KKB in GCash: An Illustrated Guide

KKB (formerly Split Bill) is one of the most unused features of GCash. I’m taking a guess you don’t even notice it in the GCash app. This post aims to change that and hopefully after you read this, you will be empowered to use this in some way.

KKB means “Kanyang kanyang bayad” which is just the Filipino word for “split bill / dutch treat”. So taking from the definition, we can glean that this can be used for asking payment from your companions when you have paid for something as a group.

Here is a bit of background information regarding Receive Money — Receive Money is used for asking a certain amount from the sender. Typical use is for children asking for an allowance from their parents, or a lender asking for the repayment of a loan from a borrower.

The difference from Send Money is you just need to set it in the app, and the app will be the one that will do the heavy lifting of reminding the sender since he will just need to confirm the request. KKB is similar to Receive Money but made easier for multiple people.

How does KKB work?

To start off, we need to find the KKB icon and click it.

The KKB icon

Once we click on the icon, we will go to the main page of KKB. There are two tabs, one is Active, which means the request is in progress. The other is Completed, which means the request has been fulfilled.

In my screenshot, I already have an existing request, but we can always create a new one. A side note: there seems to be no way of deleting an existing one. So we just click on “New KKB Request”.

We then go to the Create KKB page. We can then input the needed information:

  • KKB Name – how you would name the KKB
  • Category – what type of KKB it is (I’ve included a screenshot)
  • Due Date – when should the KKB expire
  • Split Type – how you plan to split the payment (i.e., equal sharing, or itemized sharing)
  • The due date is the expiration date of the request and the split type

We can then add the people included in the request, under Add People. You do not need to add yourself.

As a tip, we can also add groups and this can be especially useful when you need to split bills with the same people all the time.

If you selected the “Split by Item” type, you will then need to itemize what each member bought in the next page. Once you’ve inputted all your needed fields, you will then go to a confirm page. You just need to confirm it and GCash will now go and send the requests to the group you sent.

The created KKB is now on the main KKB page, under Active status.

How does it look like from the point of view of the recipient?

You will be receiving a reminder SMS and your KKB page will include the existing KKB group.

You will be receiving a reminder SMS

Once you go to your KKB page, you can then process and confirm payment, with a few clicks.

Does GCash also notify the initiator after the KKB is successfully paid?

From the POV of the initiator, he will also be receiving an SMS that the payment is complete.

Payment is successful

Other Questions

Does KKB contribute to GScore? How about GCash Forest?

KKB contributes to GScore indirectly, since you are using the app. As for GCash Forest KKB does not contribute Energy Points.

I have received a KKB Request from a number I do not recognize. What is this about?

Some scammers have gone to using KKB as their way of getting money from their victims. Unfortunately, the only thing the scammer needs is your mobile number to be able to initiate this fraud. If you’ve received a KKB request that you don’t know whom it came from, don’t reply and acknowledge payment.


We talked about how KKB is set up and how it’s used. It is a bit convoluted to use, and understandably not all will be able to set it up perfectly the first time. It also assumes that all of the KKB recipients are GCash users, which is not often the case. Take caution as some scammers may use this to get some money from you.

As a simpler workaround, you can always just tell your friends to send money to you. However, since you’re reading this now, you already know its merits and you can find a way to use it and collect receivables from your friends.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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    • If you’ve used Receive Money before, then KKB follows a similar format.

      Just to give a background: Receive Money makes the sender’s life easier since the receiver does all the hard work inputting the amount and other details — sender just needs to click OK. More importantly, sender can also refuse. KKB is the same.

  1. Im working in convinience store i have a customer pay here items using by gcash app .after i scan here qr code transaction was completed and ok on my system .but no reciept out and my monitoring was hang. No transactions found in my system

    • Mas maganda siguro ipatingin sa support desk ninyo muna, baka may issue sa backend ng POS niyo. Kasi sa point of view ni GCash tumagos ang bayad.

  2. Scammer try to send me req KKB her name is Jessica Reyes how can i cancel her req????and know her G Cash number

  3. Sana po maibalik pa pa ung saving ko sa gcash pati ung mga mga refund ko sa shoopee at lazada inubos talaga nila tinuring kona silang pamilya ko talagang money is a root of evel bahala na po sa kanila c god …

  4. anu po ba yn kkb hnd nmn ako ngrequest dyn wla nmn ako natatngap na cash ngnotification yn na kailngn ko mgbyd. hindi ko nmn alm yn pnu ba macancel yn.nascam na nga ako eh

  5. Can someone access my gcash if i sent money to them?no other information was given. Just me sending an amount to a gcash account Can that alone be used to hack my gcash?

  6. Hi po magmy nagrerequest po sakin sa kkb para daw ma claim ko ung 2k ko na irerefund nya saakin kailangan ko din po ba talaga magbayad ng 2 k ulit at 4 k na daw maclaim ko..

  7. Anong ibig sabihin ng due date sa kkb? Ibig sabihin ba nun, halimbawa ang due date ay oct. 6, 2021. Wala na yung request sa oct. 7?

  8. I am processing a cash loan po. Nagsend sila sa akin kkb request. Iconfrm ko daw. Matic po di ba madeduct sa gcash ko? And pano po matemove sa active status yun. Baka po kc magdeduct sa balance ko. Insufficient lang po fund ko kaya di nag push thru ung transaction

  9. If someone paid you Through KKB automatic po ba ma-Add yung amount Sa Account Balance mo? I tried sending kkb from Unverified account dahil Ginaya ko lng sa youtube. It was succesfull pero bakit parang wala ako natanggap na pera? San po ba yun mapupunta?

    Thank you.

  10. Ask lang po. May nkita po ako post sa fb. Eh need ko po mag loan. Nag message po ako sa kanya kung pde ako mag loan ng 6k? Then after 1 day nag reply cya. Binigay nya instructions screenshot okay na daw how to claim my 6k loan sa KKB. Nag send pa ko 600.pra dun sa initiator. Wla nman pumasok sa gcash ko. Pm ulit. Mag cash in daw ako dapat ng 1k.ginawa ko ulit.. Wla naman napsok na 6k. Scam ba yun?

    • Ako din naiscam ngaun lng.bale 6 hundred na send q sa gcash nya..magloan sana ko ng 15k.hiningan pko ng id..nung sinend kona sa KKB.offline na xa dko na makontak.wla nman laman gcash ko..0 balance bka magkautang pko ehh wla nman aqng narecieve na pera sa gcash ko

  11. Me loan po aq na approve na naka chat ko sa fb then na send sa gcash ko eh I.de pa.ako naka download app ang nagyari cancel nila tapos pinahanap ako ma cash in cash out na outlet ngaun binigay ko ung number ng Gcash retailer nag cash in and out my kkb request dumating na 5000,loan approve total amount of 10,000 1 unpaid 5000 tapos my need pindutin na pay 5000 tapoz iniator nkalagay pangalan nung padalhan mo ng bayad sa kkb request tapoa ung 5000 nakalagay sa name ng Gcash owner na binigay Kong outlet 1 unpaid 5000 pag kinlick na ung pay 5000 na send confirm n all paid na pwd kona mKuha ung 5000,sun sa outlet kung San ko binugay number sa initiator ngaun ayaw ako bigyan ng 5k sa outlet at wala saw na dagdag na balance aa Gcash bal.

    • Sorry pero mukhang nascam ka kasi pag loan, di ka dapat maglalabas ng pera. Pero nasend mo yung 5k mo sa scammer na yun. Hindi ibig sabihin pag KKB legit na siya, puwede pa ring makuhanan ka ng pera.

  12. I find this article very informative and accommodating. What do OTP, MPIN and COL (sa COLFinance) mean? I’m not a tech savvy but I’m learning. Maski na 54 ako, ayaw kong mapag-iwanan pati GInvest and COL pinasok ko na rin. Thanks

    • Hi po, good to hear you being interested in this.
      OTP = means one-time-password to prove you own the account, usually this is sent through your phone via text.
      MPIN = Mobile Personal Identification Number is the “password” of your GCash, same as the PIN you have for debit cards in the ATM.
      COL = means “CitisecOnline” and is the old name of the stock trading company. Now they’re called “COLFinancial”.

  13. Diba natin pwede ma file ng complaint yung user na gumawa ng KKB request? Kasi ginamit nila yung KKB sa pag scam. Dapat may hakbang ang Gcash nito. Alam namin na malaking tulog yung kkb sa pagpadali ng pag bayad pero dapat may agarang aksyon kung ito ay gagamitin sa pag scam. Dapat matulongan din yung customer na naloko gamit sa KKB request na yan.

    Maraming Salamat.

    • Naseset kasi ng receiver ang total amount na puwede niyang matanggap, baka umabot na doon. Need gumawa ng panibagong request kung ayaw na.

  14. can a KKb do a refund? and how many days before the refund appears? lastly, do we need funds on our balance for the refund to appear?

  15. Isa ko sa na scam dito hindi kami aware sa KKb then we paid 1000 pesos sana lang sa mga gantong scammers matuto ng leksyon di biro kumita ng pera sa panahon ngayun tapos gagawin pa nila sa kapwa yan

  16. I think na scam din ako, Johnny Sence ang name niya sa fb tapos ang tatanggap ng bayad po ay si Alexis Apellido …. sa KKB YUN

  17. Meron po nag alok Ng loan tapos nag bigay po ako Ng GCash number ko. After po noon approved na daw loan ko. Open ko daw GCash ko. And accept request sa KKB. but need to pay 1,200. Meron po ba talagang natatanggap sa KKB?

    • Mukhang scam po yan, wag kayong magbabayad ng kahit ano. Loan nga dapat eh, dapat sila magpapahiram sa inyo ng pera.

  18. Na’scam din po ako gamit ang KKB worth 4,000. Wala na bang way para ma’trace yung taong yon? Hays. Hirap naman about sa KKB, pwede makipag transaction kahit hindi verified :'( sana po matulungan nyo pa din po kami 🙁

    • Dapat verified na po pag nag KKB ngayon. Tsaka pag KKB di mo mapapadala ang pera hangga’t di mo siya maconfirm. Try niyo po ireport sa GCash Support.

  19. Kami din po kagabi lang na scam ng KKB. Under the name of OMEL ARCELO account number 09392045626, 25,150 pesos po nakuha nya sa account namin. Ang pinag tatakahan lang namin bakit di naman kami nag open ng GCASH APP namin para ma accept or confirmed yang KKB request . Basta na lang nakita namin sa Apps ni GCASH completed na sya at wala na laman wallet namin. Sana may gawin namang action si GCASH dito hindi yung pagagawan nila ng police report si victim. Tapos ano wala naman na sila action na gagawin. Kasi upon checking sa issue dito na nabasa ko, wala naman magagawa si GCASH once na nasend na yung pera sa receiver. Sana may assurance naman na safe talagang gamitin ang GCASH Wallet. Or better alisin nyo na ang KKB. Paano pala matatanggal ang pag ka link ng account ni scammer sa KKB. Salamat at sana may maganda kayong sagot.

  20. Me nakita ko post sa Facebook sabi madodoble daw yun laman ng gcash ko hininge number ko tapos maya maya nagsent ng request sa kkb tapos me gift na total amount 270 to receive the gift mag pay ako 135 me gift naa 135 tapos yun iniator 135 kaya naging 270

    Naguguluhan ako d ko alam kung legit sya


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