How to Reset Your Forgotten MPIN in GCash

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in GCash Facebook groups. Admittedly, for many non-tech savvy users, this can be quite tricky.

As the MPIN is effectively the password of your GCash account, we should not share this with anyone, not even GCash support. Once you give away your mobile number, your MPIN as well as your one-time password, there is nothing that prevents anyone from getting into your account.

Think of the MPIN as something similar to your ATM PIN. You wouldn’t want anyone to know it right? It should have the same weight in terms of safekeeping. I would suggest not to use easily guessable values for your MPINs (for example, your birthday or 1234).

Additionally this post is also a good resource for some people who needs to reset MPINs quickly (for example, to prevent someone from getting into their account).

How secure is the GCash app?

GCash is as secure as the weakest link. If you don’t share your personal information then it can be as safe as a security vault at a bank. But once you give your information away to scammers or social hackers, then there is no excuse.

How do I reset my MPIN within the GCash app?

You need to go to Settings as click on Reset MPIN. Input your new MPIN and the old one will be changed immediately. You will be logged out after the change and you need to log in using the new MPIN.

How do I reset my MPIN via USSD (*143#)?

You can also use this method if your GCash mobile number is under Globe or TM. If you have a Smart number, then you can only reset your MPIN within the app. You’ll need to dial *143# and go to your USSD menu. Once in there, you can go to your GCash account option and reset your MPIN.

How do I reset my MPIN via GCash Support?

You can also reset your MPIN by contacting GCash Support, and they will be asking for some personal information to validate your account. Once they’ve done so, they will be providing you a temporary MPIN. You will need to reset your MPIN as soon as you get this as it has an expiry time of 30 minutes.

How do I reset my MPIN if I forget it?

You can only try to log in three times from the login page. After the third failed attempt, you will be locked out by the app. The only thing you can do to be able to regain access to the app is if you use the “Forget MPIN” function.

What happens if I answer the security questions wrongly?

You have just one more chance to answer it. If you still answer it wrongly, then you will be locked out from the Reset MPIN page for 24 hours.

How do I set my security questions?

You will need to be inside the app to be able to set your questions. First you need to go to your Settings page, then you need to choose 5 questions and input your answers to those questions.

The next time you use the Forget MPIN function, you will have the ability to answer your particular security questions instead of the account information ones.

Take note that once you’ve set your security questions, you cannot reset it unless you go through GCash Support. So better answer truthfully the first time to prevent any hassle in the future.

Can I go through GCash Support to reset my Security Questions?

Yes, but you will need to confirm your identity. Once reset, you can select your new security questions and put in your answers.

My SIM Card or phone got lost. What should I do to regain my account?

You will need to first contact GCash Support and have your account suspended. Once this is done, you will need to find a way to replace your lost SIM card. This can usually be done in Globe or Smart Stores.

Once you’ve replaced your SIM card, you can have GCash Support unlock your account.

However, if you cannot replace your SIM card, you can also opt to change your mobile number instead. In this case, you just need to report to GCash Support your new number and they will link your account to this one.

What if someone got into my account and stole my money?

Since this is a security-related incident, you can file it under the Customer Protect program of GCash. However, you need to report it immediately within 15 days. If you don’t then you won’t be able to get your money back.

I got scammed and the scammer isn’t returning my money. What should I do?

In this case, since you willingly gave away your money, this isn’t a security-related issue. Once you report this, there is little chance that your money will be returned or reimbursed. This is because GCash is considered as a cash transaction.

You should still report it nonetheless. Once you report this though, the best thing that they can do is to freeze the account of the scammer.


Resetting your MPIN is easy enough and it should become second nature to us GCash users. For those times we forget our MPINs, there is also the Forget MPIN function.

If you didn’t set your security questions beforehand, you will need to answer questions from your account instead. In either case, you will need to answer correctly to prevent locking out of the Forgot MPIN page.

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    • Please click the Forget MPIN button in the login page of GCash. If you still can’t retrieve, then please file a support ticket from Help Support.

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