How to Pay Online Supermarkets Using GCash

During this quarantine period, one of the most tedious and tiring things to do is to line up for a grocery run. Sometimes, I would line up for hours just to be able to go inside the mall or the supermarket itself. Then afterward, there’s another line for the cashier.

You need to be prepared with your list as forgetting something is quite the hassle, especially if you only go for groceries every two weeks.

Personally, if I had more money than time, I would think seriously about trying out online shopping for groceries. For those who are considering this, you can also use GCash to pay for all of these.

Take note though, due to our situation currently, delivery slots are limited so you may need to schedule your deliveries ahead of time.

In paying for Online Groceries, there are mainly two methods of payment for GCash — either you go for the debit card route (via GCash Mastercard and AMEX Virtual Pay) or if available, you can go for the GCash online webpay route.

Setting up GCash Mastercard / AMEX Virtual Pay

This is relevant if you want to pay using the GCash debit cards. However, this isn’t mandatory as there are other ways to pay if you wish.

How can I pay using GCash via debit card?

You can either use your enrolled GCash Mastercard or your Virtual AMEX card from within the GCash app itself.

How do I apply for a GCash Mastercard? How do I pay using GCash Mastercard?

You basically need to buy a GCash Mastercard and link it into your GCash app. Once you have your card linked, you can use it as a debit card for payment.

How do I set up my Virtual Pay AMEX Card? How do I generate a CVV?

You will need an email address to be able to apply for an AMEX Virtual Card from within the GCash app. The AMEX card is used for online purchases only and does not have a physical card counterpart.

What do I do if I get an error linking my AMEX Card?

Sometimes issues like this do happen when linking. This is more often than not a technical issue at the backend. We can wait and try again or if not, use our GCash Mastercard.

How do I put funds into my GCash account?

As the AMEX VP and GCash MC are both in fact, debit cards, you will need funds in your GCash wallet to be able to pay. You have lots of different options in cashing in, and you can also bank transfers (from any bank app to G-XChange, Inc. via Instapay) to fund your wallet.

How does GCash Webpay work?

GCash Webpay enables a GCash user to pay without using debit cards. The user needs to log into a cashier page generated by the merchant, authenticate himself, and confirm the payment. This payment method is only available for online merchants.

Is this method of payment secure?

Yes, you will be able to see the merchant name and the amount you are paying for in the cashier page. Also, you will be receiving an OTP to your GCash mobile number for authentication.

How does this work?

The merchant page will generate a cashier page with the merchant name and the amount you are planning to pay for. You will need to input your mobile number, your OTP and your MPIN to authenticate yourself. Afterwards, you will need to confirm the payment. Once confirmed, you will be receiving an SMS from GCash.

Which merchants support this payment method?

You can take a look at my integrations page to get a list of online merchants and payment gateways that use this.

List of Online Supermarkets


This shop is the easiest to recommend because it has an easy-to-use app (Android and IOS). And they also support multiple supermarkets and some other shops like pet stores and drug stores.

Some details about Metromart

  • If you choose Robinson’s Supermarket, there is a minimum purchase requirement of Php 1000.
  • If you picked S&R, you need to input your membership card number. If you don’t, your order will be subjected to a 5% privilege fee.
  • The shopping Fee is Php 320 and the delivery fee is Php 100.
  • You need to add some allowance in your wallet to allow easy changes in the item you are buying as sometimes it is out of stock.

GCash Payment Method

There is no webpay integration. You will need to input either your GCash Mastercard or AMEX Virtual Pay card as a payment method.


This is also easy to recommend as this is tied up with Lazada. Also, you can often see some items in stock that are hard to come by at other supermarkets (like diapers and alcohol). You can only see LazMart within the Lazada app.

Some details about LazMart

  • Due to the quarantine, there is no cash-on-delivery payment option currently.
  • There is free delivery when you order more than Php 2500 worth.
  • There is a shipping fee amount of Php 250
  • This is different from the Lazada minisite in the GCash app, Lazmart isn’t offered there.
  • You can also order from the new Lazada Fresh site to order meat and vegetables.

GCash Payment Method

You can pay via Webpay and also you can link your debit cards as options.


Waltermart also has an (Android / IOS). But I couldn’t checkout though, but I was able to using their website instead.

Some details about Waltermart

  • You can choose the nearest Waltermart to cater to your order.
  • You can buy some items in bulk, depending on the non-hoarding policies of LGUs.
  • You can pick up or have your groceries delivered.
  • There is a minimum purchase amount of Php 2000 and a delivery fee of Php 99.

GCash Payment Method

You can pay via Webpay (integration due to IPay88), via debit cards and also via GrabPay. For GrabPay, you can also top up your wallet using GCash.


Landers has no app, but they have a responsive website. Right away, I wasn’t able to check out here, as you need to be a Landers cardholder to do so.

Some details about Landers

  • There is no delivery fee for purchases 1000 and above, otherwise, the max delivery fee is Php 99.
  • They have “99 and Below” and “Buy 2, for the Price of 1” promos.
  • Landers is known for selling imported items, appliances, and furniture as well.
  • The membership fee has two tiers: Premium and Business. The price for Premium membership is Php 600, Business is Php 750.

GCash Payment Method

I wasn’t able to check out my order, but I was able to take a look at their payment method list. They seem to support debit card options. I also noticed a Paymaya option, you can also transfer your money to Paymaya and pay from there if you so choose.

Minimart started just this April 2020. They don’t have an app, but they do have a website.

Some details about

  • They are available in Metro Manila only.
  • Delivery hours are from 10AM – 8PM on your selected delivery date.
  • Minimum orders are Php 500. Orders more than Php 5000 gets free delivery.
  • Delivery fee is Php 199.
  • Supports cash-on-delivery.

GCash Payment Method offers credit and debit card payments, as well as a BPI Bank Transfer and a Paypal payment all of which can be done using GCash.


I talked about some online supermarket delivery options due to our difficulties with the social distancing rules with running groceries. Since most of them support credit/debit card payments, we can also pay using GCash via its debit cards — GCash Mastercard and Virtua Pay. For some, you don’t even need it as they are integrated with GCash itself, using Webpay.

Some supermarkets I mentioned are:

  • Metromart – supports debit cards
  • LazMart – supports Webpay, debit cards
  • Waltermart Delivery – supports Webpay, debit cards
  • Landers – supports debit cards
  • – supports debit cards, Paypal, bank transfer

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