know how to circumvent this fee, you can refer to my fees page to see alternative solutions.

What do I do if the cash-in failed?

It is better to contact the support number indicated on the cash-in slip as they generally have shorter queues than with GCash Support.


There you have it, a step by step guide on how to cash-in using TouchPay and Pay&Go machines. I wasn’t able to locate a Shell Select one because all of the Shell Select branches I went to had TouchPay as their machines.

The Pay & Go was catered to cash-in only to GCash and Paymaya, while TouchPay is meant to be used as a one-stop shop for web payment services.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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  1. what will happen when you cash in through touchpay then failed to put the listed amount, will it still go through or your money maybe lost in limbo

  2. Hi, I tried to pay using a Touch Pay in Market! Market!, BGC. For some reson, the funds were not credited to my Gcash account. The machine was able to give me a receipt. Can you let me know how to proceed? Thank you


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