GCash and Robinsons

Robinsons malls and supermarkets are one of the biggest, respectively in the Philippines. Robinsons own a lot of different brands and with their partnership with GCash, make them one of the largest partners.

Some brands that are under the Robinson’s Retail Holdings, Inc (RRHI) include:

  • Robinsons Department Store
  • Robinsons Supermarket
  • Handyman
  • True Value
  • Ministop
  • True Value
  • South Star Drug
  • The Generics Pharmacy
  • Robinsons Appliances

GCash Cash-ins and Cash Outs with Robinsons

You can cash into and cash out of Robinsons Department Stores using the over-the-counter method in their business center.

How do I cash-in?

You’ll need to first register with them to proceed. Bring a valid ID. Once you’re done, then you can proceed with accomplishing the service form and pay the cash-in amount.

Is there a fee for cashing in?

For 7-11 cash-ins, there is a 1% fee of the total cash-in amount. For example, if you cash in Php 1000, the fee will be Php 10, and the total amount of Php 990 will be credited or added to your balance. This fee always comes first as it is a 7-11 collected fee.

GCash cash-in for partner outlets is free for the first Php 8000 per month. When the amount goes over the Php 8000 limit, it will incur a 2% fee. This limit refreshes every first day of the month.

For example:
Today, you cashed in Php 7000. There is no fee since it is still below the Php 8000 limit.

The next day, you cashed in Php 2500. Since you went over the limit, there is a fee included with the cash-in but only for the amount over the limit.

The cash-in that has the fee applied is the amount over 8000 this month:
Php 8000 - Php 7000 = Php 1000

Then we subtract from the amount you are cashing in:
Php 2500 - Php 1000 = Php 1500

The fee is 2% of the amount. 
Php 1500 * 0.02 = Php 30

So the total cash-in with the fee would be:
Php 2500 - Php 30 = Php 2470

Any later cash-ins for this month will have a 2% fee after this.

If you are cashing in 7-11, and you’ve exceeded the Php 8000 limit, the 1% fee goes first (7-11 fee), then the 2% goes after (GCash fee).

For example, if you are cashing in Php 1000 in 7-11 after exceeding the Php 8000 limit, the cash-in fee for 7-11 applies first:
Php 1000 - Php 10 (1% of Php 1000) = Php 990

Afterwards, the 2% fee from GCash applies:
Php 990 - Php 19.80 (2% of Php 990) = Php 970.20

The net cash-in amount is Php 970.20.

Once you are near the limit, you will receive a notification in your Inbox informing you of the charges once you go past the limit.

Please take note that this is only for manual cash-ins — remittances and bank cash-ins are not included.

If you want to know how to circumvent this fee, you can refer to my fees page to see alternative solutions.

How do I cash out?

Similarly, you need to accomplish the GCash service form and present a valid ID. After processing the request, you will be receiving an SMS verifying your cash out. You will need to confirm using your MPIN.

Is there a fee in cashing out?

Yes, there is a 2% service fee for every cash-out. So for a cash-out of Php 1000, there is a Php 20 fee.

What valid IDs are accepted for cash-in and cash out?

Here is a list of accepted IDs, according to GCash:

Using GCash for Payments with Robinsons

Setting up GCash Mastercard / AMEX Virtual Pay

How can I pay using GCash?

You can either use your enrolled GCash Mastercard or your Virtual AMEX card from within the GCash app itself.

How do I apply for a GCash Mastercard? How do I pay using GCash Mastercard?

You basically need to buy a GCash Mastercard and link it into your GCash app. Once you have your card linked, you can use it as a debit card for payment.

How do I set up my Virtual Pay AMEX Card? How do I generate a CVV?

You will need an email address to be able to apply for an AMEX Virtual Card from within the GCash app. The AMEX card is used for online purchases only and does not have a physical card counterpart.

What do I do if I get an error linking my AMEX Card?

Sometimes issues like this do happen when linking. This is more often than not a technical issue at the backend. We can wait and try again or if not, use our GCash Mastercard.

How do I put funds into my GCash account?

As the AMEX VP and GCash MC are both in fact, debit cards, you will need funds in your GCash wallet to be able to pay. You have lots of different options in cashing in, and you can also bank transfers (from any bank app to G-XChange, Inc. via Instapay) to fund your wallet.

GCash Online Payments with Delivery

  • Department Stores – you can buy from either the Lazada or Shopee apps. Both of them have GCash payment options.
  • Hardware Stores – Handyman and True Value has a store in Lazada as well.
  • Drugstore – you can order from South Star Drug online. Payment is via GCash debit card.
  • Supermarket
    • You can order through Metromart (Google Play / iTunes). Payment is via GCash debit card.
    • Another alternative is GoRobinsons (which are only available within selected areas). Payment is currently only through Paypal.

How do I pay using GCash in Lazada and Shopee?

For Lazada and Shopee, payment is straightforward. You just need to select GCash in the payment method. For Shopee, even though they go through Dragonpay, there is no Php 10 convenience fee, unlike other Dragonpay merchants. This option will use the Webpay method.

You can also opt to use the GCash debit cards as an alternate method.

How does GCash Webpay work?

The merchant page (for Lazada and Shopee) will generate a cashier page with the merchant name and the amount you are planning to pay for. You will need to input your mobile number, your OTP and your MPIN to authenticate yourself. Afterward, you will need to confirm the payment. Once confirmed, you will be receiving an SMS from GCash.

How do I pay using GCash in Metromart?

If you are ordering from Robinsons Supermarket in Metromart, there is a minimum purchase requirement of Php 1000. There is also a shopping fee of Php 320 and a delivery fee of Php 100. You also need to add some allowance in your GCash wallet to take account of item substitutions if it is out of stock.

There is no webpay integration. You will need to input either your GCash Mastercard or AMEX Virtual Pay card as a payment method.

How do I pay using GCash for other stores?

You will need to use your GCash debit cards (AMEX/GCash MC) as your payment option.

GCash Offline Payments via QR and GCash Mastercard

For offline payments, generally, you can either use your GCash Mastercard or the merchant’s QR code as options. All of the stores I mentioned above support scan-to-pay of QR codes.

Paying via Scan to Pay (QR Code)

When it’s your time to pay, you can look for the physical standee containing the QR code to scan. Here are the steps to pay via QR code:

  1. At the home page of the GCash app, click Pay QR.
  2. Tap on “Scan QR Code”. This will open your camera. Align the highlighted area to the dimensions of the QR code.
  3. Enter the amount you are paying.
  4. Confirm the payment.
  5. Wait for your receipt to be sent via SMS.

Some Issues to be Mindful About Scan to Pay

In the case that you didn’t receive a confirmation text on your phone, ask the cashier if they did, and check to see if your reference number is the same one indicated on the cashier’s confirmation text. If you see that they received the same reference number, that means that your transaction pushed

Can I use vouchers or GCredit while paying?

Yes. You just need to set the payment method to GCredit beforehand. For vouchers, you need to set it on the confirmation page for Scan to Pay.

Paying via GCash Mastercard

If you are a GCash Mastercard holder, you are able to use it for grocery shopping, too.
Like other debit cards, all you need to do is present your card to the cashier and they can swipe
your card to process your payment.

Sadly, if you use GCash MC, you will not be able to use GCredit. It is only applicable for QR type payments.


We talked about the different ways you can use GCash in Robinsons stores. For cash-ins and cashouts, you can go to Robinsons Business Centers to process your requests. You should bring a valid ID.

For payments, you can go for online ordering and payment via Lazada or Shopee. For supermarket needs, you can go for Metromart. For medicines, South Star also provides online delivery.

If you are planning to go to an actual store, all of the retail stores of Robinsons support QR Codes, meaning you can pay via scan-to-pay. As an alternative, you can also use your GCash Mastercard.

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