9 Little Known GCash Tips That Definitely Work

As I use GCash in my everyday transactions, I eventually noticed some things that are not as apparent to other typical users of the app. I’ve compiled a list of these little known but useful GCash tips.

1. Borrow from GCredit, then pay it off the same day to incur no interest.

As I’ve explained before, GCredit’s interest is compounded daily. I believe this makes payments more flexible, and also enables you to do this tip. If you paid it off the same day, there is no interest. Pretty useful if you lack cash in the meantime. You can just cash-in later in the day and pay it off.

2. Evade the ATM Withdrawal Fee.

Cash-out options are admittedly a bit of a drag – either you need to do it manually, or it requires a fee. But if you have your own bank ATM debit card (or one of the integrated banks like BDO or Unionbank), what you can do is to Bank Transfer the amount to your bank and withdraw from that bank using your ATM instead. This way, you won’t need to pay the Php20 withdrawal fee via the GCash Mastercard.

Update: This is not valid anymore starting October 1, 2020 as GCash will be implementing a Php 15 fee per Bank Transfer. The only way to escape the ATM withdrawal fee is if you use GSave and withdraw using your CIMB ATM.

3. Link your Bank Account to get an instant gain in GScore.

How GScore is computed can seem so mysterious. But here is a definite, concrete tip: if you link your bank account with GCash (BPI or Unionbank), you will automatically get a 5 point increase in your GScore. If you unlink it, it will decrease by the same amount though.

4. You can buy more than phone load in Buy Load.

As we all know, one of the perks of Buying Load in GCash are the GCash only GoSakto products. But here are some other semi-hidden load credits that you can buy:

  • Google Play Store Credits
  • iTunes Credits
  • Steam Wallet Codes
  • Garena Shells
  • Mobile Legend PINs
  • Rules of Survival PINs
  • Ragnarok Online Mobile PINs
  • Grab Promo Code Vouchers
  • Globe at Home Prepaid Broadband Promos
  • Cignal and Skydirect Prepaid Credits
  • Maxicare Prepaid Health Insurance

I’ve also written an in-depth post about this in here.

5. Request Money is sometimes better than Send Money

For cases when you have an agreement with a friend that he will pay you, Request Money is a better option because GCash will be doing most of the work for both sides.

It is easier because the receiver can just initiate Request Money in the GCash app and the app will be the one who will do the reminding. The sender won’t need to do much because once the reminder arrives, he just needs to confirm the payment.

6. You can send money to multiple people at the same time using Send Ang Pao.

Ang Paos are not only for gifts. They are also useful if you need to send money en masse. There is a maximum of 99 people you can send at any one time using Send Ang Pao. Granted, you need to send equal amounts to all of them.

7. Steal more GCash Forest Energy Points from your friends by waking up early.

Usually GCash Forest Energy Points (EPs) spawn at around 6 AM and 1 PM every day, except for weekends. You can get a head start and be able to steal a lot of EPs if you can wake up earlier than your friends. As a side effect you can also build up your tree faster.

8. Lazada checks your GCash wallet balance before you can select it as a payment option.

It’s pretty convenient because you don’t even need to check the GCash app if you have enough balance or not.

9. You can transfer money from GCash to Paymaya, GrabPay, and Coins.ph via Bank Transfer.

Update: You can now also transfer to GrabPay via Bank Transfer.

Here is proof that GCash caters to all types of “banks”:


I’ve talked about some lesser known tips on GCash. Are these tips new for you? Can you suggest more? Please let me know in the comments.

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After reading about what GCash is, here are the main GCash features:

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  1. They’re charging a P15 service fee starting October 1st though 🙁 Is there any another way to avoid the withdrawal fee? #certifiedcheapskate

    Thanks for the tips, btw! Will surely come in handy when I register for an account soon!

  2. Oh, wait! Nevermind! I saw the answer in your GCash Fees Table. Thanks a bunch for putting together infos and sharing them with GCash newbs like me haha God bless!! <3


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