FutureCast 2023

Date sent: March 30, 2023

I just wanted to share some features that are on the radar this 2023. This is taken fresh from the Futurecast event shown on the GCash FB page. 

To summarize the 10 features, here they are:

1. Double Safe (Already Live) — any new logins to a different device or MPIN resets require selfie recognition; this prevents a lot of account takeovers that result from scams´╗┐´╗┐

2. GChat (Coming Soon) — chat messaging in the GCash app, allows easier Send Money and purchases as you don’t need to screenshot a successful send money page anymore; also allows personalized messages from GCash itself, and removes the fact-checking needed when receiving an SMS from GCash.

3. GStocks PH (In Beta) — this is already live for most of GCash users, allows easy onboarding to a PSE broker (AB Capital) and buying/selling stocks with no fees

4. GInsure Online Shopping Protect (Coming Soon) — this isn’t something new, as there is an existing online shopping insurance in GInsure (by Igloo), but this is from Chubbs; gives you protection from any untoward incidents when buying items online 

5. GCrypto NFT Hub (Coming Soon) — this is an upgrade to GCrypto, and allows users to buy and own NFTs

6. Borrow Load (Coming Soon) — allows you to buy load in advance of payment; will most likely make use of your GScore for approvals

 7. GGives (Already Live) — the new GGives now allow you to have 3 concurrent buy now pay later loans; this may increase in the near future

8. Global Pay (Already Live) — you will be able to use GCash to pay for purchases in actual stores on supported countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Germany, Italy, France, and the UK currently)

9. GCash Visa Card (Coming Soon) — Aside from GCash Mastercard, you will be able to avail of a Visa debit card in the app in the near future

10. GCash Overseas (In Beta) — allows you access to GCash even if using a foreign SIM; very useful for OFWs as they can send their remittances GCash to GCash easily; currently supported countries are US, Japan, Australia, Italy, UK and Canada 

That’s it, sounds pretty exciting for GCash users!

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