7 Proven Tips to Increase Your GScore

As an advocate of GCash and digital wallets in general, I’m also subscribed to Facebook groups related to these topics. More often than not the topic of GScore comes up. Specifically, many are wondering why their GScore keeps going down despite their efforts of using the GCash app. As I said in my other post … Read more

A GCash Guide for Merchants

I’ve seen a lot of guides about GCash users, but not so much about GCash merchants. Currently, there is no better time when e-commerce has a lower barrier for entry and everyone is delving into e-commerce due to the pandemic. It’s a good thing that GCash allows you flexibility since as a digital wallet app, … Read more

How to Book Movies in GCash: A Primer

A digital wallet has its core uses, like saving money, sending money, paying bills, etc. But there are also value-added features that go beyond its use from a digital wallet, into a true lifestyle app. One of GCash’s often overlooked features is Book Movies. GCash the only wallet app that can book movies. I guess … Read more

Save Money (GSave): A Step by Step Guide

What is Save Money (GSave)? Save Money or GSave is a feature in the GCash app that allows you to create and access a savings account within the GCash app itself. Personal Finance in GCash Traditional banking has been here for a very long time. And now, as we go through the digital age, banking … Read more