A GCash Guide for Merchants

I’ve seen a lot of guides about GCash users, but not so much about GCash merchants. Currently, there is no better time when e-commerce has a lower barrier for entry and everyone is delving into e-commerce due to the pandemic. It’s a good thing that GCash allows you flexibility since as a digital wallet app, … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about GScore and GCredit

Choose your language/Piliin ang lenggwahe: Think about the people that don’t have access to credit. They are the ones who fall prey into loan sharks and other predatory lenders. They are the ones who get scammed by get rich quick schemes. They get bogged down by paperwork and bureaucracy in government. They get refused by big … Read more

What is GCash Forest?

GCash Forest, in simple terms, allows you to plant an actual tree by using GCash features within the app. It is a feature that tracks how much carbon footprint we lessen via the usage of the app. In theory, when we use the app, we also lower our carbon emissions since we don’t need to … Read more