Dec 2023 App Changelog

Date sent: Dec 4, 2023

Hello there, 

Hi guys, just wanted to share the changelog for the GCash app this December release. Take note that some of these features may still be hidden once you install the new version.

1. There are Merry GCash deals that offer promos, and discounts by using GCash payments with partners.
2. GCash Cards are now on the front page, and you can order and use the new Visa GCash Cards.
3. There is now a tickbox that asks for confirmation before sending money via Bank Transfer, similar to Send Money.
4. Send Money screen is now revamped, and is easier to read due to the bigger fonts used.
5. GStocks Global game is now disabled, promising to come back soon.
6. GForest has also been revamped, and similar to Send Money, has bigger fonts which results in greater readability.

Will also be updating some of the related posts in GCashResource soon.

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