A Comparison of Different Buy Load Platforms (GCash / Paymaya / Coins.ph / GrabPay / Shopee / Lazada)

I thought about summarizing all of the different buy load offerings of the most common digital wallets we have currently. And here we have it.

I tried to be as exhaustive as possible. I also did not include some of the things that didn’t seem to be considered as “load”. I also included coupons as long as there is a prepaid component to it.

I would like to provide a distinction first. A rebate is different from a discount. A discount applies when you buy an item. A rebate is you get some money back after you bought it. Paymaya uses the term “cashback” but it is in fact a rebate.

Also, SKUs mean “stock keeping units” but in this case these are the Data/Talk/Text promos of the different networks.


  • Has 5% rebate on phone load (capped at Php 50 per month)
  • Has GCash Only Promos for Globe and TM users
  • Has SKUs for all networks (included in the Php 50 monthly cap)
  • Other Types of Load
    • Free Bee
    • Broadband Load (differs depending on Smart or Globe)
    • Tinder Plus
    • Game Credits
      • ITunes
      • Google Play
      • Steam
      • Garena
      • Mobile Legends via Razer Gold
      • PUBG
      • Rules of Survival
      • Ragnarok Online Mobile
    • GrabCar and GrabFood
    • PayTV
      • GPinoy
      • GSat
      • Cignal
      • SKYDirect
    • Maxicare Insurance
  • Note: I wrote a more extensive article about this here.


  • Has 5% discount on phone load and SKUs (including PLDT FamLoad)
  • Sometimes have cashback promos for load ranging from 10-100%
  • Sometimes have discounts for the different coupons, but not all
  • Types of Load
    • Gaming Load
      • Mobile Legends
      • Steam
      • Ragnarok Mobile
      • EX Cash
      • Garena
      • Razer Gold
      • Dragon Nest
      • Blizzard
      • Cherry Credits
      • Playpark
    • Other Coupons
      • Tinder Gold/Plus
      • Zomato Gold
      • Cignal Prepaid
      • Chowking
      • GrabCar
      • Jollibee
      • Red Ribbon
      • Robinson’s Movieworld
      • Zalora
      • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
      • Hooq
      • Angkas
      • McDonald’s


  • Has 10% rebate on Phone Load for the first Php 10,000; 5% after, refreshed per month
  • Can load international prepaid phone numbers
  • Has Game Credits as a separate section
    • Razer Gold
    • Steam
    • Garena
    • Playpark
    • Game Club
    • Ex Cash
    • Cherry Credits
    • Blizzard (Battle.Net)
    • Nintendo eShop
    • Playstation Network
    • Xbox Live
  • Has Gift Cards as a separate section
    • Lots of merchants included, mainly food but has other offerings as well
    • Due to the absence of a QR payment solution and machinery, they seem to have opted for this route instead
  • Has Entertainment as a separate section
    • Streaming Site Coupons
      • Kumu
      • HOOQ
      • IFlix
      • Viu
    • Prepaid TV Boxes
      • Cignal Prepaid
      • SKYDirect Prepaid


  • Has no discounts or rebates for phone load
  • Has all networks and SKUs for each
  • Has no coupons, just gift cards for GrabFood and GrabCar


  • For Phone Load, supports Globe, Smart, Sun Load only
    • Discount is 2% for small amounts
    • Discount is 5% for larger amounts
  • For SKUs (Mobile Data), supports Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT only
    • Discount is 2% for small amounts
    • Discount is 5% for larger amounts
  • Has Game Vouchers
    • Garena
    • Razer Gold
    • Steam
    • Playpark
    • Game Club
    • PUBG Mobile
    • Mobile Legends
    • EX Cash
    • WarpPortal PH
    • WarpPortal US
    • R-Coin
    • Cherry Credits
    • Blizzard
    • Softnyx
    • uCoins
  • TV/Cable (with 1% Discount)
    • Cignal
    • GPinoy
    • GSat
    • SKYCable
  • Electricity
    • Meralco Kuryente Load (with 1% discount)
  • Vouchers
    • Also called “E-Deals”, but sold by merchants in the platform


  • For Phone Load, has 2% discount
  • For SKUs, has 3-5% discount depending on the amount
  • For Utilities, provides bills payment for Cable/Internet, Electricity, Telecom and Water
    • Also has Meralco Kuryente Load (with 5% overcharge)
  • Has Game Credits
    • Bigo Live
    • Honkai Impact 3
    • Life After
    • LivU
    • Lords Mobile
    • MU Origin 2
    • Mobile Legends
    • Onmyoji Arena
    • PUBG Mobile
    • Ragnarok Online Mobile
    • Rules of Survival
    • Steam
  • Also has other Digital Goods, but sold by merchants in the platform


We can see the different offerings of prepaid load and coupons in all of the digital wallets we mentioned above.

Some observations I have:

  • All wallets are offering gaming credits which signify that a lot of young people use these apps
  • Since credit card penetration in the Philippines is low, prepaid financing is the norm.
  • For those who are in the phone loading business, Coins.ph has the best deals overall. However, cashing in is a different matter. Only 7-11 has a no fee cash-in option.
  • Second best option for a loading type of business is Paymaya, but the cashback is not really reliable at best.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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    • PAYMAYA’s support system sucks, I used it to pay for my website fee but it didn’t go through yet the amount paid was deducted from my ba;alance. My wensite was suspended, and they couldn’t be contacted. FB pages are useless they will just give you canned messages.
      What a stressful way to spend your day/days !!

    • Thanks a lot. This is very informative. But coins.oh has discontinued it’s Cashback since November 15. But there are reward points promos instead.

      • Yeah, actually this isn’t updated because it’s basically a pain to do so every time there’s a change between all platforms. Thanks for the comment!


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