Easily Paying SSS Employer PRNs Using the UnionBank App

This post describes how to easily pay your SSS Employer PRNs using the UnionBank app.

Paying for SSS Member PRNs is easy as you can typically pay these from inside the GCash app. You just first need to generate the PRN from the member SSS website and then pay them via Pay Bills in the GCash app.

What are SSS Employer PRNs?

SSS Employer PRNs are as described, for employers. So if you have employees under you, you would need an SSS employer account. I have one because as a kasambahay employer, I remit my helper’s contributions through the PRN generated every month.

How do I generate employer PRNs?

These are generated automatically on the SSS employer website monthly. If you’ve also registered your mobile number, then you will receive the next PRN via SMS after paying the previous one.

How do I pay for SSS Employer PRNs?

There are two ways — one is paying over-the-counter in any bank or any SSS branch with cashier acceptance, or you can also use the UnionBank app pay bills feature.

Currently, there is no other way of paying online except through the UB app.

To pay using the UB app, you need to search for the SSS biller under the Pay Bills feature. You only need to input the PRN and the amount will be automatically inputted.

If you need to transfer money to your UB app from your GCash balance, you can do so via the Bank Transfer feature.

How do I know if the UnionBank Payment Passed?

You will be able to see the payment in the SSS Employer Portal (under Inquiry > Cash Collections) after a few days. In the example below, the “UBP” prefix denotes payment using the UnionBank channel.

The “C” prefix denotes payments via over-the-counter in the SSS branch itself.

The transaction history as shown in the SSS Employer Portal

Wrapping Up

I’ve described how to pay for your SSS Employer PRN online using the Pay Bills feature of the UnionBank app. You can also transfer funds first from your GCash balance to your UnionBank account through Bank Transfer if you need to.

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