How to Play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash

They say that sabong is the official pastime for many Filipinos (alongside basketball), as anyone can partake of it. Poor Filipinos raise their own cocks and to be able to get a chance to win big. Rich Filipinos as well, they have breeding farms and go big to win big. Sabong predates even before the Spanish colonial period. Currently, it is one of the legalized forms of gambling in the Philippines — earning lots of revenue for Pagcor.

Before it was hard to join in games as you needed to go to arenas and OTBs to be able to bet on games, similar to horse racing. But now, since everything is online, the hard part — betting, can be done online as well, with the help of streaming.

A word of caution though, as this is a game of chance, I wouldn’t recommend this as a source of growing your funds. You can do it with some extra play money, but moderation is always recommended. Also, admittedly, watching gamecocks fight to the death can be offputting to some people.

If you really want to dive into this fascinating Filipiniana experience, nothing beats doing it in the provinces as this is still practiced all throughout rural Philippines. In e-sabong, most of the culture is lost, and only the fringes remain unfortunately.

For beginners, here are some terminologies to help you with the immersion:

1. Talpak - the term used to play sabong
2. Meron - side of the ring where there is a higher initial bet
3. Wala - side of the ring opposite Meron
4. Llamado - the favorite to win
5. Dehado - the underdog (or under-cock)
6. Kristos - the bet takers (because they call for bets with arms wide open, just like crucifixes)
7. Sentenciador - the referee
8. Tari - the "gaff" or the blade attached to the leg of the gamecocks
9. Ulutan - pairing of cocks based on weight and other factors
10. Tabla - a tie; usually when there's no clear winner

How do I join an e-Sabong game in GCash?

Pitmasters is an application in GLife where you can play games easily. The requirements are only that you need to be fully verified, and that you are 21 years old and over.

You just need to go to GLife, and under the Games category, click on Pitmasters.

You will need to wait for a fight before you can top-up. You’ll be able to see if there is one in the Fight Schedule section. Usually there is one event per day, and there are hundreds of fights in an event and you can bet on each match. The hours usually are 8AM-5PM, but there are also some off hour events that run in the early morning.

How do I top-up?

Click on the top-up button and select an amount to top-up. Each point is worth Php 1.00. The amount is taken from your GCash balance, so make sure you have enough funds at first. You can always add funds to your GCash via our cash in channels.

Please take note that GCash has transaction limits, meaning cashing in (cash going into GCash) and topping up (cash going into Pitmasters from GCash) contribute to input and output limits respectively.

Once you’ve selected and confirmed the amount, you will be seeing it reflected in the main page.

How can I play?

You need to top up first before you can play. Once you click on Play, you will be redirected to the wpc live site.

You will be able to see the matches before it starts, and you can bet on “Meron”, “Draw”, or “Wala” with the corresponding winnings when your chosen cock wins. The minimum bet is always Php 100, that is why the minimum top-up is the same amount. Maximum bet is Php 20000.

Take note that GCash has transaction limits. You may win big amounts, but you will not be able to withdraw all of it. So it would be best to temper your expectations regarding huge sums in topping up and withdrawal.

If your chosen cock wins, your winnings will be credited to your account. Matches last less than 10 minutes so you can keep on betting as long as you still have credits.

How do I withdraw my funds?

You need to go back to the Pitmasters Glife app, and click on Withdraw in the main page. You can select how much you can withdraw. Please take note that GCash has withdrawal limits.

Other Questions

Can you bet with more than one outcome?

No, you can only choose one.

I had issues with topping up and withdrawal. What support channel can I contact?

You can send support tickets at this link.


One of the games of chance hidden in GLife is the Pitmasters application. This allows you to bet on e-sabong without going to arenas or OTBs. You need to be fully verified in GCash, and over 21 years of age to join.

As this is inside the GCash ecosystem, topping up and withdrawals can be done easily at the press of a button. This makes it everyone can enjoy the official Filipino pastime.

If you’d like to learn more about GCash, I created a how-to on the basics of GCash.

Here is a list of links if you’re interested in the main GCash functions:

If you are also interested in knowing what resources I used to make this blog happen, please look at my resources page.

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